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Life Coaching Industry in Vietnam

Marketing study case : Better Living

Developed by Adela Yadallee

8th august 2013

Better living: the company overview

 Estabished in April 2012, BetterLiving is a Vietnamese company

specialize in life & business coaching.

 Business services offered:

 Coaching :
 Coaching individuals
 Coaching team
 Coaching packages:
+ Career for you
+ Life Check-up

 Training:
 Life (12 classes)
 Successful Living
 Live enjoy

 BetterLiving operates in Vietnam

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Better living: the company overview
• Be the leader in the process
of helping people to live
happy, successful lives and
enjoy each precious day.

Mission Value
• A tailored services to each • Highly experienced team
client in order to help them • Continuous improvement
to build the best ago for a • Customer well-being
better life

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Market Analysis

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Macro Analysis : PEST Analysis

• Threats • Threats
• Less autonomy control for any • Economic downturn
organization. • Corruption
• Influence of cultural and information • Lower-middle disposal income, weak
currency exchange rates & high inflation rates
• Opportunities
• Opportunities • Booming of the services sector. Life coaching
• Fast growing market services is new and nearly inexistent
• Political stability • Expected GDP growth rate to 2011 - 2020
period, averaging 7-8 % per annum

Political Economic
Sources: KPMG Vietnam Market entry report
The World Bank

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Macro Analysis : PEST Analysis

• Threats • Threats
• New industry • Move towards more automation vs.
• Estimating demand for life coaching services personalization in service
is difficult • Internet: Price Transparency

• Opportunities • Opportunities
• Young, educated and motivated population • Social Media Marketing
(57% of the population is above 30 years old) • Vietnam is ranked as the 7th country in Asia
• Perception of the Face saving in society with high proportional internet users.
• Increase in consumer demands for goods,
services and travel.

Socio-cultural Technological

Sources: Cimigo Vietnam

Market Publisher

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Life coaching: Industry Analysis
 Since 2007, there is more than 30 000 coaches working worldwide.

 The coaching market continues to grow. The number of executive coaches has tended to double

 The rapidly growing number of working coaches can be explain by the fact that there's not a lot of turnover
in the industry. A full 85% of coaches indicate that they intend to stay in this field for at least a decade

 Most coaches indicate that it takes time to build up a client list large and reliable enough to generate a solid

 Coaching is a business with a lot of niche areas. Some of the fastest growing niches in coaching at the
moment include
 executive coaching, which has seen a 19% increase since last year,
 leadership coaching with an 18% increase
 life vision and enhancement coaches with a 16% increase.

 The coaching industry is tending towards clients who want help managing not just their businesses, but
their overall lifestyles.

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Life coaching market: Segmentation

Demographic Psychographic

 Age : from 12 and more  Lifestyle: looking and feeling happy

 Gender: Men & Women and life & a better quality of life
company (BtoB)  Social Status: middle to upper
 Income: CSP+, executive, HNWI, middle class individual
UHNWI  Values: Is seeking to provide their
 Life cycle-stage: Family with two children with assistance; for
children advanced career counseling
 Living: Urban population living in
biggest cities & capital

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Industry Analysis: Competitors Analysis
 TGM Value:
 belief that "every person born in her good values ​and great potential,“
 aspiration "to make a difference for the Vietnamese and the country”
 ambition "because 1 million people Vietnam more happiness and success ",

 TGM strives to bring social development of training itself was a

breakthrough and differentiation, as well as personal development
titles phenomenal and meaning.

 Strength:
 Easy navigation on the website,
 many products
 Weakness:
 more focus on children and teenager

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Industry Analysis: Competitors Analysis
 Hon Viet Value:
 To understand yourself and help increase inner strength, for “creating the soul of
your business”

 Give an effective solutions to the human resources, minimize brain

drain in the trend of economic integration knowledge.
 Training programs with trained psychological professional

 Strength:
 focus on individual in their private life and professional life
 Good brand portfolio
 English section
 Weakness:
 not attractive website
 Weak image

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Industry Analysis: Competitors Analysis
 Leader mindset value:
 provide a global vision system, with a clear mandate, a "first" match including conscious and

 Teaching "Practical training - according to consultant companion

International standard "design program based on the model MTC - Result
® with a completely new approach based on NLP & Hypnosis techniques
(Neuron Linguistic Programming - Programming languages ​thinking)
combined toolkit Coaching standards of the world Association of Coaching

 Strength:
 Good brand portfolio
 Member of Group Training & Consulting Deployment PION TOP (TOP PION Group)
 More qualified and experienced
 Weakness:
 Put an english section that is not working on the website

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Industry Analysis: Mapping

Low High
13 Experienced
Developed by Adela Yadallee
based on the online content and website
Industry Analysis: Key success factor

What do customers want? How does the firm survive

• Superior Customer Service competition?
• Value Proposition • Brand Visibility
• Reliability • Location
• Delivering of Promise • Unique product offer and
• Experience dedicated experiment team


• Strong Culture & Management
• Unique Niche Service
• Location
• Servce Innovation
• Operational Efficiency

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SWOT Analysis
•Niches industry •New in the Industry (1
•Professional dedicated years activity)
team • Not enough staff
• A psychological • Weak communication
practionner strategy
• Variety of product
•Online presence

Strenght Weakness

Opportunities Threats
•Lower-middle disposal
income, weak currency
•Fast growing market and industry
exchange rates & high
•Young, educated and motivated inflation rates
•Perception of the Face saving in •Competitive market
• Influence of cultural and
•Increase in consumer demands for information Ministry
goods, services and travel.

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Marketing solutions

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