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General Manager - Job Description

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Updated: 18th March 2019
Deadline for submission: 31st March 2019 (midnight AWST)

About the Organisation

Safer Venues WA Inc. (SVWA) is a not for profit initiative focused on improving the safety and
inclusivity of Perth music venues.

SVWA was established as an community action group in 2016 to promote a necessary

change in the culture of Western Australian music venues.

The objectives of SVWA are to:

- Promote the awareness, reduction and prevention of sexual and gender-based

violence and discrimination, and other forms of discrimination, in music venues in
Western Australia;
- Work collaboratively with key stakeholders including government, services, hospitality
and music industries;
- Enhance public safety within, and engagement with, music venues in Western

Program Funding

SVWA has received State Government funding of $60,000 total to deliver a pilot program over
the course of three years. The outcomes of the program are twofold:

1. Enact tangible change in Perth music venues including reduction of sexual

harassment and assault; and
2. Establishing a financially sustainable organisation that can provide long term cultural
change to reduce gender discrimination and other forms of discrimination in the Perth
music industry.

This includes, but is not limited to the following actions areas:

Program Delivery
● Consultation with subject matter experts to inform program development
● Delivery of Pilot Program 1. Scope: brick and mortar live music venues
● Development of Pilot Program 2. Scope: temporary music venues
● Expansion of Pilot Program 1 and delivery of Pilot Program 2

Stakeholder Engagement
● Establish SVWA as a central hub for discussion, facilitation and action on the issue of
harassment/assault in live music venues
● Consolidation of a network of key stakeholders
● Ongoing research to inform the venue actions and toolkit

● Development of strategic tools to demonstrate best practice. Including but not limited
to: website, venue toolkit, surveys, and onsite collateral (e.g. print materials and
● Development of an interactive online tool that will allow venues to audit their own
current practice
● Training and development support for all SVWA organisational staff
● Comprehensive marketing plan to be developed.

● By the third year in operation as an incorporated association, SVWA is a financially
sustainable organisation

About The Role

SVWA is looking for a highly driven and results-focussed individual to spearhead the new
direction of the organisation.

The Managing Director will lead the organisation on a strategic, administrative and operational
level, and guide the implementation of the pilot program, with support from the Venue Safety
Officer team and an active Board.

Entering it’s new phase as an incorporated association with a recently funded program, SVWA
now requires strong/progressive and dedicated leadership in order to achieve its objectives of
improving safety in Perth’s music industry.

Key focuses involve:

● Providing leadership for the overall direction of SVWA, with support from the Board
● Ongoing administrative duties, including reporting and the record-keeping required for
a not-for-profit (including annual report, funding acquittals)
● Managing organisational budgets including cash flow
● Development and delivery of Pilot Program 1 & 2 within reasonable project parameters
and functional objectives (KPIs) working alongside the Program Coordinator
● Engaging consultants to provide feedback and direction on the pilot programs
● Establishing and managing stakeholder relationships including service partners,
collaborators, consultants, industry and general public
● Establishing the organisation as a financially sustainable initiative (with support from
the Board) with a key objective to expand the remuneration for this role
● Working with the Board to implement strategic and operational priorities within
reasonable project parameters, with a designated monthly Board report
● Undergoing professional training, and overseeing the training of staff in key focus
● Implementing systems and processes to guide the organisation
● Working alongside advisors and keeping updated on national and international
research and actions in key areas
● Pursuing income diversification opportunities such as submitting funding applications,
sponsorship proposals
● Representing SVWA’s mission and activities to external stakeholders

Skills and experience

- Strategic and analytical thinking capabilities

- Strong management and project management skills
- The persistence and dedication to drive organisational change
- Ability and motivation to engage with challenging work
- Comfortable working in both an autonomous and team capacity
- Effective interpersonal and written communication skills
- Strong commercial acumen including, budgeting and financial management
- The ability to think big, coupled with attention to detail
- Computer literate
- Current RSA and Approved Manager Certification

The ideal candidate will be highly motivated to enact tangible and cultural change on a
micro and macro level. A priority focus to test and evaluate programs on a small scale,
and subsequently expand is required.

A professional background in sexual health services, occupational therapy, education, not-for-

profit organisations and/or entertainment industry would be helpful.

Opportunities and benefits

One of the key objectives of the role is to work towards diversifying the income and
developing the organisation into a financially sustainable. The following benefits are within
current organisational scope:

- Paid training and professional development in key areas, including but not limited to:
- Sexual harassment assault response
- Vicarious trauma management
- Paid Certificate in in key areas, including but not limited to:
- First Aid Certificate
- Mental Health First Aid Certificate
- Exposed to diverse range of stakeholders across government, police, entertainment
and hospitality industry, education and not for profit service providers
- Opportunity to lead a unique organisation mission for Perth

- Base commitment of 8 hours 1 day per week - currently unpaid
- Additional time required for paid training
- Probation period of 6 months, with a review from the Board after 6 months
- Overseeing the role of the Program Coordinator

Whilst the role is currently volunteer, the goal is to ensure this is a paid position by end of the
Year 2 through such suggested activities of:
- Additional funding - local, state, national
- Member fees
- Consultation fees