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APRIL 2007

International Newsletter

Days of


In the heart of the holy city of Rome, a Jesus Youth prayer group has set out on a prayer marathon that
includes a series of reflections on the psalms, the prophets, Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the early
Christians and saints of today. At the other end of the world, in USA, Jesus Youth groups have detailed
a plan of spiritual renewal whereby they commit themselves to pray for specific intentions, and to take
up sacrifices like fasting and setting aside comforts. In India, Jesus Youth of Gujarat have chosen a
special theme to focus on for each of the hundred days - day of reconciliation, day of fellowship, divine
mercy chaplet day and the like. These are just samples of a prayer drive that is lighting up Jesus Youth
groups around the world during the Lenten season.

A time of grace! That is how I see the ‘100 days of revival’ in our movement. No one
dreamed of it or planned for it – it just seems to have evolved on its own, and in
every step we have been experiencing the hand of God.
As all of us Jesus Youth from across the world join hands to recommit our lives to
Jesus on Pentecost day this year, I would like to relate the inspiring encounters I
recently had with two very committed Catholics. One of them made his commitment
years ago, while the other did so just lately. My encounter with them challenged
me and made me review my own commitment to the Lord.
The fag end of January found me in Nagpur for the JY National Leaders’ Gathering
and the Rexband programme. Archbishop Abraham Viruthikulangara of Nagpur warmly welcomed us to his
house. He had made meticulous arrangements to make our stay most comfortable. I have been closely
acquainted with His Grace for a long time. He is known widely for his humility, approachability and
readiness for service. We could see his touch everywhere – from the programme hall to the kitchen. The
Rexband concert was on a Saturday evening and we ministered to a group of around 5000 people. Since
most of the band members were travelling home right after the programme on a Sunday, one of us asked
about the possibility of celebrating Mass after the show. Archbishop Abraham overheard this and offered to
celebrate Mass for us at two in the morning. Knowing how fatigued he was, we tried our best to dissuade
him particularly as we had several priests there at the conference who we knew would be most ready to
oblige. However, he was insistent, and we were gifted a most beautiful experience that night. As we
groggily entered the chapel at 2 a.m., His Grace, as sprightly as if he’d just woken up from a good night’s
rest, greeted us and offered Holy Mass. When it was over, he said, “Your commitment and love for the
Church and the Eucharist has inspired and touched me and I wanted to tell you how much I love you. Being
a priest and a bishop, I thought the best way of showing my love would be to celebrate Mass for you!”
CULTIVATE YOUR TALENTS, NOT Archbishop Abraham’s words and every gesture of his prompted by love and a strong commitment were awe
ONLY TO OBTAIN A SOCIAL inspiring, leaving us to wonder, as the popular Malayalam hymn puts it: How much one needs to grow to
POSITION, BUT ALSO TO HELP become so humble; for such love to flow…
My second encounter was with Eduardo Verastegui, a young Mexican actor, and one of the most handsome
men I’ve ever met. He had gone to the US to try his luck in Hollywood and had made a name for himself
ORDER TO BECOME MORE there, when he had a powerful conversion experience through his Catholic English tuition teacher. He broke
“COMPETITIVE” AND a contract he’d signed with one of the most prestigious production companies and committed his life to
“PRODUCTIVE”, BUT ALSO TO BE Jesus instead. He went on to make a pro-life film, ‘Bella’, that is to be released by the end of this year and
“WITNESSES OF CHARITY”. IN has already won the Toronto Film Festival Award. I met Eduardo in Dallas in the first week of February during
ADDITION TO YOUR a conference organised by a Catholic organisation called New Evangelisation America (NEA). He shared an
PROFESSIONAL TRAINING, ALSO astounding testimony of how he had swapped celebrity, stardom, fame and fans for Jesus saying that
MAKE AN EFFORT TO ACQUIRE nothing could replace the love and joy he has been experiencing since he made his commitment. He
testified that the sacraments, prayer and a new found friendship with committed believers were what
helped him sustain this new life. He also related how ‘Bella’ had already started making a difference in
WILL HELP YOU TO CARRY OUT people’s lives – from the actors to the crew to unborn babies!
RESPONSIBLE WAY… MAY THE Such daring and commitment seem difficult to emulate. Certainly, it is not easy to go against the tide -
HOLY SPIRIT MAKE YOU the risks are high and challenges abound. However, if our lives are different in Jesus, we can do the
impossible. For a deep and personal relationship with Jesus alone can enable us to make a strong
commitment and live out our call as Jesus Youth.
COMMITMENTS, AND BRAVE IN It is the prayer of my heart during this time of preparation and revival, that we may receive and treasure
YOUR INITIATIVES…” all the graces needed to live our lives differently and so make a difference in the lives of others.


Jesus Youth International Co-ordinator
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Days of Grace

Praying for the movement

In many countries, local Jesus Youth groups
have organized special get-togethers,
reflections and family gatherings where the
true spirit of the movement in all its
informality and togetherness is kindled
afresh. For many groups this is also a time of
revisiting the pillars of the movement ( Daily
Prayer, Word of God, Sacraments, Fellowship,
Service and Evangelisation) and
understanding the call of the movement in a
deeper way. Almost all the groups have set
aside days that involve special prayers for the
leaders, the ministries and other Jesus Youth
WHAT STARTED AS A What are these 100 days about? groups around the world. But more
Jesus Youth, though still a movement in its youth, significantly, there is a thirst to pray and seek
LENTEN EXERCISE HAS has today spread out to over twenty two countries the Lord’s directions and reflect on their
around the world. The call and ministries of the
NOW GROWN INTO A movement are still in the process of being defined
personal role in the mission of the movement.

