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April, May, June 2016

National Schutzhund Magazine

●New LV Officers and Email


●Cornhuskers’ Has Done It


●Delta Schutzund Club:

Growing and Showing!

●Essex County Schutzhund

Club’s Florida Trial

üCoast Schutzhund
Club…Thank You!

●More 2015 Championship Photos!

What is DVG? April-June, 2016 Table of Contents
The initials DVG stand for Deutscher Verband der
Gebrauchshundsportvereine, or the German Association of From your LV President 4
Working Dog Sport Clubs. Trial & Event Calendar 5
This is not an exact translation, but one that is most
Did You Know? Trial Helper Program 6
meaningful in English. While attracting breeders of all working
From Your LRO 6
dogs, DVG exists for only one purpose - the training and
titling of dogs of all kinds. In addition to IPO titles, DVG offers 2016 DVG America Championship Set! 6

Obedience and Tracking titles, providing competition Delta Schutzhund Club 8

opportunities for all people who love to train dogs, even the Cornhuskers’ Schutzhund Club 13
smallest of breeds.
Essex County Schutzhund Club 16
If you are interested in finding out more about LV DVG
2015 Championship Pictures 19
America, please visit our website for more complete
information. Coast Schutzhund Club 22 DVG America Magazine Information 24

Trial Results 25

Why DVG?
The training purist and competitive breeder can look to DVG for many benefits not offered by any other organization in the US or Canada.
● Over 100 years experience in the training of all breeds of working dogs
● All judges are German Kennel Club (VDH) and FCI recognized. Currently there are 10 certified judges residing in LV America.
In addition, visiting judges from Germany may assist with local trials and championships.
● Trial decoys are certified, and on-going training and testing are required.
● It is the only organization whose members are qualified to compete in a German National Championship.
● All titles and scorebooks are recognized by the VDH, allowing a DVG member to compete in any local trial in Germany.
● An annual American Championship for levels 1, 2 and 3.
● Members and clubs throughout the United States and Canada

President: Annetta Cheek - Email: Phone 703 772 6785

LV DVG Vice President: Scott Bakkala - Email: Phone 918-791-5911

America Secretary: Sanderetta Roberts - Email: : Phone 661-706-2282

T reasurer: Shanna Burgin - Email: : Phone 918-978-9056

Officers for OfV: Ted Hartman- Email: : Phone 909-350-3501

2016 LRO: Hartmut Beckmann - Email: : Phone 303-697-7729

Membership: Christine Leitzau - Email: : Phone 517-881-3549

LV DVG America Magazine

LV DVG America is the official publication of Landesverband DVG America, Inc., a not-for-profit Colorado Corporation. Any claims made by the writers or advertisers in
this magazine are not necessarily those of the editor, officers or directors of the Landesverband DVG America or DVG America magazine. Written permission of the editor
must be obtained in order to reproduce or reprint this magazine or any part thereof.

Annetta Cheek

Spring is finally here and I hope you are all enjoying your plus $1.37 for each competitor. If you cancel a scheduled
dogs and our sport. trial you still owe the $5.50, but if you postpone it the $5.50
carries over. We’ll send around a form for you to use to
LV Board. The new officers have taken office—you can get calculate a trial’s fee; it will include the address to send the
contact information at Notice funds to. If you have any questions about this let me know.
that all the national officers now have fastmail addresses
that reflect their positions, such as Bylaws. More bylaw changes are coming. When we did the Fastmail is a more secure major overhaul of the bylaws a few years ago, we didn’t do
system than gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and other popular the disciplinary section, although it desperately needed it.
email systems. We will transfer the emails to new officers We finally have a new draft of this section, and you’ll be
after future elections, so you won’t have to keep learning seeing it soon to vote on. This is an important provision so
new emails. please think about the draft and send us any ideas you
have for improvements.
Website. By now hopefully most of you have seen the new
look of the DVG website, at Shelly did a New sports. Germany is offering some new sports as part of
lot of work moving everything over. It’s a big job moving all the DVG program, and I thought you might be interested in
that information (and she does this as a volunteer), and it’s two of them – Mantrailing and Search and Rescue (SAR).
possible she missed some topics or links. If you see a Hartmut will tell you more about them in his LRO’s report.
problem, please help us by letting Shelly know the We should be able to offer mantrailing soon; SAR is a bit
specifics. further away because of the complexity of the test.
Germany has always offered other sports besides IPO, in
Trial fees. Recently the Board voted to pass on to the clubs fact DVG’s biggest sport overall is agility. We could offer
the trial fees that Germany imposes on us, starting June 1. more sports here but it would take significant interest on the
Most organizations that I know of charge clubs a small part of the membership.
amount to put on a trial. For example, American Working
Malinois Association charges $5 a competitor. USCA FCI rule changes. We’ve been hearing about major
charges $4 for members and $29 for non-members. I’m a changes to the FCI rules for several years. The newest
UKC obedience judge and UKC charges a few dollars per estimate of when they will be released is 2018.
entry, too.
These fees are not something that’s going into the LV’s
treasury. They are passed on to DVG Germany. Some of
the money stays with DVG and a small portion is sent on Annetta Cheek
the VDH, the German Kennel Club and DVG’s parent. We’ll President, LV DVG America
change the rate once a year, to adjust to the exchange
rate. This year the rate will be $5.50 for each day of the trial

LV DVG America & Magazine Contacts

EDITOR: To submit articles, feature stories or for advertising information:
Shelly Timmerman - 11110 W Hwy. 318, Reddick, FL 32686
Phone 352-591-0129

