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Workshop Organized by – Halisahar Maati 
Project Guide – Parimal Mistry 
‘’The Source of Eternal Core’’ 

Why Acting Workshop:

The serious need is catalyzing the sensibility, in modern or advance education. To apply
Arts in development of human race more vividly and deeply, it takes the correct view of
the implementation as well as the upliftment of moral socio-economical sense. It is off no
greatness, really, to search and note all the important data from text or library but to apply
or spread. And for this particular reason it is necessary to buildup the total inner
personality of the students as to generate the goodwill of mass movement. And also good
taste, foresight, mutuality, actual work ability, team confidence with a healthy
competitive mind is the way to make a step ahead in their professional and personal life
as well. Parimal Mistry / Halisahar Maati (Organization) is here by, very much under the
pledge to manifest the total inner personality of the students by developing their Spiritual
Sense, minds, separate thoughts, wills and view to work, with the core idea of switching
the sensibility valve on, in the whole Process.

The main vision of Parimal Mistry / Halisahar Maati is to transform the students of Art
and Culture into good professionals. All the streams of this Organization give their
utmost care and patronize the students to flourish their ability and strength in their
specialized medium, of their own and evoke the sensibility within, as well. But first and
foremost to create the potentiality to establish their own entity in the flowing and glowing
stream of Fine Arts with all the purveyance of their needs according to this current time.
But here we would like to remind all the up comings that Money is not the sole scale of
the professionalism, rather the grade of devotion, discipline & respect to the work. Take
all the greats into consideration who have been showing their extreme professionalism
and we get delighted to enjoy their excellence.

Relationship with Five Elements in the Nature

To create relation between five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space
according to under definite conditions.


The practice of Ethics, Discipline, Physical Exercise, Breathing Exercise, Self Sacrifice,
Concentration, Meditation, Absolute Silence to manifest the physical and mental
strength, awareness and to enlighten the whole personality.

Movement Process.

To learn the know-how of Gestures and postures of human being and all the livings as
well ------- Transformation of it into actors acting skill and application to restart an Inner

Voice & Speech.

To expand and develop the tonal quality, clarity and throwing by practicing the exercise
to attain the perfect respiration to fit the actors vocally in different characters to put
distinct impacts.

Acting & Improvisation.

To materialize one’s total sensibility quickly in stage by practicing the aspect of nature
spiritualism and scientific processes ------- to make the channel with ones thoughts of
body and mind, body and breathing, body and vocal sound, body and emotion, breathing
and vocal sound, breathing and emotion, again the total link of physique, mind, breathing,
vocal sound, emotion and thought with all the necessary consciousness and deep
discipline under the perfect conditions.

Acting Practice

The practice and implementation of different Concepts and Ideas of beyond the acting
Space and Time

The division and use of space and distance in stage creates the physical as well as mental
distance or attachment. In stage the body bears the real time and mind, the virtual
one……. To make it happen the connection between these two parallel times…….The
basic knowing sense, feelings, awareness about this space and time

Inner Music and Rhythm

Music sense and its application skills ------- Basics of Music in the Nature, Tempo, Tune,
Tone and Mood of Inner Music and Rhythm.


Development of the foundation of every creation, the core of Art ------- To try, to try hard
verbalize this solely non-verbal one.


Indian Philosophy & Spiritualism is the main basis of this Project. The pragmatic side of the
manifestation of the mind & body of the Actor is “Yoga Shastra” and Spiritualism. The
development of Mind & Body of Actor is possible by practicing these eight parts of ‘Yoga’
under specific condition and this uplift can be applied in acting by skills. So the Art of this
‘Yoga’ and ‘Spiritualism’ have to be explored in the Nature to transform into sense perception
by combining the two, not merely bound into organ-sense.

All that are perceived by sense are the Waves between me and the matter. Matter can never enter
inside the Organ. Some Waves of particular range are only perceived. The compulsory and
sufficient conditions are the basic of selection of the Waves which are to be perceived and which
are not. The Waves which are acceptable are believed materialistically. Image is the entrance, by
which a journey can be done in the world of images. The analysis of images or combination of
images leads to imagination.

We can see neither light nor the matter, but only the composition of light and matter or enlighten
matter. Body cannot be seen, enlighten body or image that can be. Mind is also not be seen. The
mental properties, composited of body and mind can be beheld. So it can be said that for every
life “Image + Properties” = Properties of Figure / Figure of Properties or Character of Image /
Image of Character.

According to conditions now the transformation will depend on its quality. If the internal or
external condition and internal or external sensation remains static then it seems, that the figure
is very same, but as the Time-Space is been changed, the conditions change. As the time is
dynamic, according to natural and social laws, the figure or image of every living body, changes
at every moment.
Nature of Work :

To reach the esteemed goal of this conception, it is divided into three steps ---

1st Step – “Under definite conditions, making relation with all natural
ingredients with one’s own self.”