100-DAY GLOBAL and crystallized. At this point, across groups, Drawing closer to the Church
many felt an inner prompting of the Holy Spirit for The very description of the Jesus Youth
PREPARATORY DRIVE an intense time of prayer and purification for the movement ‘A missionary movement at the
movement. In fact the Jesus Youth International service of the Church’ clearly proclaims that
THAT WILL LEAD TO A Team had decided to begin a journey towards a the movement is only relevant in the context
RECOMMITMENT recommitment of the movement. C. C. Joseph,
together with Navin Bruce and the Jesus Youth
of the Church. These 100 days, with special
intercessions for the intentions of the Holy
PLEDGE ON PENTECOST groups of Bangalore in India came up with the Father and prayers for the leaders of the
unique format of a 100-day spiritual journey which
DAY... THE ENTIRE would culminate in a recommitment day that will
Church, are definitely a time for deepening
this love for the Church. In fact, as Navin
PHASE HAS THREE be celebrated by Jesus Youth around the globe.
Thus what started as a Lenten exercise has now
sees it, this entire exercise has two clear
objectives: “A recommitment of individuals to
DISTINCT THRUSTS - grown into a 100-day global preparatory drive that Jesus and to the call of the movement, as
will lead to a recommitment pledge on Pentecost
PURIFYING ONESELF, Day. “The very coming together of an entire
also a recommitment of the entire movement
to the mission of the Church.”
PRAYING FOR THE movement for prayer and sacrifice is in itself a
powerful experience,” says C.C. Joseph. According Investing in Prayer
MOVEMENT AND to him, the entire phase has three distinct thrusts At a time when the Jesus Youth movement is
- purifying oneself, praying for the movement and preparing for its first international series of
DRAWING CLOSER TO drawing closer to the Church. Conferences in Thailand, Israel, UK, India,
THE CHURCH. Purifying oneself
USA and Australia, many Jesus Youth leaders
view this as a smart investment in prayer,
In conformity with the Church’s call for self purification and worship that will yield
purification during this time of Lent, Jesus Youth are exciting returns of grace in the years to
encouraged to make acts of contrition, weekly come. Jesus Youth has always used the
confessions, acts of suffering and abstain from ministry of intercession as its powerhouse to
personal comforts. In typical Jesus Youth style, propel the diverse ministries of the
groups have responded by working out exercises, movement. Let us pray that this phase will
dividing it among themselves, encouraging and prepare our movement to joyfully respond to
supporting one another to make a commitment the Holy Father’s exhortation: “...testify to
during this season of repentance. For many, it is your faithful love for Jesus by proclaiming
paradoxically a ‘celebration of Lent’, very like the his Gospel, especially among young people
Pope’s call, “ …joyfully abstain from some of your
of your age”.
entertainments; cheerfully accept the necessary
sacrifices...” in his World Youth Day 2007 address to SHELTON PINHEIRO, India
the youth of the world.
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Q. Could you tell me something about yourself?
A: My wife Carmel and I were both baptized in the Holy Spirit
at the beginning of 1978. We began attending prayer
meetings regularly, and in 1981 I became one of the
Melbourne co-ordinators. In 1983 I was elected the Chairman
of the co-ordinators. In 1985 I became the Director of the
Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Archdiocese and from
then on I have been working full time for the Renewal. In 1989
I was elected as the Chairman of the National Service
Committee in Australia, and I still hold that position. In 1990
I was elected to the International Catholic Charismatic
Services (ICCRS) in Rome representing Oceania, and in 2000 I
was elected as President of ICCRS, and this year will complete
my second term of 3 years. In 2002, I was appointed by Pope
John Paul II to the Pontifical Council for the Laity. I have been
a member of the PCL for the past five years, which has been a
powerful experience for me. Carmel and I have 5 children, all
grown up and married. We have 18 grand children.
Q. Could you speak of your first experience of the
Charismatic Renewal, your experience of Baptism in the
Holy Spirit, and how it changed you?
A: I had been 27 years in business, in the frozen food
industry. I was trained in management skills, and so when I
came to the Renewal in 1978 I was skilled in directing and
telling people to do this and to do that. Because of my
position as General Manager of Operations for a big
multinational company in Australia, I was expecting to get
things done my way. Then I was baptized in the Holy Spirit!
I should say that I have always been a strong Catholic, and for
most of my life I have been a daily communicant, and have a
great love for my Catholic faith. So when I was baptized in the
Holy Spirit, I found a whole new dimension beginning in my
life. I now came into a closer relationship with Jesus.
Previously I knew a lot about the Church, about the rules of
the Church and God’s commandments. But I never really knew
Jesus in an individual encounter. After I was baptized in the
Holy Spirit I had a dream one night, and I heard these words
from St Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians in chapter 12,
where he writes ‘when I am weak then I am strong’. It made me
think about my own life and how I was used to
having people do what I told them. So now I Q. Could you talk about modern day
began to discover in my life that real power challenges and how a renewed person
was not the power I exercised through my faces them?
position or anything else, but only in knowing A: Challenges of the day I suppose vary from
Jesus and allowing Him to work through me. place to place. During my visit to Romania, I
Therefore I found that I needed to change my was witness to the tremendous faith of the
ways in order to accommodate this new people in spite of their history of suffering as a
dimension of my faith. I think that all of those country. I was also in South America and many
years I had spent in management were really parts of the continent still remain poor. But