Interested in joining DVG? Please contact the KG (region) contact person nearest you to learn more.
Midwest KG Southeast KG Western KG KG North
Richard Scott Jessica Sharp Jamie Lloyd Annie Velletri
Treasurer/Membership Secretary/Membership Treasurer/Membership Secretary/Membership
5521 Wilderness Trail 690 Iris Road PO BOX 218 6208 Winnabago Road
Whites Creek, TN 37189 Casselberry, FL 32707 Veneta, OR 97487 Bethesda, MD 20186
615-528-4429 407-402-4605 541-344-3084 301-646-6961
Email: Email: Email: Email:

Trial & Event Calendar
Apr 2-3 Highway Schutzhund Club Umatilla, FL Kathy Foster 352-636-2921 Amanda Hoskinson

Apr 16 Salem Schutzhund Club Salem, OR Janice Reid 503-364-7387 Jacki Purdham

Apr 16 Total Working Hund Verein Waxahachie, TX Lala Roberts 817-937-3333 James Akin-Otiko

Apr 23 T-Town Working Dog Assoc. Norman, OK JJ Bakkala 918-791-5911 Ted Harman

Apr 23 MWKG Helper Seminar Norman, OK JJ Bakkala 918-791-5911 Ted Harman

Apr 30-
Wild West DogSport Delano, CA Jeanita Davis 661-829-9451 Amanda Hoskinson
May 01

May 7-8 Alexandria Schutzhund Group Leesburg, VA Monica Patty 703 635 9267 Melissa Hepler

Washington DC Area jenniferzembower@gmail.

May 7-8 Waldorf, MD Jennifer Zembower 240-355-7915 Melissa Hepler
Gebrauchshund Club com

May 14 Endeavor Working Dog Cub Los Alamos, NM Amanda Robertson 505-310-5418 Ted Hartman

May 14 WKG Handler Seminar Los Alamos, NM Amanda Robertson 505-310-5418 Ted Hartman

May 14-15 Allegmeiner Hundesport Klub Battle Ground, WA Judy Duncan 360-687-1459 Ann Dolan

May 15 Black Diamond Schutzhund Club Erie, CO Diann Yandrich 303-828-5196 Jennifer Reid

West KG Championship, Hosted

May 27-28 Denver, CO Jeff Uhrlaub 303-910-5688 Melissa Hepler
by Centennial Schutzhund Club

May 27-28 WKG Training Workshop Denver, CO Jeff Uhrlaub 303-910-5688

May-29 Mid TN Schutzhund Club McMinnville, TN A. Anderson 931-668-9660 Ann Dolan

Sep 17 Cache Valley Working Dog Club Ogden, UT Joanna Pawlick 801-718-7498 Jennifer Reid

Working Rottweiler Association joannefleming13@sympati

Oct 1-2 New Lowell, ON Joanne Fleming 705-428-2258 James Akin-Otiko
of Canada

Oct 9 Gateway Working Dog Club St Peters, MO Nancy Schick 314-791-5242 Jacki Purdham

Oct 22-23 Northern Illinois Schutzhund Club Grayslake, IL Donna Gauvin 847-651-9790 Jacki Purdham

Nov 4-6 DVG America Championship, Hosted by the Southeast KG Clermont, FL

Dec-04 Cascade Schutzhund Club Olympia, WA Les Flores 360-259-9192 Jacki Purdham

Have you “Liked” DVG America Magazine on Facebook yet? Over 1300 of your
friends and fellow DVG America members have and the numbers are still growing!




1. To test dogs in an assertive, fair, and safe manner

under the protection rules of the German Kennel Club The dates for the 2016 LV DVG America Championship
have been set! Mark your calendars for the first
(VDH). weekend in November, (3-6) and start making your
plans to head to central Florida!
2. To produce a high level of consistency in testing dogs
in the protection phase of a trial. The Southeast KG is hard at work making plans and
arrangements for a first-class event.
3. To identify those helpers who excel and who can work
The venue will be in Clermont, near many of the
at a championship level. nation’s favorite family vacation parks, including Walt
Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios and Busch
For more information about the Trial Helper Seminar
and Certification Program, see the DVG America Stay tuned to the DVG America website for updates
website or contact the and information as it becomes available.
LV DVG America OfG


