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The problem
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A supply
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Decisions without damage
SUSTAINABILITY LIVES at the intersection of the cision made by our company. It is the sum of all the
interests of society and the interests of business, choices we make that contribute to our entire social
as companies’ main reason for being, today and and environmental impact. It is about empowering
in the future, is sustainable value creation. There our customers and end-users to act responsibly by
is interdependence between business and society providing solutions that enable people to use natu-
as company operations impact society at the same ral resources wisely.
time as external societal forces impact companies. Sustainability also involves taking a responsible,
Efforts to find shared values have the potential not long-term approach and selecting the best suppli-
only to foster economic and social development “Sustainability is the ers, securing safe and efficient production proc-
but to change the way companies and society can sum of all the choices esses and delivering high-quality, safe and envi-
work together for mutual success. Many of SCA’s we make that contri- ronmentally sound products and services to our
mills and factories are the main employer in the bute to our entire social millions of customers around the world.
local community, so close cooperation is key. SCA and environmental It is also about delivering a good return to our
has often taken on the responsibility to support im- impact.” shareholders to secure a long-term healthy and
provements of local infrastructure as well as social Kersti Strandqvist, profitable company. To SCA, taking all three as-
partnerships besides normal business operations. senior vice president pects of sustainability – economic, environmental
To SCA, sustainability is about minimizing the sustainability, SCA. and social impact – into account, is the vehicle to
impact on people and the environment in every de- grow in a genuinely sustainable manner.

Sustainability goals WOOD RAW MATERIAL
No fresh fiber-based material used
in production will be derived from
IMPROVED WATER USAGE controversial sources.
SCA established its target for water
usage in 2005: to reduce consump-
tion by 15% and reduce organic con-
tent in wastewater by 30%. CODE OF CONDUCT
SCA’s Code of Conduct applies
to all employees at all locations
By 2020, emissions from fossil fuels
will be reduced by 20%, using 2005

as a base year.

SCA Sense is a magazine from SCA, geared primarily toward customers Publisher and Managing editor Marita Sander
but also for public officials and journalists interested in SCA’s sustain- Editorial Marita Sander, SCA, Anna Gullers, Kristin Päeva and Göran
ability work. Sense is published twice a year. Lind, Appelberg Design Cecilia Farkas, Appelberg
Address SCA, Corporate Communications, Box 200, 101 23 Stockholm Printer Trydells
Telephone +46 8 7885100 Fax +46 8 6788130 Cover illustration Team Hawaii

Reproduction only by permission of SCA Corporate Communications. The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors or persons interviewed and do
not necessarily refl ect the views of the editors or SCA. You can subscribe to SCA Sense or read it as a pdf at


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“Being an ethical company “Many will opt to have surgery, with the risk of bladder
isn’t enough anymore.” Page 7 weakness as a side effect.” Page 14

Now you can find certified gold, and Tork
goes to the Gulf oil cleanup.

Being ethical isn’t enough. Have you
checked the suppliers?

Solar panels and wind power reduce
cost in the US.

06 Forest management that protects
bugs and slugs.


14 The problems down below that men
don’t talk about.
Every species can find the right life
environment in the forest landscape. 12
get health-
ier with 16 WELLNESS
wellness Wellness programs can help
employees live healthier lives.

Global Compact praises SCA’s sustainability 18


A tissue plant in New Zealand benefits from

underground heat.

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Back cover The desert sun
can cover the entire world’s
energy needs. Page 20


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sensible Glimpses of a more sustainable world

C o penha
Spins in
Tork aid
in Gulf oil

SCA Tissue North America

donated a semi-trailer full
of Tork wipes for the Gulf Did you know that… It takes 400 years to break down a
plastic bottle that has ended up in the
oil cleanup.
The Tork wipes, typically ocean.
used in manufacturing, 100 million tons of plastic are float-
automotive and industrial ing around in the Pacific Ocean.
environments to absorb Copenhagen has 350 km of bike paths
large spills, grease and 55 percent of inhabitants cycle to
and grime, will be used work.
onboard boats to help
sanitize equipment and to
clean deck machinery and
tools. They’re also used
for general cleaning use,

such as hand washing for
volunteers. The prod-
ucts are worth more than

certification – it’s only fair

Coffee, bananas and cotton have it. Now you can
also find gold that has been certified for fair trade.
This spring, Fairtrade Labelling Organisations Inter-
national (FLO) and the Alliance for Responsible Mining
(ARM) launched the first-ever third-party independent
certification for gold. The ambition is to open up market
opportunities for millions of impoverished artisanal photo: istockphoto

small-scale miners and that will include getting a fair

price for the gold they mine.