just a preparation for what God has called me the faith of the people was exceptional and
to do during these last 25 years in the the Renewal was very strong in Latin America.
Renewal. Now when I look back, I see I have I am sure that it’s the same with India
changed in so many ways. My whole thrust in although I have never visited your country.
the Renewal through the various roles which I Last week I was in Jakarta, a country ravaged
have had is now to bring people into a deeper by the recent floods. We were there to
and more personal relationship with Jesus, establish the Asia Oceania sub-committee for
which comes through the Baptism of the Holy the ICCRS, and I was a mute witness to the
Spirit. No matter how many gifts we might sufferings of over 400 thousand people
have, even if we have the power to raise people displaced because of the floods. In
from the dead, unless we have a deep comparison, countries like Australia and to
relationship with Jesus I don’t think that they some extent the westernised countries have a
count for anything. THE CHARISMATIC situation of affluence. Many people own two
I had an experience just after I started working RENEWAL MUST cars and nobody goes hungry. Affluence can
make us forget God. People often have the
fulltime for the Renewal. I used to go into a
little Chapel close to my home and pray before
NEVER LOSE ITS attitude,” I am a Catholic, I know God is there
but I don’t need to go to Mass right now
the Blessed Sacrament. I regularly prayed for PROPHETIC EDGE, because I have this to do and that to do”. I
two gifts - for the gift of wisdom, so that what
I said was not from me but through the Holy AND WE EXERCISE think that somehow our reliance on God can
be overcome by our reliance on the things of
Spirit speaking through me, and for the gift of
humility, for I believe that unless we have a
THAT BEST BY the world.
humble heart like Jesus on the Cross, we SHARING FROM OUR For the Charismatic Renewal, a real danger is
cannot expect to touch the lives of other that it doesn’t become too comfortable. Only a
people. One evening I was alone in the Chapel KNOWLEDGE OF THE positive attitude can help us to focus on
and as I was praying to the Lord for these
gifts, I really had an experience of the Lord
SCRIPTURES, AND BY God’s providence. We in the Renewal need to
be aware that God gives us gifts not just for
speaking to me. He said “Allan, do not ask me OUR OWN ourselves but for the whole world. Charismatic
for those gifts, ask me rather that I would draw Renewal as a world wide movement needs to
you daily into a deeper relationship with me, RELATIONSHIP WITH remain aware of the position of other people
and then I will give you the gifts that you
need.” This changed my life. From then on my
JESUS. TRUE who have less. Also that leaders of the
Renewal should never be judgemental of
constant prayer has been for a deeper EVANGELISM IS people who have lost their way. Therefore one
relationship with Jesus. of the greatest challenges of Charismatic
Q. What is it that helped you to deepen
BEING ABLE TO Renewal is to remain in constant reliance on
your faith and to grow in your walk with SHARE WITH OTHERS God’s providence. The second challenge of the
Charismatic Renewal is that we must always
Jesus in the Holy Spirit?
A: Well I think that all of us are called to walk
OUR WITNESS OF find time for our own personal spirituality
through prayer. We should remain faithful to
what I like to call the journey of faith. As I’ve
continued in the Renewal God has opened
‘WHAT JESUS HAS our commitment, for we in the Renewal should
many doors for me, and I have found that He DONE IN MY LIFE’. be constantly seeking God’s will in everything
that we do. In a real way we are calling people
calls on me as He does on all of us, to to a life of faith, and in the process we should
continuously ask for the gift of faith. Even take care not to lose our own focus. Thirdly the
though we don’t know the outcome we will Renewal exists - as the Church does - to
know that God’s hand is always there. For evangelize. We sometimes become very
instance, in the 90’s, the doctors discovered fully fit again. But within 6 weeks I was
comfortable within our own prayer groups and
that I had a diseased aortic valve in my heart totally recovered, and it was not long after
we often do not reach out. But we should
and they said that sooner or later they would that when God opened the door for me to
realize that the strength of the Renewal is in
have to operate. As I was actively involved in become the President of the International
our ability to constantly touch people and
the ICCRS Council, I had to do a lot of Renewal, and so here I am travelling all over
share our experience of Jesus with them. The
travelling both in Australia and abroad. The the world. I tell people if you want to see a
Charismatic Renewal must never lose its
condition of my heart made it difficult for me living miracle of God’s power, that’s me! Very
prophetic edge, and we exercise that best by
to travel, and by the end of 1996, the doctors often we find things difficult, nevertheless my
sharing from our knowledge of the Scriptures,
said that they must operate immediately. On favourite passage of scripture says, “Nothing
and by our own relationship with Jesus. True
17th February 1997 they operated on me and is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37).
evangelism is being able to share with others
removed the aortic valve and replaced it with a Throughout my journey of faith, I’ve found
our witness of ‘what Jesus has done in my
mechanical valve. This meant that I have to be that the deepening of faith is the greatest
life’. They may not like it or even believe it,
on the anti-coagulant drug Warfarin for the blessing of the Holy Spirit. It is a great gift to
but it remains my testimony, and through the
rest of my life. I thought that this would be able to say to people, “I understand how
power of the Holy Spirit it can have a positive
probably be the point at which I would have to you feel, I understand what you are going
effect in another person’s life.
give up most of my work, and they told me through, but I can tell you from my own
that it would be 6 months before I would be experience about the power of God.” (To be continued.)