Dear DVG America Members, For any urgent issues you may text or We, DVG America, are also looking into
Thanks you for your vote of confidence call my cell at 720-883-4234. possibly offering SAR (Search and
to be your LRO. I will do my best in New: As of March 1, the DVG entered Rescue) titles here in our LV. This
making the transition as smooth as Mantrailing to its current list of titles. might be coming a little further down
possible and I hope to serve DVG While I was in Germany for personal the road but no details are available
America well. reasons, I was able to attend the first yet.
First let me thank Lisa for her time and seminar and workshop for Mantrailing Please let me know if you have any
energy in serving as our LRO for the to which judges from several LVs had questions.
past election period. I wish her all the been invited. With that, the first few Best wishes and good luck,
best and know she will continue to judges, including myself, are now Hartmut Beckmann
support our LV. certified to judge such trials. I hope to
If you have any questions or concerns get our LV Judges certified as well
at any time, please let me know so I within a reasonable time frame.
can address those. My preferred Soon we will be able to offer such titles
contact information is via E-mail at: here in our LV as well. I hope to have the rules and other important
or information available and posted on our website within the next month or
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Look at Delta Go! A Journey with Delta Schutzhund Club
Photos by Rawi Vaz, Lisa Alvis, &
By Robert Fortune
The original intent of this article was to share a single
event in our club, a "helper" seminar. After further
consideration, we decided to also include some of our
accomplishments. By writing about some of our
milestones, we hope others will be inspired as they
Jerol Skinner continue along their Schutzhund journey.
In late February, our club had the privilege of hosting a
two-day “helper” seminar; it was our second in two years.
The main instructor for both was Jani Turkia. For the
second seminar, Jason Murphy and Jerol Skinner
assisted. Together the three instructors worked well and
successfully established an environment that was safe
and conducive for learning.
In addition to the ten seminar participants, we had several
people who brought dogs out to work. And for this we are
very appreciative. Having a variety of dogs for the
Prentice Kidd seminar participants to work provided them with the ability
to be matched with the appropriate level dog for their level
of certification. Upon completion of the seminar, Bobby
Holley was certified as a level 3 and Prentice Kidd moved
up to a level 2. Congratulations to you both!
One of the best aspects about a “helper” seminar is the
communing with other IPO people. We are each drawn to
this sport for reasons many of those outside of
schutzhund don’t quite understand; however, we
understand. The “helper” seminar gives us like-minded
people an opportunity to gather, socialize, and to get to
know one another. During this seminar, we couldn’t have
asked for more perfect weather or a better grill master –
thank you Larry Kye for keeping everyone well fed!

Bobby Holley,Jani Turkia, Prentice Kidd

And now for a bit about us...

Delta Schutzhund Club was founded in 2010 with five

members and by the end of 2015 grew to the largest club
in the MWKG with twenty nine members. The club’s first
members were true novices, with only one year of
Schutzhund experience each, but we were determined to
make the club a success; most of our success has been
through pure perseverance. We have been fortunate to
Lorelei Sims have attracted like-minded people to our club who
support each other to succeed; this atmosphere has
manifested into several accomplishments.
In five years our club members have titled four IPO 3
dogs, two IPO 2 dogs, two IPO 1 dogs, and twenty- one
Bh titles. As hobbyist and novices, titling dogs was
driven by our passion for the sport. Our desire to learn and grow shielded us from feeling intimidated
when exposed to those more experienced in IPO. There wasn’t a question we wouldn’t ask or a topic
we wouldn’t research. And there still isn’t.
In 2011, our youngest member and her dog ‘Ginger’ placed second as an IPO 2 at the DVG nationals; she
was fourteen at the time and the youngest competitor. Also in that same year, another founding member
and his dog ‘Hector’ placed fifth as an IPO 1. In 2012, this same member and ‘Hector’ competed as an IPO
3 and met their personal goal of passing all three phases. Competing at this level within the first two years
of establishing the club was a huge milestone for its members.
As the club grew so did our accomplishments. In 2014, one member won the IPO 3 and IPO 2 at the
MWKG regionals. More recently, a member won the DVG
nationals as an IPO 1. Also, along our club’s journey, five
members certified as DVG “helpers” and five members
certified as DVG training directors.
Jerol Skinner
Since our conception, we have hosted a trial every year
and for most years, have hosted two trials. The foundation
of our club’s accomplishments is our motivated members
who are dedicated and willing to work hard. I believe our
club’s journey to be special. We are not professionals of
the sport. We are simply students of the sport. Our dogs
are also unique in that they are our pets and companions
first; IPO competitors second. Our members are
successful because they share their passion for the sport
with their dog and set
realistic goals. By
treating our dogs with
love and respect, the
John Dunn dogs look forward to
training and are eager
to learn.
Delta Schutzhund
Club’s journey is and
Prentice Kidd
has been a positive
one. Enjoying our
dogs and enjoying the
sport is our main

Eddie Alvis

Jerol Skinner Bobby Holley

Rusty Ford

Jani Turkia & Eddie Alvis

Larry Kye & Rawi Vaz

Bobby Holley

Jerol Skinner , Robert Fortune & Todd Pegram

Jani Turkia & Jason Pool

Delta Club

Sean Howley & Jani

Justin Rusnick & Kolsch BH

Robert Fortune

Bobby Holley
Tammy Olson & Saddie BH

Lisa Manning & Moxie BH

Chantelle Ford & Dingo BH

Todd Pegram & Kim BH

Larry Kye & Enzo BH

Delta Club
Bunny Lanning & Avari BH

(2014 English Translation)

$20.00 each for 1-4

$18.00 each for 5-9
$15.00 each for 10 and more
Plus Shipping: US $6.00 Priority USPS. | Canada $14-21.00

Please contact Debra DeFrank to order.


Phone: 815-465-2078

Cornhusker’s Schutzhund Club has done it again.