SCA in Carbon Leadership Disclosure index

Sca has received one of the highest scores in the Carbon Disclosure Project Nordic 200 selection, thus
placing it in the Carbon Leadership Disclosure Index 2010. CDP is a leading international organisation
focused on the business response to climate change. It secures the disclosure of climate change related
data from major corporations on behalf of over 534 of the world’s leading investment institutions with
more than $64 trillion in assets under management.

4 sca SENSE sustainability 22010

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emissions created by your meals.
At you
can drag and drop menu items,
ingredients or sample meals into
your virtual pan and calculate
the carbon impacts of your food

How green
choices. The Low Carbon Diet
Calculator concept is developed
by catering company
Bon Appétit.

is your dinner?

AWARDS How many CO ² e (carbon
dioxide equivalents) does

your salad contain?

Forest Stewardship Council
(FSC) has awarded SCA for its
outstanding achievements in
promoting the FSC brand.
This was the first time FSC
awarded German business part-
ners with the FSC Global Partner
Award. SCA was honoured in the
pulp and paper category for its From
park to
high importance and outstand-
ing achievements, especially for
the proclamation and promo-

tion of the FSC label in the paper
The Forest Stewardship

Council (FSC) is an independ-

ent and not-for-profit organiza-
tion established to promote the
IF YOU LIVE D in the
responsible management of the
Swiss city of Zurich
world’s forests.
you would have 116
square meters of
green area to enjoy.
In the Japanese city
Fukuoka the green
space is as small as
9 square meters per

square meters


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Feature The supply chain

under pressure
Supplier relationship management, supplier ethics man-
agement, the ethical supply chain, environmentally conscious
supply chain management. Are these just buzzwords?
text: Alex ander Farnsworth illustration: Team hawaii

6 sca SENSE sustainability 22010

10SCAsen2_6_11_fokus_3313.indd 6 2010-10-15 16:56:46

HE SUPPLY CHAIN inspires a lot of buzzwords, pect a company and its entire supply chain to be ethical
but companies around the world show an and sustainable.
increasing interest in guaranteeing safety, “In our increasingly global economy, supplier ethics
sustainability and ethics in their sourcing. is a serious and growing problem,” Slavin says. “It is
Managing the supply chain in an ethical and sus- one of the significant ethics issues that enterprises face
tainable way makes a lot of economic sense given the today. It impacts revenue and market share because
steady stream of supplier-generated ethics scandals. Nike has become a consumers reward companies that deliver safe prod-
Every day, it seems, the papers carry stories of bastion of corporate ucts to market and punish those that do not.”
tainted dog food or toothpaste, lead paint in toys, social responsibility Slavin points to an important business practice
automotive recalls and other supply chain problems. after a tough lesson known as supplier ethics management. This practice
What many companies fail to realize is that while the with its sneakers’ helps companies manage their suppliers through strate-
blame for a defective product might lie with a supplier production in Asia. gies, programs and metrics to align supplier business
6,000 miles away, the public and media hold the brand conduct with purchaser standards. One important thing
responsible, not the outsourced vendor. companies can do is to use a Web-based management
Nike learned this lesson in the 1990s when it was tool to collect and maintain supplier contact informa-
found to be using sweatshops and under-age labor to tion, manage due diligence efforts, facilitate third-party
make sneakers at factories in Asia. The company has training initiatives and publish ethics and compliance
since become a bastion of corporate social responsibility. information for review and certification by suppliers.
“Being an ethical company isn’t enough anymore,”
says Jim Slavin, Senior Director in Advisory Services WHILE THE UPSTREAM problems of guaranteeing sup-
at Integrity, an SAI Global company, a global provider pliers’ ethical standards can be vexing, the down-
of corporate ethics and compliance programs and stream side – agents and resellers who sell a company’s
solutions. “Today, leading brands are judged by the products – can also present a challenge. As a result
company they keep. Consumers, investors, business of increased enforcement of the US Foreign Cor-
partners, regulators and media organizations now ex- rupt Practices Act and the recent passage of the UK’s
Bribery Act 2010, companies face significant risk from
beyond their corporate boundaries. Both laws pro-
hibit bribery to gain or retain business, and both make
Being an ethical company
companies liable for bribery conducted by third parties
is not enough anymore. A
company has to create a with whom they do business. Siemens was famously
chain of suppliers that stand fined USD 1.6 billion in 2008 for bribery scandals
for the same values. around the world.
Historically, managers believed their task was only
to ensure ethical business conduct within the four
walls of their company. When a supplier-generated
ethics scandal occurred, the standard response was “It
wasn’t one of our employees.” Thankfully, consumers
are demanding a lot more than that today.