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For several years, my sisters and I were separated from each other because we went to JY EUROPE LEADERS’ GATHERING
colleges that are located in different countries; we rarely saw each other. In addition, our
intense workload and different schedules impeded our communication. I believed
though that the power of prayer is not limited to distance. To this day, I know that it is
because we prayed with a genuine heart for each other that we steadily grew closer in
love and continue to do so today. Similarly, there evolved a dream for Jesus Youth the
world over to come together in prayer despite borders. The JY International Team took the
initiative for this first global effort to unite all the Jesus Youth in prayer and so was born
this dream titled “100 days of preparation and recommitment” spanning the 50 days
before and after Easter and ending with a celebration of the recommitment day on
The 50 days of Lent - 21st February to 8th April 2007 - are allotted for personal
purification. The Lord calls for self-denial and purification through the fire of His
love. Jesus Youth the world over are preparing themselves as respective service
teams provide scriptural reflections and spiritual exercises. These reflections are The first ever Jesus Youth Europe Leaders’ Gathering took
disseminated diversely in different places: at weekly prayer meetings, through daily place at Fransiscuz House in Dullikan, a small town
emails, or even weekly at the local parishes. It is hoped that at the end of these 50 adjacent to Zurich in Switzerland from 2nd to 4th March
days, a natural thirst to share this renewed self would start to manifest itself. The 2007. Twenty seven leaders from six EU countries - Italy,
next 50 days starting from Easter Sunday - 8th April to 27th May 2007 - are set apart Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and UK came
to pray for the purification of the Jesus Youth movement. These days leading to together along with Manoj Sunny. The sessions during
Pentecost are an occasion to re-examine whether we have, through this movement, the gathering were focused on ministry building, the
made the best use of our time, talent and treasures for our neighbour, or in other growth of ministries in each region, JY Road Map 2007
words, the Church. We are asked to completely surrender all our activities and and implementation in each country, etc. One of the key
ministries to the Lord so that He may bless them. It is also an opportunity to spend objectives of this leaders’ gathering was to discuss and
time in prayer with other JY especially those with whom we may have lost touch. consolidate plans for the forthcoming European
Jesus Youth are urged to mend relationships within our fellowship groups. It is Conference to be held from 7th to 11th September 2007 at
encouraging to see the creative ways in which our brothers and sisters across the Mid Wales, UK. Fr. Joshy Mayattil (Italy), Fr. Soni
world are going about this preparation. For instance, the service team of Rome has Palathara (Ireland) and Fr. George Kuzhipally (Austria)
prepared a twelve-page booklet with daily prayer and reflections and special prayers were present throughout the days and helped the group
for Rome and for the Pope. Similarly some areas and countries have prepared in prayer and reflection. The days in Dullikan also
materials and power point presentations with various intentions and prayers, while
witnessed the arrival of the youngest member into the JY
others plan to join together in daily devotions such as adoration.
global family – Austria. Both Fr. George and Roy
As the days toward Pentecost draw near, Jesus Youth around the world will unite in Vellukunnel from Austria spoke about the great scope for
praying the 9 days of Novena before Pentecost inviting the Holy Spirit. And finally on JY Ministry among the young people of Austria. On 4th
27th May - the 100th day - everyone celebrates being a Jesus Youth! On this beautiful, March 2007, JY Switzerland organised a one-day follow up
joy filled occasion Jesus Youth will recommit themselves to the Lord in a united effort programme at the same venue for the youth who had
across the globe through anointing prayer and rejoicing. May these 100 days of praying attended the initial youth retreat in September 2006.
together serve to draw us close as one family – as it did for my sisters and me - bonding Thirty five youth attended this programme and they have
us in the love that flows from God! decided to gather at three different venues for prayer
PRINCY VARUGHESE, USA fellowship in the coming days.
JOSE MATHEW, JY Europe Co-ordinator