Article and photos: Jacki Purdham| Ann & Raj TR 2

Lincoln, Nebraska, and a perfect
day it turned out to be. The
weather could not have been more
cooperative with a little dew for
The Cornhuskers had five BHs. All
perfect day for a trial in
first time handlers, new dogs, and
first titles. Eve took Layla from
being a timid, scared, untrusting
malinois, to a confident, loyal,
Watch out, cause Elvis has not “left
the building”! Paul and Justice
started out rough, with a not so easy
track, but finished with some
amazing obedience and protection
early morning tracking, and nice family companion, now with a CGC routines. These two IPO 1s will be
warm sun for obedience and and a BH! Steve handled Chaos like running neck and neck in the future.
protection. It was a good time had bya champ and I can’t wait to see him Ann and Raj joined us with their TR
all, and by all, I mean ALL!! in the future with this dog! Jason and 2 title! Ann has done one
Axel are an inseparable pair, and outstanding job with Raj, and this
The club outdid themselves by their bond is unbreakable! Pam & team was meant to be.
having over 75 raffle prizes to give Kairo are a bad-ass team and are Charlie put some heart and soul into
away, and over 100 spectators to going to take names and kick some two IPO 3 titles with Egar and
enjoy the day with. Lynn & Johnny serious a** in the near future! Walker. Until you have shown two
Irons went above and beyond by Dennis and Bossy are guests with dogs in the same trial, there is no
hustling raffle prizes, sponsors, this club, and are a pair to look for. way to explain the stress involved!!
organizing the food, and kid prizes. All of these teams took their training He showed us again how it is done,
Nobody went home empty handed or very serious and not only did it pay and done with a smile and love of
hungry! Every active club member off with their BH titles, it has made the sport!!
stepped up and took their part doing some amazing bonds that will never Akin’s helper work with the IPO 1s
something in the trial, and it was a be broken. was his usual flawless style. He
huge success not only for the club, Lynn and Elvis showed us all what flows with the dogs and makes it
but for all! The community an IPO 1 is supposed to look like, look so easy, we are very fortunate
supported in many ways, and we WOW!! These two rocked the house. to have him with us! Paul’s helper
can’t wait for our next one.
Continued next page

work with the IPO 3s was We are ever so grateful to have to
outstanding!! Did I mention, this was had Ann Dolan as our Judge.
his first trial in the books? Well, Always a pleasure to be around and
even the pros in the audience did not her knowledge, helpful, and
know that! Paul is a true asset to the encouraging critiques are what
club and gives it his all every time he makes this sport! Ann is an asset to
steps on to the field. Hats off to both this sport and we look forward to
of you! working with her again!

Eve and Layla, BH Pam and Kairo, BH Steve and Chaos, BH

Akin and Elvis Paul and Walker Lyn and Elvis, IPO 1

Paul and Egar Paul, Justice, Grace, Ann

BH Traffic

Jason & Axel

Dennis & Bossy

Essex County Schutzhund
Club’s 2016 Winter Trial –
Groveland, Florida
January 30, 31

By Anne Marie Appel

Curtis Brantley drives Carl Smith’s GSD, Lover Boy

For those of us who live in the northern half With a field of entries consisting of three BH
of the country, training and trialing our dogs in the dogs, four IPO 1s, two IPO 2s and two IPO 3s we
winter can be quite challenging. Most of us are were looking forward to a fun weekend and with
confined to cramped quarters indoors or barely able Melissa Hepler judging we knew it would be
to move in layers of winter clothing on snow covered educational as well!
fields for months. We began on Saturday morning with tracking.
For many years I have had the good fortune After two days of torrential rain we weren’t sure what
and opportunity to journey to Florida in January to condition our Zellwood dirt would be in. As it turned
train with Schutzhund pioneer Gottfried Dildei, and out most of the field was fairly dry with only a few
many years our training culminates with a DVG trial. boot-sucking steps of mud to slow some of us down. I
This past January our training and trial was think Emie Franck had the worst of it with one of her
held at the field of longtime Schutzhund friend, shepherds, but all of the IPO dogs passed – four IPO
competitor, Rottweiler breeder and DVG judge, 1s - Emie with two GSDs, Garon (86) and Vandal
Amanda Hoskinson. Amanda graciously allowed us (83), Carl Smith with his gorgeous male GSD, LB
the use of her field and equipment and was (also known as Lover Boy) (96 and High Tracking),
instrumental in assisting me with the long range and Ben Julich with Angel (vom Haus Franck)(72).
logistics of hosting a trial 1400 miles away from Our two IPO 2’s were handled by Jill Doherty –
home. We could not have hosted this trial without her littermates of her own breeding – Ikon (88) and Ixena
help and generosity. (91) and our two IPO 3’s Martha Chamberlin with
Beth Whitcomb’s stunning male, Jaeger (86) and
Carl Smith & Lover Boy

IPO 3s, Martha Chamberlin with Beth Whitcomb’s

stunning male, Jaeger (86) and Helen Tyler with her
malinois bitch, Bristol (88).
A short break for a hearty breakfast at Mary’s
Country Kitchen and then back to the sunny field in
Groveland where we began with the BHs. We started
off the obedience phase with my overly social male
Rottie, Tyr, who was paired with Monica Patty’s
spirited Czechoslovakian Shepherd bitch, Gracie. The
heat was somewhat of a factor but both dogs turned in
worthy performances with an occasional outstanding
moment. This pairing was followed by Jessie Sharp
with another lively vom Haus Franck Shepherd bitch,
Willow, paired with “honor dog”, Monica Patty’s
retired male, Falcon. All three BHs passed and were
permitted to move ahead to the traffic portion. Huge
sighs of relief!
At this point the sun really began to heat up
the field! The IPO 1 entries found Ben’s Angel (74)
paired with Emie’s Vandal (71) with nice attentive
heeling for both but a few blips here and there. It was
nice to hear Judge Melissa Hepler’s critique include
praise for the happy dogs. The second pairing saw
Carl’s LB (88) paired with Emie’s second male,
Garon (64). Again some very nice parts to both
routines but some fumbling with the retrieves and the
send out, points lost and new issues to iron out for
next time.
The IPO 2s and 3s were paired together as Jill Sunday morning dawned with temperatures a
had the two 2’s. We first watched Ixena turn in a bit cooler and some cloud cover for Protection. We
lovely performance (90 points and High Obedience) met on the field for a quick handler’s meeting with
and Martha (IPO 3) with Jaeger (87). So fun to see our judge and the final phase then began. Now, this is
the relationships Jill has with her dogs and the the place where I ask for forgiveness because my
critiques rewarded the positive behavior. Martha and notes of the Protection phase are spotty and my
Jaeger had a very nice routine but Jaeger hit the jump memory is even worse. I can generalize and tell you
with one of his back feet which made him a bit “off” there were plenty of “young dog” moments for the
from that point onward. For an eight year old IPO 1s and 2s but you will just be getting scores here
Nationals veteran he did an outstanding job and with not many specific details.
showed true heart though-out. The final pairing of the Unfortunately our first young dog, Ben’s
day was Jill’s IPO 2 male, Ikon (87) with Helen’s, extremely spirited and enthusiastic bitch, Angel,
Bristol (75). decided early in the routine that she was having way
We then took a short break before our three too much fun and listening to Ben’s commands
BH entries sailed through the traffic portion with no required too much effort – after the blind search and
issues and yahoo – congratulations to out three new the call out from the hold and bark this team needed
BH dogs! to be dismissed. This young girl shows a lot of
With two phases passed for all of the IPO promise and I am sure we will see her out on the
dogs we then headed off for a yummy Italian dinner competition field again in no time!
at Goomba’s and a good night’s sleep for handlers Emie then followed with her two beautiful
and their team mates. males, Vandal turned in an 88 point performance and
Garon bested him with 90 points! Carl and LB then
Continued page 21

