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August - November 2004

“Dear young people, the

Chur ch ne eds genuine
witnesses for the new
evangelization: men and
women whose lives have
been transformed by
meeting with Jesus,
men and women
who ar e capable of
communicating this experience
to others. The Church needs saints. All

are called to holiness, and holy people
alone can renew humanit y.”
Pope John Paul II, Message for W YD 2005.

Pilgrimage of Faith ’05

A Jesus Youth Journey of Faith in
the Wake of World Youth Day 2005

The first ever ex tensive Jesus Youth

Pilgrimage of its kind, ‘Pilgrimage of
A Dream Becomes Reality
“What a fantastic spectacle is
presented on this stage by your
Faith 2005’ of fers you 3 dif ferent gathering her e today! Who
options to choose from. claimed that today’s youth has
lost their sense of values? Is it
Option 1 - Germany really true that they cannot be
• Youth Arise International Festival counted on?”
• Jesus Youth International Gathering These were the profound
(Aug.15-16) sentiments expressed by Pope
• World Youth Day Celebrations John Paul II, to a throng of
(Aug.16-21) 300,000 youngsters gathered in
Rome at his invitation to an
Option 2 - Germany, Italy International Jubilee of Youth in
• Option 1+Pilgrimage to Rome 1984. On Easter day that year,
The t wo alternate dates you can His Holiness presented and
choose for your Rome pilgrimage are entrusted the young people with
either (Aug. 7 - 11) or ( Aug. 21- 25) the future World Youth Day cross,
Option 3 - Germany, Italy, France thus reinforcing the great hope
The historic landmark of Cologne cit y, the Cathedral of the Magi
• Option 1 & 2+ Pilgrimage to France that the Church has in the youth.
Germany ( Aug. 11-21) France ( Aug. In December, 1984 the Pope announced the institution Centrestage Cologne
21- 25) Rome ( Aug. 25 -29) of World Youth Day. And in 1986, on Palm Sunday, the Cologne, a city with a rich Catholic tradition and historic
first official World Youth Day was celebrated in Rome. landmarks like the famed Cathedral of the Magi
Today, nineteen World Youth Day celebrations later, provides a majestic setting for World Youth Day 2005.
the event has come to be known as one of the largest The cit y will become a meeting point for around
gatherings of young people on the planet. 1,00,000 youth from across 120 countries around the
world. And together with the Holy Father, these young
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KCologne Beckons “Germany is preparing herself to receive the “It’s my oppor tunit y to return something
world. Dioceses, parishes and youth groups precious to this countr y where I was born and
K Heart Talk where I spent my early childhood. I sincerely
are busy with preparations. Let us hope and
hope for a strong revival of the Holy Spirit in
K Jesus Youth Lifestyle pray that this Celebration of Faith of young people
from all over the world, may breathe new life and Germany-that this fire that is spreading so fast, may
also consume this land and bring the joy and
KBeing Jesus Youth vitalit y in the German Church. A warm welcome to
happiness that comes from being renewed in the
K Mission Possible Spirit.”
Fr. Ajy Mooleparambil CMI- Former Fulltimer, JY Int’l George Ettiyil, Member of RexBand and the JY Int’l team,
K Santvana team member, presently, Parish Priest of Ludgerus Parish
working as Station Manager of an International Airline in
Schermbeck, Germany. Also the General Convenor of the
Chennai. He is the General Co-ordinator of the Jesus Youth
K Global Newswatch Jesus Youth International Gathering in Cologne, 2005.
International Gathering.