Father God, I praise, thank and adore you for your gift of life and love. My heart
fills with gratitude as I remember my past. I joyfully accept my present life and
look to the future with hope. I thank you that I am your child. Thank you Father
for the love and care that I experience through the beautiful fellowship of my
brothers and sisters in the Jesus Youth movement.
Lord Jesus, I desire to commit myself to you once again. I renounce all the powers
of darkness and accept you as the Lord and Saviour of my life. O Risen Lord, I thank
you for helping me through the Jesus Youth movement to place myself and
everything I have at your service. I surrender my life completely to you. Jesus, you
are all I need. Heal my past, bless my present and take control of my future.
Holy Spirit, I thank you for your guidance in every moment of my life. Thank you,
O divine Helper, for your constant presence within me. Intensify my thirst for you.
May I have a deep personal relationship with you. Help me on this day of
Pentecost to seek the Kingdom of God with greater eagerness and dedication. Key leaders from UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain
Bless me with all your gifts, fruits and charisms so that I may grow steadily in along with the ME Conference team participated in the
holiness and effectively live out my missionary call. Middle East Leaders’ Meeting conducted on 23rd March
2007 at Sharjah. Manoj Sunny was also present. The
Holy Trinity one God, I recommit myself to you, together with all the Jesus Youth of meeting was aimed at evaluating the JY activities in each
the world. Look with favour on our movement Lord. Guide us in our endeavours and country and identifying the key challenges in each area. A
protect us from all the snares of the enemy. Help us to use all the resources you special session was conducted focusing on the JY Middle
have blessed us with for the growth of Your Kingdom and the greater glory of your East Conference which will be held in Holy Land, Jerusalem
name. Pour out your blessings on our Jesus Youth family and on all the people who from 26th July to 3rd August 2007. Teams have already been
support us in various ways. Grant that through the prayers of Mary, our Mother, we formed to handle different ministries for the ME conference
may always be a missionary movement at the service of the Church. Amen. and are proceeding with their assigned tasks. The team
that visited Holy Land to plan the pilgrimage presented a
detailed report during the meeting.
JUTTAS PAUL, JY Middle East Co-ordinator
CROSS QUESTIONS prayer and ministry help me to take decisions. I make it a point to open my
Six questions on living the faith in a global corporate world home to other corporate executives once a month. This provides an
opportunity to share the love of Jesus on a family to family level. One of the
things that raises eyebrows frequently is the manner in which we are open
1. The full-time volunteers’ ministry is one of the most powerful to having more children and the way in which we respect our children.
ministries of Jesus Youth today. As one of the early Jesus Youth
leaders behind this initiative, can you tell us what your inspiration 5. In a world where individual freedom and careers are paramount, you
was? have currently taken time off to look after your children while your wife
My initial experience in the Charismatic renewal for four years made me pursues her studies. Wasn’t that a difficult decision?
realize that there was something missing in our evangelization model
My wife is a corporate lawyer and it was a challenge to manage life when we
vis-à-vis that of Jesus. My prayer group was not growing even after
were both working. However Jesus gave us the strength to build a strong
several retreats, conventions and rallies. Although after every retreat, the
family with three children. As our call, both of us believe that the corporate
numbers in the group used to swell from 20 to 100 people, in a matter of
world is our vineyard and we need to bear witness here. Yet recently I took a
two weeks or so it would go back to 20. So I turned to the model through
sabbatical to support my wife in taking care of our children while she does
which Jesus got the first 12 disciples and then the next 72 and during
her Masters. My temporary role shift from Mr. CEO to Mr. Mom created major
the past 2000 years a staggering 1 billion.
ripples in my business circles where such a situation is unheard of.
My next concern was how a young person could identify his call to mission I take this opportunity when I am at home for a short time to form my
if he did not have an opportunity to experience God in the prime of his children through discipline and holiness for their future growth in the Lord.
youth. This led us to conceive and launch a project where young graduates This also bears witness to the fact that sanctity and happiness are to be
with a radical approach typical of their age are trained as disciples and valued above everything else. What is paramount now is being there for my
challenged to work as missionaries for one year. I also wanted to give the wife and children and there is no substitute for this.
Lord a tenth of everything I had or did. I discerned that the Lord wanted
me to give a tenth of my time and energy in the prime of my youth (I was
21 then) for HIS ministry.
2. Did being a Jesus Youth as a student influence your choice of
career in any way?
Yes, it did in every way. I had always wanted a career that was people-
intensive as this is a most effective platform to introduce Christ to others.
My first job was to sell computers. It was exciting – meeting new customers,
travelling to new towns, mapping new markets and achieving targets. Thus I
recognized my interest for business. But selling a machine was not really
fulfilling as the interaction was always focused on a product. I was looking
for a career that permitted me to be involved with people in a more intense
and personal manner.
It was during this search that I found an interesting career in Executive
Search (head hunting, recruitment, staffing and the like). I immediately
took to this career and soon joined a leading organisation called Ma Foi.
3. As a global corporate executive, what do you think is the relevance
of sacrifice, love, understanding and forgiveness in today’s ruthlessly
efficient corporate world?
Over the years I have recruited hundreds of professionals for small as well
as large Fortune 500 companies. These include CEO’s, Directors, Managers,
Engineers and Sales Executives across various industries and countries.
6. As a senior Jesus Youth leader and as an elder brother, what
Initially I was caught up in the corporate wave and was like anyone else -
advice would you give young Jesus Youth who are in the corporate
ruthless and competitive. Pretty soon I realized that this was not my
purpose and that this approach would not take me far. I discovered that in
As Jesus says, a light is not to be kept under a bushel; it is to be shone
the corporate world, the ability to form genuine relationships is crucial as it
from a hilltop. So let us use our talents to the best and then say: ‘I am a
is people who always make the difference.
humble servant, all that I have achieved would mean nothing if it were not
So I started placing total trust in my people and giving them the best. for my Lord who leads me on”.
This meant patience, sacrifices in mentoring, forgiving and subduing my
Recently I joined a group called Legatus, which has adopted the words of
ego. This also meant grooming my subordinates by empowering them and
Pope John Paul II as their mission: “The world needs genuine witnesses to
giving them the best to motivate them - something very rare in the
Christian ethics in the field of business, and the Church asks you to
corporate world today, which centres on the survival of the fittest and
fulfill this role publicly and with perseverance.”
where leaders have no concerns other than achieving their targets and
reaching new heights. It is tough to survive as a Christian amidst all the mad rush and
competition of today. So more than ever, we need Jesus to be living with
4. You work among jet setting professionals who are used to having
us every moment of our lives. Rather than back out, we need to perfect
nothing less than the best. How do you bear witness to your faith
the edges of our swords on the sharpening stones of deep spirituality and
among them?
active witnessing. We must give our best and be at our best to contribute
My lifestyle has been based on the six pillars of the Jesus Youth. For to society without letting the world ensnare us.
instance, I go for daily Mass wherever I am. I travel very frequently for
business reasons and it is daily Mass that gives me the strength to stay
on track and excel consistently in such stressful situations. It is not easy
to find churches in cities like, Jakarta, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and A visionary who pioneered the JY Full time
Shanghai. But, by the grace of God, I have been able to locate one every Volunteers’ Project, Santhosh is currently
time. It is the grace that I receive from the power house (altar) which gives a member of the JY International Team
me the ability to offer meaningful solutions in my work that my clients and and CEO of the world’s third largest HR
colleagues always take note of. So too, my weekly confessions, family consultancy. He lives in Chicago with his wife
Bijie and three children - Maria, Liz and Joseph.