& Mondr

Thanks go to
Maurice Eva Em
& Ajax

Brown for the


Frank Horner
& Frost

Butch Henderson
& Arson

Melissa Hepler
& Cino

Susan Miller
& Leo

Butch Henderson
& Arson

Me l
& C ssa Hep
in o le r

Butch Henderson
& Arson

Susan Miller
& Leo

James Honda
& E’Tienne

Mic h ae
& Kerr Johnson

Jeff Goldsmith
& Mace

Jeff Goldsmith
& Mace
James Honda
& E’Tienne
James Honda
& E’Tienne

Continued from page 17

turned in the high scoring routine of the day with 94 points.

Our IPO 3 entries then took to the trial field. Helen and her feisty Mal, Bristol, gave us an entertaining 85 point routine and
Martha with our eight year old veteran, Jaeger, showed us a smooth 90 point routine.

So – over all a very nice trial with Carl and LB taking High Tracking, High Protection and High in Trial with 278 points
total. Jill and Ixena taking High Obedience and 2nd place overall with 265 points. Martha and Jaeger close behind, taking 3rd place
overall with 263 points.
Thanks are in order to Curtis Brantley for some fine protection helper work. The Southern clubs are fortunate to have some
excellent helpers and we were grateful to have Curtis available to work this trial.

Also a huge thank you to Melissa Hepler for thoughtful and detailed, instructional critiques. Her knowledge of the rules is
exceptional. With her relaxed and jovial attitude she also did an excellent job of making handlers feel calmer and more confident out
on the field. Having a judge who is still actively trialing is a huge plus in my opinion and it showed in the helpful, knowledgeable
judging. Thank you, Melissa – hopefully we can get you up to New Hampshire again at some point!
And this trial would not have been possible without the generosity of our gracious host, Amanda Hoskinson. She provided
her beautiful training field and equipment for obedience and protection, helped me with every step of the organization and execution
of the trial, hosted the judge, and made it possible for our New England club to enjoy a respite from the winter weather. Amanda is
one of the most hardworking people I have seen in this sport and her support to me personally has been invaluable.
Lastly a shout-out to Gottfried Dildei for his amazing training prior to the trial. Even after almost eighteen years in this sport
I always find new things to work on with his method. We are so fortunate to have him here in this country and as one of the most
experienced trainers in the world I try to pick his brain every opportunity I can!
Thank you, as well, to our hardworking handlers and their amazing team mates – this sport would not be possible without
your dedication and devotion to your dogs. For every disappointment may you find fifty rewarding moments to make up for it! See
you out there on the competition field.

Coast Schutzhund Club, est 1984. We just wanted to thank DVG and our members for many really incredible years.

Also a very special thanks to all of the talented instructors, helpers, judges and competitors we've been blessed with.
Attached are some photos of our club members and events from the last few years. Happy training!
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Trial Results
Dog’s Name Handler’s Name Breed
Attempted Title A B C Total Title Awarded

Allegemeiner Schutzhund Club Judge: Ted Hartman October 24 2015

Link Lisa Preston MAL – BH Bestanden BH

Condor von Hohenhamein Judy Duncan ROT – BH Nicht Bestanden –

July von Shambala Bryan Carrol ROT – BH Bestanden BH

Oriah vom Haus Reid Audra Oliver GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Blazin’s Emerald Nick Blasdel MAL – BH Bestanden BH

Seppel Susanne Loegel MIX BH IPO VO 71 71 79 221 S IPO VO

Lakeside’s Vera Michael Duncan ROT IPO A1 IPO A2 86 80 a 166 G IPO A2

Colt de Alphaville Bohemia Jeff White MAL BH IPO 1 70 80 85 a 235 S IPO 1

Total Working Hund Verin Judge: Ann Dolan November 21 2015

Walker von der Dornburg Donna DeYoung GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Lanzo van Arne's Hoeve Clement Dang GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Stingers Du Loups Du Soleil Manuel (Tony) Perez MAL – BH Nicht Bestanden –

