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Part One: Reading Comprehension:

Read the following paragraph about a day in Jana’s life, and then
answer the questions that follow.
A Day in Jana’s Life
1. Jana wakes up at 6 in the morning. She washes her face. She gets
dressed. She eats breakfast with Hani at 7. Then, she brushes her teeth.
2. Jana goes to school at 8. She has Lunch at noon. She has dinner at 6.
3. At last, she reads a book at night and goes to sleep.

A. Circle the correct answer:
1. The title is: 2. Jana gets up:
a. A Day in Lama’s Life a. in the morning
b. A Day in Jana’s Life b. at noon
3. She washes her: 4. She reads a book:
a. face a. at noon
b. mouth b. at night
B. Correct the wrong word in each sentence. Use words from the box:

teeth noon 7 6
Sentence correction
1. Jana eats breakfast at 6.
2. She brushes her face.
3. She has dinner at 7.
4. She has lunch at night.
C. Answer the following questions. Use words from the box:

Hani 7 washes noon

1. When does Jana get up?
Jana gets up ____________________________.
2. Who does she eat breakfast with?
She eats breakfast with ___________________.
3. When does she have dinner?
She has dinner at _______________________.
4. What does Jana do first?
She________ her face.
D. Look at the pictures below, and then use words from the box to complete
each sentence :

Wash - get - brush - eat

I ________my teeth. I _______ my face.

I _______ up in the morning. I _________ breakfast.

E. Circle the correct pronoun:

1. Jana gets up in the morning. ( He – she)

2. Hani washes his face. (He – They)
3. Jana reads a book. (It – He)
4. Jana and Hani play at school. (She –They)

Part Two: Writing

Write a sentence to describe each picture. Use words from the box.

Jana face her washes

breakfast Hani his eats

1. Jana ___________________________.

2. Hani ____________________________.