CONTINENTAL I give you a new commandment: love one another;
CONFERENCE 2007 you must love one another just as I have loved you.
Jn. 13:34


CONFERENCES In his message to the youth of the world on the occasion of the 22nd World Youth Day, Pope Benedict
XVI dares young people to love. “Do not desire anything less for your life than a love that is strong and

INSPIRED BY beautiful and that is capable of making the whole of your existence a joyful undertaking of giving
yourselves as a gift to God and your brothers and sisters...” The message is crystal clear - he exposes

THE CALL TO the futility and selfishness in today’s world that masquerades as love and sets the love of Jesus on
Calvary as our standard.

LOVE The first ever series of Jesus Youth International Conferences is inspired by this clarion call of the
Church. The very heart of Jesus Youth culture centres around a personal experience of the love of
Jesus which is shared joyfully in everyday situations. These conferences are expected to be venues
where the call to love is understood in a deeper way. They are designed to be platforms where Jesus
Youth from around the world draw
deeper insights and share inspiring
experiences of this love at work.

Conferences modelled on the

source of love.
In his message, Pope Benedict goes
on to speak of the source of true love.
“There is only one source, and that is
God. Saint John makes this clear when
he declares that “God is love”... Here
we find ourselves before the most
dazzling revelation of the source of
love between the persons of the
Father and the Son, and this love is
not an energy or a sentiment, but it is
a person; it is the Holy Spirit.”

Inspired by this “dazzling mystery”,

the entire structure of the Jesus Youth
International Conferences revolves
around the source and model of true
love - the Trinity. The four key themes
( Called to be Loved , Response to
God’s Love, Commission to Love,
Overflowing with Love) that run
across the three-day formats are
inextricably linked with understanding
the call of the Father, responding to
the love of Jesus and living in the Holy
Spirit. Thus the conferences present a
roadmap for a deeper journey into the
heart of God.
Conferences that go beyond borders love beyond borders
To a world that’s searching for a JESUS YOUTH
magic word that will heal the hatred, SOUTH EAST ASIA
the divisions and the alienation, Pope THE QUEST FOR A LOGO CONFERENCE
28 April - 01 May 2007
Benedict presents a radical cure. Bangkok, Thailand
“Love is the only force capable of “The real novelty of the New Testament lies not
changing the heart of the human so much in new ideas as in the figure of Christ JESUS YOUTH
person and of all humanity, by himself, who gives flesh and blood to those CONFERENCE
making fruitful the relations between concepts - an unprecedented realism.” - Deus 26 July - 3 August 2007
men and women, between rich and caritas est Holy Land, Jerusalem
poor, between cultures and JESUS YOUTH
civilisations”. Representing the love of Jesus in any media is EUROPEAN
not an easy task. A host of Jesus Youth CONFERENCE
This universality of true love will be designers had worked and sent in their entries 7- 11 September 2007
for the logo that would graphically define this Mid Wales, UK
reflected in these conferences to be
held in Bangkok in Thailand, series of conferences. Out of the many good JESUS YOUTH
Jerusalem in the Middle East, Wales ones, the one above was chosen for its SOUTH ASIA
in England, Illinois in USA, Kerala in simplicity and the strength of an idea using the CONFERENCE
most obvious image. The combination of the 27- 30 December 2007
India and Melbourne in Australia. Kerala, India
Though different in languages, cross and the outstretched arms of Jesus,
cultures and nationalities, every becomes a striking metaphor for the conference JESUS YOUTH
theme ‘love beyond borders’. NORTH AMERICA
participant in these conferences CONFERENCE
around the world will stay united in 30 Dec ‘07 - 2 Jan ‘08
their desire to follow Jesus and his The logo was designed by Deekshit Daniel Illinois, USA
ultimate sacrifice of love. This first Sebastian, a Design Graduate from the National
Institute of Design in New Delhi. An
ever series of Jesus Youth ASIA OCEANIA
enthusiastic Jesus Youth, he is active in the CONFERENCE
international conferences is also a
music and media ministry. The tagline ‘love 25 - 28 January 2008
response to the Pope’s call to dare to
beyond borders’ was coined by Shelton Pinheiro, Melbourne, Australia
be saints and build civilizations of love
Co-ordinator of Rexband and Creative Director
around the world.
of an advertising agency in Cochin.



‘Set on Fire’, Kuwait ‘Destination Christ 2007’, New Zealand Discipleship Training Programme, Ireland