life fully and become a nun for Jesus Youth?” This has strengthened my
conviction that the Holy Spirit is moving in us much faster than we imagine!
Moving on to Germany, preparations for the World Youth Day and the
Jesus Youth International Gathering are in full swing now. We had four
meetings with the World Youth Day officials this year and we have been
granted a venue for our Jesus Youth International Conference and
My recent visit to the US has gifted me with some catechesis sessions, very close to the main venue of W YD. Many homes
hear t warming experiences. What I witnessed in Germany are getting ready to welcome our pilgrims travelling as
throughout was a powerful move of the Spirit bringing families with their kids. God has arranged for angels to help us make
up a new generation of strong leaders from among the youth who were our pilgrimages in Rome and France. Fr. Ajy and George are doing an
born and raised there. A striking aspect was the presence of the senior excellent job linking things together and I am certain that the days to
leaders and animators throughout the training programme. They had follow will be filled with blessings for all who are going to come. So
all taken a week off from their jobs to be with the young participants. don’t miss it. Start praying and preparing for this, the largest event in
Undeniably, it was their being with the new team, much more than the the Catholic Church.
sessions themselves, that made the real difference.
Back in India, Jesus Youth is working towards establishing a centre for
Later, as Mr. Ron Green, an esteemed speaker, recounted his experiences perpetual Eucharistic adoration in every State. Let this inspire Jesus Youth
of the programme, he spoke of an overpowering presence of the Holy the world over, for the Eucharist has always been at the centre of the life
Spirit during his sessions for Jesus Youth. A presence with such ‘intensity and mission of Jesus Youth. And as we move into the Year of the Eucharist,
and magnitude’, that it was quite unlike any of his earlier sessions for may the Divine Sacrament “mark our days and fill us with faithful hope”!
various groups across America. For him, this was an unmistakable sign
of the crucial role that Jesus Youth has in building the Kingdom of God in
today’s world.
On another occasion, I was confronted with a profound and intense question Manoj Sunny
(one I’d expected to hear perhaps 10 years from now) from a young Co-ordinator, Jesus Youth International Team
woman there who asked me, “Would it be possible for me to commit my

Fr. Sebastian A rikat has moved fr om

Fr. Jose Thaiparambil CMI who had
Canada to the United Kingdom. At the
been ser ving as the Pastor of the
request of the Jesus Youth of UK, the
Jesus Youth in Kerala has taken up
Diocese of Birmingham has invited him to
an assignment as a parish priest of
take up an appointment in the diocese. He
Holy Cr oss Chur ch in Tor onto,
will also be the Spiritual Director for the UK
Canada. His presence will be a great
Jesus Youth even as he continues to ser ve
blessing to the Jesus Youth in
as the Pastor of the Jesus Youth
International Team.

Daring in initiative and spontaneity

f o r a l i f e t i m e Reflections on the defining characteristics of Jesus Youth
As daring as Peter on the water. That is how I would describe Jesus In an increasingly alienated and madly competitive world, these Spirit-
Youth. Af ter all the years spent with them, I would choose spontaneit y filled youngsters make people feel at home and bring them together as
and initiative as the two defining characteristics synonymous with the one in God’s family. Wherever Jesus Youth are present, there inevitably
Movement. grows a disciples’ community drawing many to their own experience of
True, at times they falter; at times in their enthusiasm they make mistakes. a new found joy and inner freedom.
However, deep down, they know that the Lord will surely lead them on. May their breed increase ! May Jesus Youth subdue (win the world
By becoming like little children, these youngsters have experienced the over to God’s plan) and multiply (fill the Earth).
liberating joy of the Kingdom. In their childlike spontaneity they undertake “For the promise is for you, for your children and for all who are far
daring initiatives, without stifling the promptings of the Holy Spirit by away, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to him” (Acts 2:39).
rationalizing too much. This quality has resulted in the unimaginable
global network of Jesus Youth and the amazing influence they enjoy.
New initiatives, new dreams, new perspectives - these distinguishing traits
of Jesus Youth also bring alive to us the unceasing work of the Spirit. Prof. C. C. Alicekutty
Whether it be in the Church, colleges, schools, or at the work place, A pioneer of Jesus Youth, a youth animator, an
enterprising single woman and a zealous
these individuals are true leaven. With their disarming spontaneity and
champion of young leadership, Prof. Alicekut t y
the contagious joy they radiate, they make a difference wherever they
has ser ved on the National Ser vice Team and
are. They reach out to people in great freedom and share the testimony
the Kerala Ser vice Team. A retired professor of
of their encounter with Jesus, thereby leading others joyfully to the Lord
English, she has also authored a book on the
and drawing them into their fellowship groups. Beatitudes.