are judged Develop a vendor and/or supplier code of conduct
by the com- that extends a company’s values to its suppliers
Make ethics and sustainability a factor in third
pany they party selection

keep.” Maintain compliance history profiles of suppliers

and distributors
Assign ethics and compliance personnel to busi-
ness partner relationships
Conduct audits of supplier and distributor ethics
and risk factors
Get to know your business partners
Train your third parties in ethical conduct and


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FEATURE The supply chain

control The global scale of SCA’s supply procurement presents opportunities to
influence the social and environmental footprints of the company’s suppliers.

T EVERY STAGE OF ITS dealings with sup- differ between the groups, but the overall direction
pliers, from selection and consultation to is common regardless of where in the world the SCA
payment, the Group is committed to the Group conducts its business.
principles outlined in its Code of Conduct. All business groups undertake some form of
In 2005, SCA began the work of establishing screening of major suppliers using self-assessment
routines in its businesses to manage supply chain risks. questionnaires, as well as on-site audits when the
Responsibility for choice of suppliers rests with the need arises.
individual SCA business group. Consequently, practi- On the following pages you’ll find some of the
cal implementation of supply chain assurance can Group’s work.


10SCAsen2_6_11_fokus_3313.indd 8 2010-10-15 16:56:58

Reliable fiber
Illegal logging is a threat ILLEGAL LOGGING and timber from
controversial sources are threats to the
to the world’s forests and world’s forests and to biodiversity.
to biodiversity. SCA buys large quantities of fresh
fibres and also purchases pulp and
kraftliner made from the same fresh
raw material. The Group has established
a corporate goal that no raw material
originating from controversial sources
is being used in the Group’s production.
Controversial sources might be timber
that has been harvested illegally, timber
from forests with a high conservation
value, or material from areas where hu-
man rights are being violated. To ensure
that these goals are met, SCA assesses
existing and potential suppliers.
These efforts include questionnaires
and documentation requirements, ran-
dom follow-up of suppliers and inde-
pendent audits.

One for all

A new Global Hygiene Supplier
Standard will be common to the
Group’s entire hygiene business.

A GLOBAL Hygiene Supplier Standard

serves as a benchmark for the hygiene
business worldwide and raises the bar
in terms of sustainability, environment
and corporate social responsibility.
“Regarding sustainability, there are
increasing demands from our custom-
ers that our chain of custody holds all the
way to our suppliers. In 2008, SCA signed
the UN Global Compact and that is also
visible in our internal Code of Conduct.
In the Supplier Standard, we are putting
forth the same demands to our suppliers,
and in our auditing procedure sustain-
ability will be added to the current scope,”
says Jessica Nordlinder, supplier perform-
ance development director.

Each year, 0.2 percent of all forested The new supplier standard currently
areas in the world are deforested.
being drafted includes guidelines on
Aerial view of the Rio Negro, Amazonas.
areas from quality and environment to
product safety and chemicals, as well as
a supplier code of conduct.


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FEATURE The supply chain

One more
On the road for the road
to savings SCA is the first retail supplier in
the Benelux region to distribute its
hygiene products in a totally carbon-
It is not quite an Australian road train, but almost. neutral fashion.