Waldemoso Opavia Hof Donna DeYoung GSD TR 2 TR 3 95 95 SG TR 3

Revie Ora vom Kraftwerk Pam Falls GSD BH IPO 1 93 70 TERM –

Bravo vom Alpenmak Leonhart Muller GSD IPO 2 IPO 3 84 88 79 a 251 G IPO 3

Chagall aus dem Blumental Juan Gato ROT IPO 2 IPO 3 96 93 90 a 279 SG IPO 3

Drybrucke's Brio Lala Roberts ROT IPO 2 IPO 3 82 78 80 a 240 G IPO 3

Washington DC Area Gebrauchshund Club (WAG) Judge: Lisa Little November 21 2015
Lakotah's Dawn Assault Felon x
Jacqueline Anderson Parker BOUV – BH Bestanden BH

General George S Patton Sr III Victor Miller GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Buddah v.d. Rod Jacqueline Anderson Parker BOUV – BH Bestanden BH

Sisco vom Karthago Brian Ciszczon GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Polly Kathe Polly Fox MIX TR 2 TR 3 4 4 –

Jory von der Olgameister Mark Torrence GSD BH IPO 1 DQ No out –

Joy Chan Huburt Chan GSD BH IPO 1 DQ No out –

Boss Danny Smith MIX BH IPO 1 71 IPO 1

Audacity Tara Longoria MAL IPO 1 IPO 2 41 –

Cara's Argus My Paladin Jurgen Winkler DOB IPO 1 IPO 2 97 87 76 a 260 G IPO 2

Grumby von Hellerwald Jennifer Zembower BOUV IPO 2 IPO 3 DQ no out –

Trial Results
Dog’s Name Handler’s Name Breed
Attempted Title A B C Total Title Awarded

Mid-Tennessee Schutzhund Club Judge: Melissa Hepler November 21-22, 2015

Mach-Ten Molly v Waldemesshaus Richard Scott GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Ellie von der Bosenhohle Amelia Anderson GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Ennie von der Bosenhohle Ameilia Anderson GSD – BH Nicht Bestanden –

Kusto von der Shearon Haus Pete Kovack GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Sinora's Viper Boy Kandice Wilson MAL – BH Bestanden BH

Rota Teuefelfeuer Viciousla Reyn GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Ezeekiel von der Bosenhohle Barbara Ehren GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Banshee ze Socehua vom Voyellese Pete Kovack GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Vale vom Germal Haus Ally Smith GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Loki von Prufenpuden Carol Arnold GSD BH IPO 1 95 86 84 a 265 G IPO 1

Rocky vom TaJgetosz Pete Kovack GSD BH IPO 1 97 92 96 a 285 SG IPO 1

Fiasko von Hugelblick Stanley Krasinski GSD BH IPO 1 90 90 85 a 265 G IPO 1

V'Leo ot Vitosha Christina Hansel MAL IPO 1 IPO 2 98 88 92 a 278 SG IPO 2

Quoto vom Ruff Barbara Ehren GSD IPO 2 IPO 3 91 78 80 a 249 G IPO 3

Wild West Dog Sport Judge: Jacki Purdham December 5-6, 2015

Stazi vom Kondorstrand Ann Boyce DOB – BH Bestanden BH

Nola vom Haus Tyson Megan Barnes GSD BH IPO 1 70 70 86 a 226 S IPO 1

Cjachi Gaudet de Canubis Veronica Stork ROT BH IPO 1 70 75 91 a 236 S IPO 1

Dextr srdce Perly Bohemie Bernard Borges GSD IPO 1 IPO 2 97 85 89 a 271 SG IPO 2

Sasha vom Kondorstrand Ann Boyce DOB IPO 3 IPO 3 98 96 96 a 290 V IPO 3

Jeno's Pyra Hiroe Wolters MAL IPO 2 IPO 3 94 82 90 a 266 SG IPO 3

Tidewater Schutzhund Club Judge: James Akin-Otiko December 05 2015

Vilas von Konigtum Jim Bostek GSD – BH Nicht Bestanden –

Brutus der Gutaussehend Brandon Hamraz ROT – BH Bestanden BH

Quexi vom Lehrbacher Cailin Yates GSD BH IPO 1 80 75 80 vh 235 S IPO 1

Jager vom Shiraz Steve Kostoff GSD BH IPO 1 DQ –

Tank vom Franzosen Wald Christean Ramage GSD OB 1 IPO 1 83 87 88 a 258 G IPO 1

Graubauer's B'Charlie Nadar Abouellgubein MAL IPO 2 IPO 3 90 88 88 a 266 G IPO 3

Delta Schutzhund Club Judge: Amanda Hoskinson December 5-6, 2015

Kye's Redhead Stepchild Larry Kye DOB – BH Bestanden BH

Kolsch Von Rierschneck Justin Rasnick GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Kye's Moxie Sets the World on Fire Lisa Manning DOB – BH Bestanden BH

Domingo von Laisbackblick Chantelle Ford GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Trial Results
Dog’s Name Handler’s Name Breed
Attempted Title A B C Total Title Awarded

Delta Schutzhund Club (Continued) Judge: Amanda Hoskinson December 5-6, 2015

Sadie Tammie Olson GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Front Sights Indy Lucy Newton DSH – BH Bestanden BH