n ‘Set On Fire’- JY National Conference Retreat Centre, Hillsborough, Auckland. The n JY Gatherings in London & Belfast
The 2nd JY National Conference ‘Set on Fire’ resource person for the retreat was Elvis JY gatherings are held every month in St.
took place at the Cathedral Church on 25th Kottooran from India. Since DC’07, JYNZ has Joseph’s Church, Wembly. These one-day
Feb.2007. Rev. Bishop Camillo Ballin MCCI formed a core group consisting of four gatherings comprise of Eucharistic
inaugurated the conference, while Fr. Abraham committed members - Rovena Coelho, Pinky, Celebration, praise and worship, Adoration
Pallivathukkal SJ (Animator, JY International Jovita Antony and Ferdin Antony. Fr. James and sharing. Fortnightly gatherings have also
Team) led the sessions. More than 1000 young Mulligan (Spiritual Director, JYNZ) been initiated in Belfast to help young
people from various labour camps and hostels people grow in faith and fellowship.
accompanied this team along with other JY to
took part in this programme and were touched n New JY Teens’ Gathering
meet Most Rev. Bishop Patrick Dunn DD
by the Holy Spirit. A new gathering for teens was started in
(Bishop of Auckland) and share with him the Northampton and held its first meeting on 25th
n National Team Re-Constitution vision of Jesus Youth. Feb. 2007. This gathering will be held every
The JY National Team for Kuwait was re- - Liza Johnson fortnight. Monthly Teens’ Gatherings are also
constituted in the presence of Fr. Abraham
UK held in Birmingham, Liverpool and London.
Pallivathukkal SJ and Fr. Joseph Edappulavan
n ‘Sure Foundation’ - Ajesh Abraham
OCD, Spiritual Director on 24th Feb. 2007.
Mahesh Peter took over as the Co-ordinator, Jesus Youth UK organised a 3-day youth OMAN
and Cyril Antony as Asst. Co-ordinator. Former retreat at the Ark of Covenant, Coventry n Retreats & Nurses Gatherings
Co-ordinator Biju Antony was appointed as from 10th to 12th Feb. 2007. There were 32 Four-day retreats were organized in all the
the JY Animator. participants of the age group 13 - 21. Binu four parishes of Oman. These retreats were
nNew prayer groups formed Abraham, Thomas Pulickal and Alphy Joseph conducted by Rev. Fr. Abraham Pallivathukkal
About 25 young people attended the new from USA were the resource persons. The SJ, Animator of JY International Team who
prayer group in Salmiya Church. A new weekend was packed with various sessions, visited Oman in January 2007. Small groups of
English group was also initiated in the Adoration, Mass, anointing prayer, group
nurses also gathered in these four places for
Cathedral Church. Family cell groups and discussion, skits, personal sharing, music,
a session with Fr. Abraham. Apart from this, a
youth cell groups were formed under the etc. At the end, each participant decided to
teens’ gathering and a two-day JY formation
guidance and presence of Fr. Abraham start a teens’ group in their respective areas
and to bring more youth to Christ. programme were also held.
Pallivathukkal. n Re-constitution of the National Team
n Intercession for JY European Conference
- Mahesh Peter The Oman JY National Team was re-
Intercession for the JY European Conference
NEW ZEALAND formally began on 24th Feb. 2007 at Blessed constituted on 15th Mar. 2007. Binoy Xavier
n ‘Destination Christ 2007’ Robert Grissold Church, Balsall Common. Fr. took over as the new Co-ordinator and Thomas
The ‘Destination Christ 2007’ retreat took Sebatian Arikat, JY pastor for UK presided Roopesh is the new Asst. Co-ordinator. Alex
place from 12th to 15th Jan. 2007 at St. Francis over the ceremony. Ponnat was appointed as Animator for the

‘Sure Foundation’, UK JY Oman with Fr. Abraham Pallivathukkal SJ JY Programme, Zurich, Switzerland

‘Destination Christ 2007’, Australia ‘Quaresima ‘07’, Italy ‘Harvest ‘07’, USA

team. At the gathering, Manoj Sunny JY vibrant Jesus Youth there. The group is were also a couple of planning sessions where he
International Co-ordinator, took sessions on planning to organise many events in the lead provided valuable guidance and inputs.
the constants and goals of Jesus Youth and the up to this mega-event with many JY taking - Leny Veliyathuparambil
road to achieve it. part in the WYD leadership-training course. ITALY
- Bobby Jacob n Discipleship Groups n ‘Quaresima 2007’
IRELAND Inspired by the Destination Christ Retreats, On 25th Feb. 2007, about 70 Jesus Youth in
n Discipleship Training Programme several discipleship groups have been Rome came together for their regular
A Discipleship Training Programme was held in formed across Australia. These groups come monthly programme ‘Quaresima 2007’ (Lent
together every week to grow in discipleship, 2007). Fr. Jimmy Puchacat enriched
Dublin on 24th & 25th Feb. 2007. Dr. Julio
spirituality, and Christian leadership. participants with a powerful talk about living
Kandathil (Animator JY UK) and Jose Mathew
- Mayrose Pius the Lenten season in a fruitful manner.
(Co-ordinator JY Europe) led the sessions
- Siju Chacko
during the programme. Their soul-stirring talks SINGAPORE
on personal prayer and setting priorities in life n JY Gathering USA
inspired many of the participants. About 30 Rev. Fr. Savior Khan Vattayil and team from n ‘Harvest ‘07’, Illinois
youngsters participated in the programme. Sehion Retreat Centre conducted a special A Campus Meet – ‘Harvest ‘07’ was organised
- Tojy Tom evening programme for Jesus Youth at the from 16th to 18th Feb.2007. About 50 students
Mary Mount Chapel. There were about 90 from campuses all over America participated
participants. The talks helped the group gain in the Meet held at Roselle, Illinois. The
n ‘Destination Christ 2007’ participants were motivated by the powerful
‘Destination Christ 2007’ – a series of initiation a deeper insight into the consequences of
talks of Manoj Sunny, JY International Co-
retreats were held across Australia in Jan. sin and redemption through Christ.
ordinator and Santhosh Joseph, a pioneer of
2007. About 200 young people participated in - Biju Joseph
JY Fulltime Volunteers’ Training. Vibrant music
the retreats held in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney CANADA led by Hector Lewis from Rexband left the
and Melbourne. Jude Antoine from Malaysia n Youth Fellowship Programme participants spell-bound. Harvest ‘07 marked
and Elvis Kottooran from India led these three- A Youth Fellowship programme was held in the launch of the JY Campus Ministry in the
day live-in programmes. Most Rev. Bishop Hamilton on 24th Feb. 2007. The young United States.
Christopher Prowse (Patron, JY Australia) participants spent the evening sharing their n Student Leaders’ Meeting, Orlando
was the main celebrant for the final Mass of experiences, building relationships and
An exclusive meeting for college students
DC‘07, Melbourne. This event was a turning praising the Lord together.
was held to launch the Campus Ministry in
point for the Kingdom of God in Australia. n Visit
the South Eastern Region. Twenty-three
n Preparations for WYD, Sydney Manoj Sunny’s vist to Toronto provided a renewed
focus on ministering to the youth. He met participants from six Universities across
World Youth Day to be held in 2008 at Georgia and Florida came together for the
Sydney has been the buzzword among the budding JY teens and youth and motivated them
to energize the JY fellowship in Canada. There meeting held at St. Jude Lebanese Maronite