A THREE-YEAR project that began in ries 90 tons of timber, has proven envi- THE GREEN CARE Transport program
2009 in northern Sweden is testing the ronmental benefits. was launched with a select group of haul-
feasibility of adding an extra articulated For example, 56,000 liters of diesel ers in August 2010. Besides optimizing
trailer on a timber truck to decrease have been saved, reducing CO2 emis- engines for better fuel efficiency, improv-
the environmental footprint of timber sions by 140 tons. By transporting an ing the aerodynamics on trucks and
transports. additional 30 cubic meters of wood with providing driver training, all of which
The project is headed by Skogforsk, the same, albeit longer truck, the test lead to reduced CO2 emissions, SCA and
the Forestry Research Institute of Swe- has demonstrated that it has saved 650 its transporters will offset the remain-
den, and involves the transportation road transports equivalent to 210,000 Riny Strik, ing emissions by investing in sustainable
of SCA Forest Products timber from kilometers, or five times the circumfer- regional Gold Standard/WWF-approved energy
director of
Överkalix to Munksund, 160 kilometers ence of the earth. In addition, because projects around the world.
away. of better weight distribution on the big- Logistics, “This initiative is in line with SCA’s
An articulated timber truck one nor- ger truck, wear and tear on the roads is SCA. corporate CO2 target,” says Riny Strik,
mally sees on the road is 24 meters long diminished. regional director of Business Logistics
and carries 60 tons of timber. Before these Swedish road trains at SCA, who came up with the concept.
After 18 months of testing, the new become commonplace, however, some SCA’s corporate goal is to reduce emis-
truck, which is 30 meters long and car- laws need to be changed. sions from fossil fuels by 20 percent by

Lean is green
Logistics and handling optimization
resulted in cost savings and a reduc-
tion of more than 15 tons of CO2.

THE DUTCH PROJECT has focused on the

reduction of pallet handling, external
warehousing and truck movements.
Better insight, lean production and
online stock management made it possi-
ble to eliminate the use of a third-party
storage facility. This resulted in trans-
port cost savings of EUR 113,000 and a
reduction of more than six tons of CO2 .
Truck movements were further reduced
when SCA Hygiene Gennep realized it
could use the Euro pallets it received from
SCA Tilburg in its own production. This
saved 50 trucks a year – a reduction of four
tons of CO2 . Investigations are under

Adding an extra trailer to a way to fit 550 plano boxes onto a pallet
timber truck decreases the instead of only 500 to save an additional
environmental footprint of eight tons of CO2 . The total advantages
timber transport. for SCA include cost savings of EUR
300,000 and a CO2 emission reduction
of more than 15 tons a year.


10SCAsen2_6_11_fokus_3313.indd 10 2010-10-15 16:57:13


an energy cooperation
between SCA and the
Norwegian company
Statkraft is responsible
for the largest expan-
sion of wind power in
Sweden’s history.
The project consists of
460 wind turbines with
a combined electrical
Wind turbines, solar panels and a serious conservation program take a big bite production of 2.4 TWh
out of an office building’s electric bills. which corresponds
to 1.5% of Sweden’s

An appeal has been
ICHAEL DILLON sees his office as approach,” he explains. “We wanted some- lodged against the
a living laboratory. As manager thing safe and practical.” licences for all six wind
of environment and risk man- A local start-up company, Renewegy LLC farms that Statkraft
agement for SCA Tissue in the in nearby Oshkosh, came up with the win- and SCA plan to con-
Americas, and sometimes a manager of green ning proposal. Working with several area struct in Jämtland and
energy projects, he oversaw the construction businesses, it designed and manufactured Västernorrland in the
of four new wind turbines at the Service Excel- the four 60 meters tall towers, which are north of Sweden. The
lence Center in Neenah, Wisconsin, in the US. installed 46 meters apart on the north side appeals will result in
Officially switched on in July, the turbines of the center, with a hydraulic system that delays of about one
are intended to take a bite out of the electric Michael Dillon allows them to be raised and lowered for year.
bill at the 4,800 square-meters office building maintenance and repairs. “We firmly hope that
where Dillon and about 150 other people work. “We’ll “Our new wind turbines stand as a symbol of SCA’s the Environmental
cut consumption by about one-sixth,” he says. “That’s commitment to sustainability and our environmen- Court will process
good for the business and the environment.” tally friendly products,” Don Lewis, president of SCA the matter as quickly
The turbines are the latest in a series of green en- Tissue North America said at a green community fair as possible. We are
ergy initiatives at the center. The projects will likely and dedication ceremony for the wind turbines that at- hopeful that we will re-
serve as templates for projects elsewhere. tracted hundreds. ceive a ruling in the au-
That’s why Dillon is now busy looking at how the tumn and that we can
THE FIRST STEP was an internal energy saving pro- projects at the center can be adapted at other sites. then launch the project
gram that cut electricity use in the building. In 2008 “We’ve learned a lot from what we’ve done here, in 2011”, says Bengt
115 solar panels were installed on the roof of the we’ll adapt that knowledge to other projects,” he Vernmark, President of
center. However, even before that alternative energy says. “First we will focus on cutting consumption. Statkraft Vind Sverige,
came on line, Dillon was already working on the wind Then we’ll look at the best ways to make renewable in a press release.
turbine project. “We were looking for an innovative energy for each site.”