being jesus
On God’s side, swimming againstyouth
the tide
than what or who he was. I wanted a
person whose first priority was Jesus.
Secondly, since we were going back
to a place (USA) where at that time
there was no active fellowship, I
how you came to be a part of Jesus Dr. Manoj:I had gone on t wo mission
wanted someone who would be
Youth? outreaches to Tamil Nadu and Orissa
strong enough to keep fanning the
Dr. Manoj: When I joined the earlier. Later some of my Jesus Youth flame within me. Thirdly, I wanted
Kottayam Medical College in 1987 I friends introduced me to Fr. Dheeraj someone with leadership potential. I
became par t of a Protestant Sabu IMS, who had dreams for the saw all of this in Manoj. I also shared
fellowship. I had a lot of questions and mission and was looking for a team his attitude towards life. Being pro-
gradually moved away from the to take on a trip to North India. Like
Catholic Church. A couple of years life is not just about being anti-
Jesus and his disciples, Fr. Dheeraj abor tion. It is about being open to
later, a friend of mine in medical and t welve of us set out to Uttar
school returned with a new found love life and to God’s will for your life.
Pradesh. It was a great experience
for the Church af ter attending the and we felt the Lord was truly alive. Q : Manoj, in a materialistic world,
National Catholic Charismatic Incidentally, t wo of us (Santhosh and yours is quite an unconventional
Convention in 1989. She introduced family. And you, Lovely, a qualified
the Late Wilson Poulose) later joined
me to some priests and active leaders engineer, quit your job to stay at
the Sant vana Communit y and
in the CCR. I also got in touch with home with the children. Why did
some of the Jesus Youth there who another team member Mathew, a
doctor is now preparing for both of you choose to be different?
invited me to a retreat. They gave me Dr. Manoj: Many times I have felt,
the conviction that I needed to do priesthood. I think the North Indian
mission actually took of f from there. “Children are a gif t from the Lord;
something, so we star ted the first they are a real blessing”, as Psalm
prayer group in our medical college Q: How did God lead you to 127 says. “The sons a man has
In a telephonic inter view for this issue, which is still vibrantly active. My leap marriage? Could both of you share when he is young are like arrows in a
Dr. Abraham Mathew (Dr. Manoj) and into ministr y is linked with a vision I
your dreams and convictions soldier’s hand”. I think that one of
his wife Lovely spoke to Manoj Sunny had about the wedding feast of Jesus
regarding family life? the things people take away from the
and His bride, the Church. Amidst the
about their life as missionaries, their Dr. Manoj: It’s right to say that God equation about children is what they
crowd of guests in the vision, I
convictions and the purpose that led me to marriage, because I hadn’t bring to you. We think about what we
searched for myself in vain. Suddenly,
drives them. Dr. Abraham, M.D. works planned for it. When I met Lovely, the need to give them and tend to leave
I realize that I am one of the empt y
as an Associate Professor of jars placed just outside the wedding first thing I told her was my conviction out what they bring to us. Many are
Gastroenterology, division of Internal hall. Even as someone fills me with that I should live a life according to worried that they may not be able to
Medicine, in the Milton S. Hershey water, I spot a woman and a man the Scriptures; that my life was one provide for their children. I’d give them
Medical Center of Pennsylvania State (whom I recognize as Mary and Jesus) with a purpose to which I was all I have rather than all they could
University, USA. Lovely is an Engineer walking towards me. Jesus blesses committed. The second thing was the get. In fact we are indebted to our
with a Master’s degree in Engineering me and the water turns into wine. It issue of abortion and contraception, children for what they give us. Sure,
Science. Dr. Manoj as he is known in strikes me that my being outside the for I totally disapproved of both. I was as parents our resources are limited.
Jesus Youth circles, is a member of hall relates to my position at that time glad to see that she suppor ted my We have learnt to depend on the
the Jesus Youth International team and in the Catholic Church - literally on stand 100%. The third was my dream resources of our heavenly Father, for
the Youth Ministry Co-ordinator of the the doorstep. Then Jesus tells me of having a large family and she they are infinite. Moreover, when we
Syro-Malabar diocese of Chicago. He that I’m “placed there with a opened up to the idea though it must think of sharing Jesus with the next
is also a renowned speaker who has purpose”. I then enter the wedding have been dif ficult for her. We enjoy generation, we know it cannot
preached over 300 retreats. Dr. Manoj hall, carried in by the people. After this our 5 children and cannot imagine a happen without young people deeply
and Lovely are blessed with five experience, I began to meet with other situation where any one of them is rooted in Christ. And where can such
children: Anjali, Johnny, Amala, students and leaders in the ministr y not there. young men and women grow in
Amaris and Alphonsa aged 1 to 11 and very soon became active in Jesus holiness other than in committed
years. Some excerpts:- Youth. Lovely: I was not par ticular about Christian families? And just as our
Q: You were part of one of the first marrying an engineer or doctor. It was kids are a blessing to us, we’d like
Q: Could you say something about Jesus Youth missionary trips to more important for me to know what them to be a blessing to their
your first encounter with Jesus and North India. Tell us about it. the man I would marry wanted in life generation.
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“Having at tended the Paris W YD in “As the Holy Father spoke on the
“My love and admiration for the Holy
1997, I was convinced of what this final night vigil of the 2000 W YD in
kind of exposure could be for young Father and the Catholic Church has Rome, to the throng of Catholic
people. Thus, for the Toronto W YD, grown stonger af ter at tending the Youth gathered for the W YD in
we mobilized 100 youth from the W YD celebrations in Toronto. It has Rome, I was over whelmed with
USA to par ticipate. They all returned challenged me to live my Catholic emotion! It was a small taste of the
rejuvenated by the beaut y, vibrancy faith to the full.” vitalit y and richness of the Catholic
and richness of our Catholic Church”
Church” K.G. Mathews - Jesus Youth Middle Adv. Raiju Varghese - Jesus Youth
Dr. Sindhu Natarajan- JY Chicago. East Co-ordinator, UAE National Co-ordinator, India
Jesus Youth Team with Fr. Joseph Funk, Head of
contd. from page 1 K
Witness and Catechesis, at the W YD Of fice in Rome, Assisi, Lourdes and Taize glor y; of fer Him your myrrh, that is
men and women will echo the Cologne.
has already been designed with your af fection of total gratitude...”
words of the Magi, “We have come preparation for this mega event. the Jesus Youth pilgrim in mind.
to worship him.” The vibrant Indian community in Is God calling you to be part of
Germany is playing a significant Do you hear His call? this awesome gathering? Is God
A Jesus Youth Landmark
role in supporting this gathering. In his message for World Youth prompting you to help someone
The X X World Youth Day
Youth Arise International, an Day 2005, the Pope exhorts young else attend? If so, start doing your
celebrations hold a special
exuberant 3 - day festival featuring people to offer a gift to the Lord homework right away. Pray
significance for the Jesus Youth
youth ministers from over 50 youth like the Magi did. “ My dear young everyday about it. Start saving.
Movement, more so in the contex t
movements across 40 countries people, you too of fer to the Lord Look for generous souls who can
of a unique international gathering
will also be a rare treat for Jesus the gold of your lives, namely, your sponsor you. And get in touch with
that will bring together nearly 1000
Youth. A comprehensive package, freedom to follow Him out of love, the Jesus Youth International
Jesus Youth from over 10
‘Pilgrimage of Faith 2005’ responding faithfully to His call; let office for the options available.
countries worldwide. In fact, over
five youth meetings have been encompassing all these events as the incense of your fer vent prayer
organised in Germany as a well as visits to pilgrim centres like rise up to him, in praise of His

