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American Literature and Composition Course Syllabus 

Ms. Lauren Alexander

Teacher Contact 
E-mail: lauren.alexander​
School Phone: (678) 594-8104 ext. 1109
Location: Room 109, Main Building
Remind: Text @hhsamlit19 to the number 81010
Required Materials  Required Resources  Required Texts 
● 3 ring binder with 5 divider tabs ● Access to Google ● Independent novel (will be
● Loose-leaf college-ruled paper drive discussed later)
● College-ruled composition notebook ● Access to ● The Great Gatsby​ by F. Scott
● Pens (black) and pencils Fitzgerald
● Green Pens (for editing) ● $10for Sadlier Vocabulary Workbook
● Highlighters (blue, green, yellow, pink,
and orange)
Note: Please contact Ms. Alexander if you have any questions about the materials needed.
Classroom Wish List Items​ ​(any of these items would be greatly appreciated this year!)  
● Tissues, colored printer paper, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, art supplies (markers, colored pencils etc.)
sharpies, dry-erase markers, fun pens, post-it notes, for you to have a great time in ELA this year ​☺

Required Texts: 
● Prentice Hall Literature: The American Experience​. Students will have access to a class set of textbooks; book
check-out for personal use at home can be arranged with the teacher on an as-needed basis.
● Springboard English Language Arts Grade 11 Student Edition: ​Students will receive their own consumable copies
that will remain in class unless work needs to be completed at home.
Course Description: 
American Literature is a literature-based, integrated course, which focuses on the study of American Literature for the
student who reads on grade level. The course follows the development of American literature, from the Colonial Period
to the Twentieth Century. The texts selected are relevant and specific to their given time period. Emphasis is placed on
the development of critical and analytical thinking skills through classroom instruction and composition.

50% Major Assignments (essays, tests, projects, presentations, etc.)

30% Minor Assignments (organizers, vocabulary, etc.)

20% EOC* - ​*The End-of-Course Milestones Exam will be factored into each student’s grade when the results arrive from the state. It is an automatic
20% (per Georgia DOE) of the student’s overall grade in this course. Please note: EOC scores may be released the last days of school; please consider this
while calculating your final course grade.

Percentage Conversion

A​ = 90-100% ​B​ = 80-89% ​C​ = 74-79% ​D​ = 70-73% ​ F​ = below 69%

NOTE: In the unlikely event of a discrepancy on a student’s grade, students ​MUST produce the graded assignment for any
possible grade changes. Keep all your work! Grading will be reported on Synergy.

What You Can Expect from Me: 

1. I will work hard to plan lessons that are rigorous and focused on critical thinking and deep analysis.
2. I will monitor and assess your progress often and adjust instruction as necessary in order to ensure that you are receiving
the most out of your academic experience.
3. I will assign grades based on merit. My intention for this class is to make sure that you are college and career ready, so your
grades will be a direct reflection of your effort and growth.
4. I will consistently enforce my classroom rules. Furthermore, I will abide by ​all​ of Harrison High School’s rules.
5. I will be enthusiastic about the instruction I provide, and I will run this classroom with passion. I will have high expectations
in my students, and I will praise them for taking on new challenges.

What I Expect from You: 

1. Be respectful to others​. Collegial discourse is most effective when disagreeing members of discussion express themselves
with tact and courtesy. Make sure you ​avoid using ​ad hominem​ arguments. I’ll provide more guidelines soon about the kind
of “accountable talk” I expect you to demonstrate in my classroom.
2. Come to class on time with all of your required materials. Do ​not​ wait until class to print completed work. Be prepared to
learn. Students who are tardy miss important information. If a student is tardy to class, the school-set policies will be
3. Be attentive and on-task. Avoid distracting your classmates with disruptive behavior or side-bar conversation. You learn
best when you take charge of your learning, which entails checking the board for assignments, paying attention to
announcements, checking the blog, trying new things, practicing skills, and coming to me for clarification or help.
4. Be faithful to the school’s safety and academic integrity codes of conduct. ​Any violation of safety or academic integrity will
have severe consequences as detailed in the student handbook. Please familiarize yourself with the description of
plagiarism below.
5. Be engaged and open-minded. Come to class knowing that it is okay to acquire new skills, and it is okay to enjoy learning.