10SCAsen2_11_wind_power_3288.indd 11 2010-10-15 16:57:18

SNAPSHOT Environmental work today

Another year
of biodiversity
The UN General Assembly proclaimed 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity.
The year is winding down, but the work won’t stop.

E MUST COUNTER the strive toward,” says Per Simonsson, an otopes. For that purpose we have made
perception that people ecologist at SCA Skog. an inventory of biotopes and forests
are disconnected from “One is that we take nature into that need to be protected. In this so-
our natural environ- consideration in all forestry deci- called ecological landscape planning,
ment,” UN Secretary-General Ban sions,” he says. “In concrete terms, which covers all our managed forests,
Ki-moon said in November 2009. that means we leave 5 percent of our we have set aside 6 percent of the
“We must increase understanding of gross volume in the forests. In certain forestland for biodiversity.”
the implications of losing biodiver- areas we leave more than that, in oth- Simonsson, a biologist by education,
sity. In 2010, I call on every country ers less, depending on the biodiversity is one of two ecologists at SCA. There
and each citizen of our planet to of the nature in question. We leave are five others working out in the field.
engage in a global alliance to protect certain kinds of trees, areas close to Part of his job is to train employees
life on Earth.” water and so on.” and contractors who carry out opera-
With 2.6 million hectares, SCA is tions in SCA’s forests. Another part is
Europe’s largest private forest owner. THERE ARE SOME 200 species in SCA’s to translate SCA’s policies and objec-
With that comes responsibility to take forests that may be adversely affected tives into practical instructions and
care of the forests’ biodiversity. As by forestry without consideration. Of ensure that they are implemented.
early as 1987 SCA defined the preser- these the majority are insects and of “No one is allowed to work for SCA
vation of biodiversity as the prime en- the rest, half is wood fungi and half is without training, and we monitor
vironmental target in its forest man- mosses and lichen. our performance on a regular basis.
agement and set the target to manage “You can say that we are protecting In such a complex undertaking as
the company’s forests so that the flora bugs and slugs,” says Per Simonsson. forestry, it is difficult to completely
and fauna are as diverse in the future “What we need to do is to ensure that avoid mistakes – or even to define
as they are today. In that respect the these species can find the right life en- what are the best measures to take
UN International Year of Biodiversity vironments in the forest landscape. for the sake of biodiversity – but we
does not change anything. “The other main guideline is that strive to improve all the time,” he
“We have two main policies that we we’ll protect the most valuable bi- concludes.


10SCAsen2_13_biodiversity_3293.indd 12 2010-10-15 16:57:35

You can say that we are
protecting bugs and


SCA’s guidelines and instructions

fulfill the Forest Stewardship Council
(FSC) standard. FSC is an independ-
ent, non-governmental, not-for-profit
organization. SCA was FSC-certified
in January 1999, and today many of
SCA’s businesses use timber from
SCA’s forests to produce FSC-cer-
tified products, such as solid wood
products and publication papers, but
also tissue. SCA is the world’s largest
supplier of FSC-certified products.
“We still get criticized for lack-
ing in nature consideration now and
then”, says Per Simonsson. “Some
people want to see much larger areas
WHO’S THE SINGER? of forests set aside. But FSC is a bal-
“The Chirp!” family of apps for iPhone, iPod Touch ance between environmental, social
and iPad feature the songs of the most common and economical concerns, and there
birds of backyards, gardens, parks and woodland is little effect from a standard so strict
in northwest Europe, the USA and Canada. Learn that no forest owner can follow it and
to identify the singers and try the quiz to test your no products come out of it.”
memory. Simonsson believes that the
importance of certified products will
only increase in the future.
“It will be even
more important
Honey bees and wild pollinators have a key role because consumers
in biodiversity. Good pollination is important want confirmation
for crop yield in oilseed crops, field beans and that the products
clover seed as well as fruits and berries. they look for come
from responsibly
managed sources,”
he says. Per Simonsson


10SCAsen2_13_biodiversity_3293.indd 13 2010-10-15 16:57:53

social responsibility

The cancer men don

talk about

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among men in the
world. Still, it’s the cancer men don’t want to talk about.

