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Have you ever lived the experience of sharing time with Colombian families?

If you have
done it, you surely noticed that these have several peculiarities that represent that unique
Although each family is different and has different traditions, it is inevitable that they adopt
certain behaviors that have lasted for several generations.
Most of the behaviors that Colombian families have acquired over the years have been
adopted by the new generations, who carry out actions every day without being aware of
the value they bring to culture. Many behaviors may seem strange and curious, but they
are carried out naturally and without prejudice.
Discover some of the customs and identify if your family has behaviors of a typical
Colombian family.

1. Colombian families recycle

This is typical of most Colombians who daily use some objects to give them different uses
to those that were thought when they were created. It is normal to see, for example, that
plastic bottles of soda or water have been cut and even painted to be used as a funnel,
pots or even as containers for lighting candles on Christmas day.
Just as they do with bottles, the same thing happens with other objects, because
Colombians have no limits when exploring their creativity. It is also common to see how
they reuse marmalade containers, which, when they are unoccupied, are washed and
used as glasses to serve the drinks that accompany the meals.
Nor do you find it strange to see that old shirts are used to clean cars, shoe polish or even
to clean the kitchen, because apparently their material allows them to be multipurpose
objects, which Colombians are not going to waste.
These are just some examples of what Colombians can come up with with their creativity
and so, without suddenly proposing, they help take care of the environment by reusing
some packaging and objects.

2. Everything can be a reason to party ...

For several years, Colombia has been characterized as one of the happiest countries in
the world, and no wonder, because every small (and big) victory or any special event is
reason to celebrate in a big way.
Since most families in Colombia are quite large, and grow up every time they make friends
part of it, it is common for them to meet in any type of event. From birthdays, to first
communions, confirmations, marriages and even football matches are part of the list of
events that can not go unnoticed.
The normal thing is that the whole family meets in a special place, where food, music and
gifts are the center of attention. Therefore, if at any time you have the opportunity to attend
any of these family events, you will witness the joy of Colombians who enjoy dancing,
eating, laughing and, especially, getting the most out of any occasion.

3. Walk or move?
Family walks are the perfect way to commemorate an event or give yourself a well
deserved gift, and they are part of the customs of Colombian families. That is why every
time there is an opportunity to do so, they go out to know different places in this diverse
If you already know Colombia, you have noticed that traveling the country by road is very
easy, since there are several access roads that connect the big cities and small towns. For
this reason, the vast majority of families choose to get out in the car and travel to their
ideal destination. One of the reasons why Colombians can afford to travel so often is due
to the number of holidays, which in total add up to 18 per year.
One of the behaviors that most identifies Colombians when traveling is the preparation to
go comfortably and not forget any object that may become necessary. Space is not a
limitation to pack what is necessary and even what is not so necessary, so it is common to
see cars full of suitcases and objects that protrude through windows and even ceilings.
From clothes, cold cuts (food prepared for travel), accessories and even blankets and
pillows for the little ones to sleep comfortably fill the interior of the cars that often remain
small, but that bring with them families full of happiness and much emotion.

4. Typical food is Welcome for guests from another country

If you have had the opportunity to be invited to dinner by a Colombian family, you may
have noticed that food is often the center of attention in these cases. To receive the guest
in the best way and make a good impression, the host family usually tries its best to
prepare a good meal.
At this time the menu is not thought twice and the first option will always be a plate of
typical food that will be served to the guest. Depending on the area of the country where
the meeting or the culture of the host family takes place, the menu will change.
In Antioquia, the safe plate will be the paisa tray; in Bogotá, it will be the ajiaco; in Cali, the
sancocho valluno; On the coast, the choice will be a fried fish with patacón and in other
areas dishes will be served with local and typical ingredients of the culture.
In addition to the main course, the guests will be served with much more food because for
Colombians the said "full belly, happy heart" must come true. For this reason, snacks will
be served for several hours, snacks, the main course, a dessert and, finally, a coffee.
5. Sundays are sacred, they are the day of the family
The family union is one of the most important values for Colombians, because according
to the saying used by many: "family is everything". For that reason, with time, Sunday was
chosen as the day in which everyone gathers, because it is the only moment in which they
can get together to enjoy a lunch, a good chat and lots of laughs.
Since most of the favorite activities of Colombians tend to revolve around food, the best
way to spend a Sunday is cooking or eating typical dishes or, on the contrary, dishes that
allow them to experiment and taste new flavors.
For this reason, it is usual for families to meet in a house shortly before lunchtime to go to
the chosen destination or to start cooking. This is the moment in which stories are
advanced, what happened during the week are counted and future events are planned.
In the case of families where there are children, they take into account plans that are fun
and make them have a good time in the company of adults. Thanks to these activities, a
Sunday will never be boring for Colombian families and for those who are invited to these
These behaviors, which for many may seem strange and for other everyday ones, make
Colombians unique to the world thanks to their culture rooted in the traditions that always
reflect the Best of Colombia.