Lothlorien's Avari The Dark Elf Bunny Lanning DOB – BH Bestanden BH

Pegram's A Lady Called Camille Tod Pegram DOB – BH Bestanden BH

Hercules vom Schattendal Roberty Holley GSD BH IPO 1 DQ no out –

Esmonds Eragon Chrystal Freeman ROT BH IPO 1 94 85 91 a 270 SG IPO 1

Esmonds Will of Steel Lucy Newton ROT BH OB 1 80 80 G OB 1

Howler aka Walter (Pawlik) Faith Pawlik MIX BH TR 1 90 90 SG TR 1

Esmonds Will of Steel Lucy Newton ROT BH TR 1 84 84 G TR 1

Alivar vom Rossebach Robert Fortune GSD IPO 1 IPO 2 98 89 76 a 263 G IPO 2

Ola vom Teufelhund Carma Cleveland GSD FH FH 2 95 95 SG FH 2

South Florida Schutzhund Club Judge: Ted Hartman December 12 2015

Dunga von der Gustav Jorge Ribero GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Oakley H Canine Extreme Deborah Lopez GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Donis von Lotta Donna Blair GSD BH IPO 1 93 74 90 a 257 G IPO 1

Rendy Morovia Artex Chris Daugaard GSD BH IPO 1 93 74 89 a 256 G IPO 1

Luna vom Glucklich Tal Luis Rodriguez GSD IPO 2 IPO 3 91 92 91 a 274 SG IPO 3

Ottmar vom Kerschberger John Yanik GSD IPO 3 IPO 3 90 76 166 M –

Smarty Marty Sidney Arellana MIX IPO 3 IPO 3 95 77 90 a 262 G IPO 3

Memphis Schutzhund Club Judge: James Akin-Otiko January 09 2016

Elektra vom Haus Dreisprung Kenneth White GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Raphael von Bairdhaus Cynthia Van Den Berge GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Katie von der Faultline Chipi Ditto ROT – BH Bestanden BH

Yanni vom Wesenhaus Steve Locher GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Gretchen vom Haus Dreisprung Bryant Webb GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Philly Hurt Rodney Hurt GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Kara Gretchen vom Haus Bairdhaus Adriane Lippian GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Quinna vom Bairdhaus Cynthia Van Den Berg GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Howler aka Walter (Pawlik) Faith Pawlik MIX TR 1 TR 2 75 75 S TR 2

Leika z Morisvillu Candace Baird GSD BH PR 1 89 a 89 G PR 1

Amos von Sturm und Drang Judy Braginsky GSD BH IPO 1 15 80 78 vh 173 M –

K & N's Ingo vom Seerauber Mary Pyritz GSD BH IPO 1 24 70 78 vh 172 M –

Katja von Bairdhaus Candace Baird GSD BH IPO A 70 85 a IPO A

Trial Results
Dog’s Name Handler’s Name Breed
Attempted Title A B C Total Title Awarded

Memphis Schutzhund Club Judge: James Akin-Otiko January 09 2016

Starridge Ace in the Hole Sheila Shipley OB 1 OB 2 DQ Out of Control –

Xana vom Wesenhaus Bill Forrester GSD IPO 1 IPO 2 95 87 88 a 270 SG IPO 2

Ito von der Schwartzen Zigeunerin Kenneth White GSD IPO 2 IPO 3 DQ no out –

Essex County Schutzhund Club Judge: Melissa Hepler January 30-31, 2016

Blue Collars Tyr of my Heart Anne Marie Appel ROT – BH Bestanden BH

Gracie od Skalickyeh Stoparu Monica Patty GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Willow v. Haus Franck Jessica Sharp GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Angel v. Haus Franck Benjamin Julich GSD BH IPO 1 DQ Out of Control –

Garon v. Steinteich Emie Franck GSD BH IPO 1 86 64 90 a 240 M –

Vandal v. Haus Franck Emie Franck GSD BH IPO 1 83 71 88 a 242 G IPO 1

Loverboy v. Salztalblick Carl Smith GSD BH IPO 1 96 88 94 a 278 SG IPO 1

Ikon v. d. Tetiaroa Jill Doherty GSD IPO 1 IPO 2 88 87 82 a 257 G IPO 2

Ixena v.d. Tetiaroa Jill Doherty GSD IPO 1 IPO 2 91 90 84 a 265 G IPO 2

Kanduits Bristol Helen Tyler MAL IPO 2 IPO 3 88 75 85 a 248 G IPO 3

Argon v. Land der Konige Martha Chamberlain GSD IPO 3 IPO 3 95 77 90 a 262 G IPO 3

Hell's Kitchen Schutzhund Club Judge: Ann Dolan February 6-7, 2016

Anung un Rama Van het Bos Lauren Waters ROT – BH Bestanden BH

Ramsey's Cobalt Anastasia Anashkina MAL BH IPO 1 86 89 85 a 260 G IPO 1

NJAG von de Verpihoeve Sandra Rushing MAL BH IPO 1 97 95 98 a 290 V IPO 1

Yeil vom Lytle Nancy Cochren GSD BH IPO 1 20 93 73 vh 196 M –

Jeno's Pyra Hiroe Wolters MAL IPO 3 FH 1 78 78 B FH 1

Vrijheid's Gundahar Heather Ross DS IPO 3 FH 1 89 89 G FH 1

Alma von Haus Krother Michelle Miller GSD FH 1 FH 2 96 96 V FH 2

South Florida Schutzhund Club Judge: Melissa Hepler February 27, 2016

Briarpatch's Hard Pill to Swallow Susan Sealing ROT – BH Bestanden BH

Dunga von der Gustav Jorge Ribero GSD BH IPO 1 DQ no out –

Nautilus von der Tetiaroa Catherine Daugaard BH IPO 1 94 87 92 a 273 SG IPO 1

Rendy Morovia Artex Chris Daugaard GSD BH IPO 1 95 81 82 a 258 G IPO 1

Roscoe Jenkins Luis Rodriquez GSD IPO 1 IPO 2 71 76 94 a 241 G IPO 2

Rafeal Betelges Jeff Frantzman DOB IPO 1 IPO 2 73 74 64 211 M –

Kye's Midnight Fire Show Mark Hemmerle DOB IPO 2 IPO 3 82 80 80 vh 242 G IPO 3

Raising Kane (O'Donnell) Michael O'Donnell MIX IPO 3 IPO 3 DQ no out –

Urmel von Prevent Karen Grier GSD IPO 3 IPO 3 91 91 90 a 272 SG IPO 3

Trial Results
Dog’s Name Handler’s Name Breed
Attempted Title A B C Total Title Awarded