Text: michael lawton photo: istockphoto

en don’t like to think about prostate cancer. They con-

sider it something that will happen to someone else,
even though it’s now the most common cancer in men
in many countries. Some 40 percent of men over age
70 have the disease, even if many of them don’t know it
and probably will never have any serious symptoms.
The prostate gland is next to the bladder and sur-
rounds the urethra. Cancer there is often mild and
slow-moving, but it can be a killer, and the problem is
how to identify when urgent action has to be taken and
when it would be better to leave things alone. Men are
encouraged to speak to their doctors about the options
for testing and available treatments.
“Around 10,000 men are diagnosed with pros-
tate cancer every year in the UK,” says Mark Bishop,

14 sca SENSE sustainability 22010

10SCAsen2_14_16_health_and_prostate_cancer_3294.indd 14 2010-10-15 16:57:58



Prostate gland

Testicle Vas deferens




A non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate
Inflammation or infection of the prostate (pros-
Prostate cancer


A weak or reduced urine flow
Needing to urinate more often, especially at night
A feeling that your bladder has not emptied
Difficulty starting to pass urine
Dribbling urine
“The aim is Needing to rush to the toilet – you may occasion-

to get men
ally leak urine before you get there
Less common symptoms include:

to think Pain when passing urine

Pain when ejaculating
about Pain in the testicles


director of fundraising at the Prostate Cancer Char- cancer like

ity. “Many will opt to have surgery to remove their
any other DID YOU KNOW...
prostate, with the risk of short-term, and occasionally ...that US president
long-term, bladder weakness as a side effect.”
TENA Men, the SCA-owned specialist bladder
disease, Barack Obama pro-
claimed September to
weakness brand, has been working with the Prostate even though be National Prostate
Cancer Awareness
Cancer Charity as its charity partner of the year for
2010. Currently in the UK, one man in nine experienc- it’s ‘down Month.
es some form of bladder weakness, and it is a common
side effect of prostate cancer.
Namn Namnxxxx
“We have worked on a number of fund-raising activi-
ties with our charity partner this year,” says Zoe Brim- men may sometimes feel when it comes to reaching out
field, TENA assistant brand manager. “We donated 10 for help,” Bishop says.
pence to the charity for each of the first 35,000 packs The aim is to get men to think about prostate cancer
of TENA Men Level 2 pads that were sold in June.” like any other disease, even though it’s “down there”—
SCA staff are also involved personally. “A team of in a part of the body about which they tend not to talk,
SCA employees have completed the Three Peaks Chal- even to their nearest and dearest.
lenge,” says Brimfield. “They gathered sponsorship The two organizations are sponsoring an upcoming
for the Prostate Cancer Charity to climb Scafell Pike, rugby match at the Harlequins’ Twickenham stadium
Snowdon and Ben Nevis, the three highest mountains at which they will offer information about the condi-
in England, Scotland and Wales.” tion.
The year-long partnership with TENA Men will help “We think that a rugby match is a natural environ-
the charity to raise awareness of prostate cancer and ment for men,” Brimfield says. “Prostate cancer and
male bladder weakness, as well as of the support that is bladder weakness are sensitive issues for men, and
available. “The two organizations are also keen to de- we’re hoping it’ll be somewhere they’ll feel comfortable
stigmatize men’s health issues and the embarrassment and receptive to information on their own territory.”


10SCAsen2_14_16_health_and_prostate_cancer_3294.indd 15 2010-10-15 16:58:00


A healthier US
Do companies take as good care of their
employees as their equipment? Employee
health care has become a big issue as health
care costs continue to spiral upward in the US.