Classroom Policies and Procedures

1. All ​work​ must be turned in on standard notebook paper. All work must be legible. All work must meet all specified
requirements in order to receive full credit. All final work must be submitted in ​blue or black ink​. When turning in any work,
follow the ​Harrison standard manuscript form​: your name, teacher’s name, name of class and period, and today’s date with
year on the top left corner.

2. Plagiarism and Cheating​. Please review the following information carefully. You will sign that you have read and understand its
meaning. Please ASK me for guidance at any time (preferably before turning in an assignment). When in doubt, cite.
Cheating and plagiarism are not tolerated and are treated additionally with a discipline referral. ​All​ assignments, including
vocabulary, unless specifically noted differently in writing, are ​INDIVIDUAL​ assignments, where any collaboration with peers will be
considered cheating. Henceforth, no further explicit written or verbal warning regarding plagiarism or cheating will need to be
expressed about any assignment, as A ​ LL assignments will be graded based on this policy.​ Those who provide the work as well as
those who copy the work are considered to be cheating. Plagiarism is the act of using another person’s ideas and expressions in your
writing without acknowledging the source. Repeating another’s words, phrases or sentences without quotation marks and proper
citation is one form of plagiarism. Restating another’s “apt phrase,” argument or idea without proper citation is also plagiarism as it
indicates the work is your own rather than that of the original source (MLA Handbook). Consequences for plagiarism include receiving
an F (0 points) on the assignment and a disciplinary referral to the administrators for disciplinary action. According to the Cobb
County Code of Student Conduct, plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, tests, quizzes, reports, homework, term paper and thesis

3. Be prepared​ every day. You will not be allowed to go to your locker for work or books. Bring your textbook with you everyday.
Visit the restroom before class begins.

4. All work is due on the date assigned. ​I will not accept any late ​daily​ work.​ Long term assignments (ie. essays, projects) turned
in late will be dropped 10 percent per day including weekend days.

5. Make-up work is your responsibility.​ When you are absent, check Ms. Alexander’s teacher blog for work. Schedule a time to
make up all tests, quizzes, and assignments within five days of your EXCUSED absence. If you were present on the day an
assignment was given but absent the day it was due, the assignment should be turned in the day you return to class. All
materials distributed in class are available from Ms. Alexander and on the blog. Work missed for UNEXCUSED absences will
receive a zero.

6. A ​hall pass​ is mandatory when leaving the classroom during class time. You must sign out on the clipboard any time you leave
the room.

7. Limited food and drink​ is allowed in the classroom. We all get hungry. Please be sure to clean your area before you leave.

8. Please make yourself aware of the ​dress code and tardy policy​. I support school policy. See your student handbook for details
and consequences.

9. If there is a ​discipline problem​, the procedure is as follows:

● 1​st​ offense: Verbal Warning, Email to parents ● 4​th​ offense: Referral to Administration, Email to
● 2​nd​ offense: Email to parents, Detention served parents to schedule conference regarding
before or after school or during lunch behavior in class
● 3​rd​ offense: Email to parents, Two Detentions
served before or after school or during lunch

12. All ​detentions​ will be served within two days of the offense in the morning before school or directly after school. Parents will
be notified of the detention. No shows will be given double detention time.

13. Students shall not use, display or turn on cellular phones, video phones, or electronic devices during instruction time except
when a teacher uses these devices for instructional purposes. The consequences for inappropriate cell phone use are: 1​st
offense – Saturday School ​; ​2nd​
​ offense – 1 Day of ISS​; ​3rd​
​ offense – 2 Days of ISS.

