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Teacher Name: Nathan Comstock Date: (26/03/2018)

Subject Area: Social Studies Grade: 7/8

Topic: Confederation Time:

General Learner  7.1 Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the
Outcome(s) distinct roles of, and the relationships among, the Aboriginal, French and
Taken from Alberta Program of Studies British peoples in forging the foundations of Canadian Confederation.

Specific Learner  7.1.5 assess, critically, the political competition between the French and
Outcome(s) the British in attempting to control North America
Taken from Alberta Program of Studies

Students will be able to:

1. Define key issues related to confederation
Learning Objectives 2. Identify individuals important to this time period
What do you want your students to learn? 3. Demonstrate a knowledge of the area
4. Differentiate opinions
5. Analyse political inquire questions

Formative Assessment:
Auditory: listen during students’ discussion to ensure they are developing an
understanding of the information.
Visual: see students actively participating in the activity – thinking critically
Assessment Physical: Note taking, and activities should be completed during this time, and
How will you know your students have completion of debate material
 During the above formative assessment the teacher gets to witness students
growth over time
Summative Assessment:

 Unit Final – Test created

Materials  Unit final
What resources will you need?
 Explain to students the expectations for
Introduction o No talking 5 mins
(attention o If you have a question raise your hand
o Students cannot uses notes or texts
Learning Activity Title – Unit test for Confederation
Teacher Actions
Instructional Sequence – Have students sitting and waiting upon instruction
 Explain to students the expectations
 Tell students they have two periods to work on this test
 Circle the room assisting students as needed
 Tell students if they finish early they can work on other work, or join the
health class
Resource used – Unit Test
Student Actions
 Students will work silently
Body  Students will work respectfully with peers
(Activity #1)  Students will have the whole two periods to work on test 65 mins
 Students will hand in test and join the health class quietly
Assessment Evidence
Summative Assessment – physical assessment
 Students will be assessed by their correctness of responses and willingness
to participate (physical)
 Students will be assessed based on their ability to articulate their ideas
 Students will be assessed on their ability to create arguments (physical)
Transition Details
Time for a Break – After sitting through a presentation, students will need to get
out of their chairs and refocus their energy
 Have discussion with students on their upcoming test
 Have students discuss any other information they are struggling with
Closure  Ask students if they feel confident going into the debate
 Clean up the all materials

Adaptations  Have the test read to students who need help