ODAY PRIVATE companies innovative wellness program aimed at
bear health care costs for improving both the health of SCA em-
workers and their families in ployees and the company’s bottom line.
the US. “Companies like to say that people are
“We have always cared about the their biggest asset, but many manufac-
well-being of our employees,” says John turers take better care of their equip-
O’Rourke, vice president of human ment,” he says.
resources for SCA Americas. “But the
rising cost of health care in recent years THE FIRST STEP FEATURED a question-
has been setting off alarm bells in com- naire about lifestyle and a finger-prick
panies across the US, including ours.” blood test to measure cholesterol. It
As with any big manufacturing also included what O’Rourke calls
company, the 2,600 people who work “positive, fun things” such as weight loss
for SCA at a dozen locations across the contests, emailed fitness and eating tips
United States come from all walks of – even free pedometers.
life. So in a country renowned for fast Things were ramped up in 2010 when
food, mass marketing and colossal con- SCA hired a medical doctor and Haaz to
sumption, Eddie Haaz isn’t surprised provide both health tests and wellness
by the number of employees who could counseling for willing employees across
be leading healthier lives. “What really the United States. Roughly 1,300 SCA
strikes me,” he says, “is the number of employees who have signed on to the
people who are ready to change.” program – a whopping 55 percent of all
That’s why Haaz is so busy these company employees.
days. A Pennsylvania psychologist who “A lot of people are living with bundles
specializes in workplace behavior, he of risk factors like obesity, high blood
is part of a team that is helping will- pressure and high cholesterol levels,” he
ing SCA workers in the US put an end says. Some people were found to have
to bad lifestyle habits. diabetes, a potentially life-threatening
The initiative is the latest step in an disease they were unaware they had.
For Haaz, most of the health risks
uncovered at SCA are related to life
choices. “We live in a culture where
Americans bring considerable health,
We have always cared personal and family problems to the
workplace,” he says. “I would expect
about the well-being of our to find the same results in any similar

employees.” John O’Rourke workplace. By helping employees make

healthy changes you lower health costs
and raise production. Everybody wins.”
Haaz says.


10SCAsen2_14_16_health_and_prostate_cancer_3294.indd 16 2010-10-15 16:58:04

Beskrivning av den här vinjetten


UN praise s
REP O R TIN G The UN’s Global Compact is one
of the world’s largest corporate
citizenship initiatives. SCA joined
in 2008 and recently received a
“This commen one of commendation for its sustainability
proves we are panies reporting.
the leading combility
in the sustaina r peers.”
EN YEARS AGO, the United Nations
launched its Global Compact pro-

m o ng o u
field aAm
gram, a “policy platform and a practi-
cal framework for companies that are
Christina committed to sustainability and responsible busi-
ness practices.” Since then, nearly 8,000 corporate
participants and stakeholders from more than 130
countries have joined the initiative.
“SCA joined in 2008,” says Christina Ameln,
director of corporate social responsibility at SCA.
“Upon joining, a company has to communicate
about its progress, which we do through our sus-
tainability report. This year we got commended
for our ‘high-quality sustainability report.’”
This was the second consecutive year SCA re-
ceived a commendation, which this year was given
to 44 companies.
“We want to be a leading company in the sus-
tainability field among our peers, and the Global
GRI IMPROVES TRANSPARENCY AND COMPARABILITY Compact is one of the leading recognition plat-
forms,” she says. “This commendation is impor-
A report is only as good as the data it to have a higher level of evidence, so ev- tant to us since it proves we are one of the leading
contains. SCA measures its sustainability erything is measured.” Reporting accord- companies, and it also proves that we take our
performance as much as possible, and ing to GRI is also important for socially re- commitment seriously.”
two years ago the company decided to sponsible investors (SRIs), an increasingly The 10 principles for companies under the UN
report according to the guidelines of the important part of the investor community. Global Compact cover four main areas: human
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the world’s “SRI investors and NGOs such as the rights, labor, the environment and anti-corrup-
most widely used sustainability reporting Global Compact, FTSE4Good and Ethi- tion.
framework. sphere use GRI as a way of confirming the SCA’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy
“Before GRI, there was probably a little data,” she says. is built around the company’s Code of Conduct,
more fluff around the data,” says Christina SCA’s Sustainability Report has earned which takes these principles into account.
Ameln, director of corporate social respon- the highest, A+, rating which can only be “If you look at the 10 principles, most are linked
sibility. “With GRI, all indicators are tied to declared if external assurance has been to the social agenda,” Ameln says. “That’s what
an explanation, which if at all possible goes applied for the report. In SCA’s case, the we’ve based our Code of Conduct around.”
back to a specific number. Today we want sustainability report is reviewed by PwC.