14. Ms. Alexander will be available for conferences, help, or tutoring Tuesdays and Thursdays from ​7:40 to 8:10 a.m. and 3:30 to
3:50 p.m.​ Please check with your teacher for an appointment time.
Harrison High School 
English Department 
Manuscript Form 
Follow these guidelines for your essays:

1. Formal papers should be typed unless instructed otherwise by the teacher. If the paper is handwritten, it must be
double-spaced (skip every other line), and it must be in blue or black ink on loose leaf paper, not spiral bound.

2. Type/write a heading in the upper left corner of the first page, including your name, your teacher’s name, the name
of the course and period, and the date (military style).

Samuel Student

Ms. Alexander

American Literature, 4th period

7 January 2019

(Space one line before typing your title.)

3. Center and type the title of the paper. Use standard capitalization rules. Space one line between the title and the
body of the paper. Do not underline, bold, italicize or otherwise alter the title.

4. Double-space the body of the paper. (If you must write your paper by hand, skip lines. Do not leave an extra space
between paragraphs.) In Microsoft Word: Go to ​Paragraph​ in the toolbar (or right click and choose ​Paragraph​).
Under ​Indents and Spacing​ go to ​Line Spacing​. Choose “Double” or “2.0.”

5. Use a one inch margin around all edges of paper. In Microsoft Word, this is the default margin setting.

6. For a typed paper, use 12-point Times New Roman font only.

7. For multi-paged papers, number all pages after the first in the ​upper right-hand corner​. Type your name
immediately before the page number with no comma. In Microsoft Word: Go to ​Insert​>​Page Number.​ Choose “Top
of Page” and “Right” or “Plain Number 3.” In the ​Header and Footer​ toolbar, choose “Different First Page.” Go to the
second page of the document and double click on the page number. Type your last name and hit the space-bar once.
Smith 2
8. Write or print on only one side of the paper.

9. Edit your papers carefully. Rules concerning Standard English apply to all assignments.

10. Take pride in the overall appearance of your paper

American Literature: Policies & Procedures Contract 

Student Agreement 

I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the policies & procedures, including the policy on cheating and plagiarism, for 
American Literature & Composition, ​taught by Lauren Alexander at Harrison High School. 

Printed Student Name: _______________________________________Class Period: __________ 

Student's Signature: __________________________________________ 

Student Email Address: _________________________________________________ 

Student Cell Number (not required, but advised): _______________________________ 

Parent Contact Information 

In order to help all students achieve success, an open line of communication between the parent, the teacher, and the student is 
critical. ​I maintain contact with parents via email for important assignments and class activities. All emails will be addressed in 
blind copy to ensure privacy of your contact information. Please list below the name and email addresses you wish to be added 
for class contact: 

____________________________________ _____________________________________ 

(Print Name/Relationship to Student)  (Print Name/Relationship to Student) 


____________________________________ _____________________________________   

(Email/Phone)  (Email/Phone) 

Home Phone Number: __________________________________ 

Parent's/Guardian’s Signature: ________________________________________   

Technology Availability 

This course will often incorporate the use of technology in order to enhance students’ instructional experience. Will 
your student be able to access the Internet from home? 


Parent Agreement  

I have read, understand, and agree that my student will abide by the policies & procedures, including the policy on cheating and 
plagiarism, for​ ​for​ American Literature & Composition, ​taught by Lauren Alexander at Harrison High School. 

____________________________________________________  ____________________ 
(Parent/Guardian Signature) (Date)   

Parallel Readings Acknowledgement & Approval 

Students will read the following anchor texts:​ The Crucible b

​ y Arthur Miller and ​The Great Gatsby​ by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Additional 
selections from our textbook and supplemental texts will be added to this list at the teacher’s discretion. Parent signature 
indicates permission for student to read the assigned parallel readings  

___________________________________________________  ____________________ 

(Parent/Guardian Signature) (Date)   

Sign up for Text Reminders: See information on first page.