South Florida Schutzhund Club (Continued) Judge: Melissa Hepler February 27, 2016

Smarty Marty Sidney Arellana MIX IPO 3 FH 1 86 86 G FH 1

Ottmar von Kerschberger John Yanik GSD IPO 3 FH 1 0 0 –

Coast Schutzhund Club Judge: Hartmut Beckmann March 5-6, 2016

A Wile E Coyote v. Kriegs Schrei Amy Elias MAL – BH Bestanden BH

Berlin v. Adlercrest Humberto Hurnandez DOB – BH Nicht Bestanden –

Eevee v. Kraftwerk Hendrix Scott Hendrix GSD AD BH Bestanden BH

Sally Estrada Edy Estrada MIX – BH Bestanden BH

Ynez v. Aldercrest Linda Calamia DOB – BH Bestanden BH

Deidre v. Aldercrest Tom Curren DOB – BH Bestanden BH

Q Dingman Wally Dingman MIX – BH Bestanden BH

Stone Cold Vin Diesel Tommy Hong ROT – BH Bestanden BH

ABP Hammer Time Vrouwenfelder Danielle Felder ABD – BH Bestanden BH

Ekko v. Kraftwerk Hendrix Scott Hendrix GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Enzo v. Mana Hause Anthony Favata ROT – BH Bestanden BH

Dwight Tela Perez GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Shera's Great Ex. Pip Reegan Ray BOX – BH Bestanden BH

Celeb d Nouvelle Luna Lisa Ann Strum MAL – BH Bestanden BH

Ipolani v.d. Westkuste Tina Lamey GSD BH OB 1 76 76 B OB 1

Duke Vrouwenfelder Danielle Felder ABD BH OB 1 80 80 G OB 1

War Cry Fire Grace Typecast Elaine Moyers GSD BH OB 1 DQ –

Freda z. Soutoku Sazavy Tina Lamey MAL BH IPO 1A 87 98 a 185 SG IPO 1A

Yoshi v. Aldercrest Rick DeJesus DOB BH IPO 1 74 41 64 a 179 M –

Great Ex. Winifred Will Do Reegan Ray BOX BH IPO 1 90 72 88 a 250 G IPO 1

Arkansas Schutzhund Club Judge: Amanda Hoskinson March 12-13, 2016

Vargas Lectro Torque Herman Vargas GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Addison Lee McGuire-Myers Hailey McGuire GSD – BH Nicht Bestanden Out of Control –

Quin von Bairdhaus Peggy Robinson GSD – BH Bestanden BH

Revie Ora von Kraftwerk Pamela Falls GSD BH IPO 1 89 80 82 vh 251 G IPO 1

Quenby von Bairdhaus Jim Prentiss GSD BH IPO 1 97 86 80 vh 263 G IPO 1

Auron ze stribrneho Kamene Dean Pritchard GSD IPO 1 IPO 2 98 92 95 a 285 SG IPO 2

Xana von Wesenhaus Bill Forrester GSD IPO 2 IPO 3 88 75 90 a 253 G IPO 3

Whiskey Bravo von Wesenhaus Rick Delgado GSD IPO 2 IPO 3 88 82 84 a 254 G IPO 3

Wye K von den Hoehenluft Kay Taylor GSD IPO 3 IPO 3 86 73 91 a 250 G IPO 3

Trial Results
Dog’s Name Handler’s Name Breed
Attempted Title A B C Total Title Awarded

Arkansas Schutzhund Club (Continued) Judge: Amanda Hoskinson March 12-13, 2016

Ito von der Schwarzen Zigeunerin Kenneth White GSD IPO 2 IPO 3 99 81 87 a 267 G IPO 3

Schutzhund Club of Orlando Judge: Jacki Purdham March 19-20, 2016

Dizara's Final Fantsy Vanja Milic BOX – BH Bestanden BH

Kacee's Angel Among Us Steve Gregalunas BOX – BH Bestanden BH

Metloff's Ammo Steve Gregalunas MAL – BH Bestanden BH

Nautilus von der Tetiaroa Catherine Daugaard GSD IPO 1 IPO 1 97 89 73 vh 259 G IPO 1

Baiko ot Vitosha Natalia Balabanov MAL BH IPO 1 95 94 93 a 282 SG IPO 1

Uno von Glockner Haus Mary Scanlon GSD BH IPO 1 86 86 92 a 264 G IPO 1

Pyro von der Burgstatte Katherine Lewis DOB IPO 3 IPO 3 78 89 90 a 257 G IPO 3

Onix V Wendelin Mark Sheplak GSD IPO 2 IPO 3 93 88 89 a 270 SG IPO 3

Spoilenhaus Ekim Kelley Wells MAL IPO 3 IPO 3 10 90 94 a 194 M –

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