10SCAsen2_17_global_compact_3287.indd 17 2010-10-15 16:58:08


Full steam
F YOU’VE EVER BEEN to the North Island of New
Zealand to places like Rotorua, you will be familiar
with the strange sight of steam rising from the
ground. The thermal fields of this region are well-
known and provide many benefits – not only are they po-
tentially a source of energy, they are also a huge tourist
attraction and a source of fascination, myth and wonder.
The Maori people are very connected to the land
and its natural resources. SCA Hygiene Australasia
has been working together with them to negotiate use
of geothermal steam for its Kawerau manufacturing
plant. Through this project SCA has partnered both
Ngati Tuwharetoa (BOP) Settlement Trust (NTST)
– an Iwi Trust and NTST’s wholly owned commer-
cial subsidiary Ngati Tuwharetoa Geothermal Assets Well head
(NTGA). Ngati Tuwharetoa descend from Ngatoro-i-
rangi the priest (Tohunga) who navigated the Arawa

LEGEND HAS IT that the local thermal heat in this

area was sent by the sisters of Ngatoro-i-rangi who
was freezing to death while climbing Mt Tongariro Once the steam is extracted from the bore,
to claim the land. The “fire” erupted first at White clean process steam for the paper machines
Island, then at Rotorua and Taupo and finally at the is separated from the heated fluid that is dis-
volcano of Tongariro to save the Tohunga’s life. Tu- charged through the well head.
wharetoa was Ngatoro-i-rangi’s descendent. The tribe
descends from Tuwharetoa.
Of course, scientists take a different view of how
the geothermal fields came to be. But regardless, SCA
has at all times respected the indigenous owners of
the resource and worked in partnership with them.

ALL THREE OF SCA KAWERAU’S paper machines are now

running entirely on natural heat from the earth, mean- Each steam field is
ing there is no longer a need to use the existing gas-fired accessed via a bore
boilers (which were fired by non-renewable fossil fuel – Heat in geothermal steam which is linked to the
natural gas.). Steam is an integral part of the paper mak- underground geother-
ing process and it is fantastic that SCA can now utilise mal heat source.
renewable natural resources for this purpose.
The impact on SCA’s carbon footprint was instant
and will be ongoing – it is estimated to have reduced
the site’s carbon emissions by nearly 40 percent.


10SCAsen2_18_19_teknik_3310.indd 18 2010-10-15 16:58:14

In New Zealand’s volcanic zone, a tissue production
facility is taking advantage of geothermal energy to
lower its environmental impact.

Geothermal energy
The geothermal steam field is accessed via a
number of deep bores which are linked to the under-
ground natural heat resource. Once the “raw” geother-
mal fluid is extracted from the bore clean steam for the pa-
permaking process is separated within a processing plant
at the well head. The clean steam then travels through a
custom-built pipeline, directly to the SCA
Kawerau site, where it feeds into the
papermaking process.

The clean steam then travels down

a custom-built pipeline directly to
the Kawerau site and to the paper

Reinjected geothermal
fluid not used in paper-
making process


New Zealand’s central North Island volcanic 1
zone contains several areas of thermal activity, 2
one of which is located near SCA’s Kawerau mill.

Manufacturing sites: Offices:

1. Te Rapa (Tissue and A. Alderman Drive
PERCENT Personal Care) B. Wellington B
2. Kawerau (Tissue) C. Christchurch
The change to geothermal
energy aims to reduce the site’s CO2
Net sales: 900 SEK million
emissions by nearly 40 percent.
Number of employees: 558 C


10SCAsen2_18_19_teknik_3310.indd 19 2010-10-15 16:58:18

The world

Within six hours deserts

receive more energy from
the sun than humankind
consumes in a year.*

VISIONS An area the size of this provided by concentrating Behind this vision lies a founda-
black square covered with solar solar thermal power plants. tion called Desertec that aims to
power plants represents the This type of power plant uses promote the implementation of
total surface needed to meet mirrors to concentrate sunlight the concept “Clean Power from
the world’s electricity demand. for heat, which is used to Deserts” all over the world.
The smaller square represents produce steam to drive turbines Read more:
Europe’s need. The energy is and generate electricity.


10SCAsen2_20_sista_sidan_3286.indd 20 2010-10-18 11:12:58