JY Gathering, Singapore JY Fellowship, Canada Christian Musical Festival, USA

APRIL 2007 PAGE 11


‘First Love’, UAE JY National Leaders’ Gathering, India

Church, Orlando on 10th Feb. 2007. An ad- ministered throughout the evening with ten-day stay with JY families of various zones,
hock Campus Team with seven students was Spirit-filled music. participation in the 13th National Catholic
formed following this gathering. n Animators’ Training Programme Charismatic Convention and the final gathering
n Christian Musical Festival, NY A one day training was conducted for at St. Thomas Church, Paravoor.
The Audio-Visual ministry of the North East Christeen animators/mentors on 30th March n ‘Alive’, Delhi
region led a night of praise & worship for 2007 at Sharjah. Twenty five leaders ‘Alive’ - a growth level retreat for Jesus
students at Nassau Community College in attended the programme. Youth leaders of Delhi was organized from
Garden City, New York on 2nd Mar.2007. The n JY Businessmen’s Group 23rd to 25th Feb. 2007 at the Navintha
evening was filled with songs and visual JY businessmen in UAE have initiated a Retreat House. Br. Fritz Mascarenhas from
performances from various Christian groups, gathering of businessmen. ICPE led this retreat for 75 leaders and
all glorifying the Lord together. - Doly Mathew helped them re-discover their primary
- Jyothni Malaickal commission as Christians – to bear fruit,
fruit that will last (Jn15:16b).
QATAR n JY National Leaders’ Gathering, Nagpur
n Youth Retreat, Kolkata
n ‘Streams of Grace 2007’ JY leaders from different parts of India came
Youngsters from 25 institutions including
About 70 youth came together for ‘Streams together for the Jesus Youth National
colleges, parishes, schools and hostels
of Grace 2007’, a programme held at the Our Leaders’ Gathering held at Nagpur from 26th
gathered for a retreat from 21st to 23rd
Lady of Rosary Parish Centre, Doha on 31st to 28th January 2007. The resource persons
Jan. 2007 at Don Bosco School. The
Dec.2006. The one-day event comprised of for the gathering included His Grace
resource team of Baby Chacko, Siljo
Archbishop Abraham Viruthikulangara,
inspiring music, praise & worship, Bible Joseph, Rajan Thomas and Anil led the
Fr. Cherian Nereveettil (National Pastor),
sharing, panel and group discussions. The group in prayer, music, actions songs,
Sr. Emmanuel from Medugorje, Dr. Edward
participants left with a deep conviction and skits and various inspiring talks.
Edezhath and Manoj Sunny.
experience of God’s love and mercy. - Jose Elias
n Campout, Delhi
n Outreach Ministry
More that 300 college students across Delhi
The Outreach Ministry visited the camps of
gathered at the Jesus and Mary College
Ras Laffan and Industrial Area in January
auditorium on 3rd Feb. 2007 for an evening of
2007. The sessions during these visits focused
music, dance and drama. This initiative by
on Christ’s message of joy and peace.
n Praise and Worship the Delhi Campus Team, was the first of its
The Music Ministry conducted a Praise & kind aimed at conveying the message of
Worship session for about 100 participants Christ to campus youth in a language
at the Indian Cultural Center in Feb. 2007. relevant to them.
- Juttas Paul n JY Bangalore Family Gathering
The Family Gathering and Christmas
UAE Celebration of Jesus Youth Bangalore took
n ‘First Love’, Dubai place on 17th December 2006 at DVK hall.
The first contact level Jesus Youth programme There were more than 700 guests including
targeting the English speaking youth of UAE priests, religious, various JY members and
was held on 1st March 2007 at St. Mary’s their families. Most Rev. Bernard Moras, Hail Mary,
Church, Dubai. More than 750 youth from Archbishop of Bangalore graced the Glorious Mother of Christ!
various communities of the Dubai parish and occasion. The JY Bangalore Newsletter was Faithful Virgin, holy dwelling-
other emirates participated. Fr. Peter P.M., also launched during this event.
Vicar of St. Mary’s Church inaugurated the place of the Word. Teach us to
n Cultural Exchange Programme, Kerala persevere in listening to the
programme and Fr. Varghese Chemboli, About 250 youngsters from various states of India
Spiritual Director of JY UAE gave the welcome Word, and to be docile to the
gathered for the Cultural Exchange Programme in voice of the Spirit, attentive to
address. The main speaker for the day was C.
Kerala from 9th Dec. ‘06 to 2nd Jan. ‘07. The his promptings in the depths of
C. Joseph (member, JY International Team).
programme comprised of a two-day orientation, a our conscience.
The JY UAE music band - ‘Covenant Singers’
weeklong retreat at the Divine Retreat Centre, a

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