As the result of these relations, there will be a synthesis of body and special
feelings or images in the mind. This special feeling creates special
transformation which is comparatively different from daily experiences. The
power of this action is real and natural. To create relation between natural
ingredients and person according to conditions is the first step or first change.

2nd Step – “Regeneration of the first transformed feelings and experiences in

specific space, without the natural ingredients, under the same

The synthesized material creates feelings and images in the body of the person
and mind, transformation of the feelings and images into psycho-physical
action or energy by analysis and skill. First step’s action’s energy is real and
natural and the second step’s is ‘psycho-physical’.

3rd Step – “Transformation of the psycho-physical energy into soul-energy by

analysis and skill”.

First steps energy is real and natural, second step’s is psycho-physical and
third step’s is spiritual. This soul energy can be transformed into acting by
synthesis and it is the main motto of this work.
Workshop Date ‐ 01–06–2019 to 15–06–2019 ( 15 Days )


Good Morning Time – 05:00 A.M.

Morning Work  ‐  05 : 45 A.M.  to  9 : 45 A.M.                         4  Hours  
Break ‐ 9 : 45 A.M. to 10 : 30 A.M. 
Lunch Time - 10 : 30 A.M. 11 : 30 A.M.

Break ‐ 11 : 30 A.M. to 12 : 00 Noon 
Day Work ‐  12 : 00 P.M.  to  14 : 00 P.M.                                     2 Hours  
Tea break – 14 : 00 P.M. to 14 : 30 P.M.
Day Work ‐  14 : 30 P.M.  to  17 : 00 P.M.                                 2 ½ Hours 
Break – 17 : 00 P.M. to 17 : 45 P.M.
Dinner Time - 17 : 45 P.M. to 18 : 45 P.M.

Break – 18 : 45 P.M. to 19 : 30 P.M.

Night Work ‐  19 : 30 P.M.  to  22 : 30 P.M / OR Onward.       3  Hours 
Acting Workshop Entry Fees – Rs. 12,000/‐ (Twelve Thousand only) 
[ Including Fooding and Lodging ]    
Contact Us – 09883862497 / 09433505503 
(Note – Necessary 3 copies Passport Photo and ID card (Xerox Copy)

1. Physically Prepare at least 25 Nos. Different Figures & Draw the Figures.

2. Prepare one Speech at least 50 words in your own language.

3. Prepare one Song in your own language.

q¡¢mpql, −cnhå¥ L−m¡e£, −f¡x eheNl, −Sm¡x Ešl 24 flNe¡, −l¢Sx ew - Hp/ Ju¡e Hm/25303


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State Bank of India. Naihati – 1823,
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Workshop Entry Fees – Rs. 12,000/‐ (Twelve Thousand only) 
[ Including Fooding and Lodging ] 

MAATI Parimal Mistry . Halisahar . Deshbandhu Colony . P.O – Nabanagar . Dist. – North 24 Parganas .
Pin – 743 136, Regn. No. S / 1L / 25303 . Contact No. 09433875012 / 09433505503 / 09883862497.
q¡¢mpql, −cnhå¥ L−m¡e£, −f¡x eheNl, −Sm¡x Ešl 24 flNe¡, −l¢Sx ew - Hp/ Ju¡e Hm/25303

Application Form 
1st June to 15th June, 2019 (15 days) 
Applicant’s Name  ‐‐‐‐‐                                                 
Mother’s Name  ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐                                                                      
  Passport Photo 
Father’s Name  ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐                                                                 With 
  Self Signature 
Date of Birth ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ 
Age  ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ 
Address ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ 
Contact Number  ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ 
Qualification ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ 
Extra Qualification ‐‐‐‐‐  
   Theatre,       Dance,        Music,         Recitation,     Painting,     Instrument,      Others. 

Physical Problem ‐‐‐‐‐     Yes  /      No .    Description of Physical Problem  ‐‐‐__________________        

I,  Sri/Smt  _______________________  declare  that,  I/We,  is  going  to  participate  the  15  days  full 
residential  acting  workshop  in  the  nature‐2019,  organized  by  Halisahar  Maati,  Halisahar, 
Deshbandhu Colony, P.O. – Nabanagar, Dist. – North 24 Parganas, Pin‐ 743136, West Bengal.  
I/We  declare  that  I/We  shall  be  sole  responsible  for  my/our  own  safety  and  liability  against  any 
unexpected incident occurred during the full period of the workshop. 

President Signature                                                      Applicant’s Signature 

MAATI Parimal Mistry . Halisahar . Deshbandhu Colony. P.O – Nabanagar . Dist. – North 24 Parganas. Pin – 743136,
Regn. No. S / 1L / 25303 . Contact No. 09433875012 / 09433505503 / –