Mission Possible “Just being there for
them, listening to
their problems and
co-ordinators of this training project,
“It was a unique opportunity to be part
of a project that is after God’s own
heart. And an experience that makes
The inspiring story of Jesus Youth Full Time Volunteers struggles in life, and
our very presence worthwhile”.
watching how God
A Joyful Contradiction guides and builds Highlights of 200 4-2005
discipleship groups. Today, this
In today’s increasingly self-centred them up over the Training
initiative has grown to encompass
world, setting apar t a year to be years, has truly enriched my life. I am • 87 participants trained as Full Time
the whole of India.
formed for a lifetime commitment to challenged by these youngsters”. Volunteers. • Trainings held in the
discipleship may seem, to say the Full Time Volunteers at Work Baby Chacko (Babychayan), a fervent cities of Cochin, Bangalore and Delhi.
least, absurd. Especially when the Bernard, a young law yer from single missionary and an animator of
setting apart happens at the most Nagpur, travels across the North Jesus Youth Full Time Volunteers since
youthful point in life. Yet more and East of India, picking up tribal the beginning of the project.
languages, sharing his experience
of God and organising programmes prepare young Catholic lay
for youth. For Jerin, a young missionaries in India.
graduate from Kollam, her work as Volunteers’ Training(2004-2005) Commissioning Ceremony of the 30
a nursery teacher in a remote village par ticipants, Bangalore.
An Overview
in Assam is an opportunity to reach This year’s Full Time Volunteers’ • Trainings conducted in English and
out to the seven neighbouring Training was a landmark event as Hindi. • Participants from Rajastan,
villages. Whether it be in cities, three batches of volunteers were Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra,
remote villages, slums, campuses trained in thre e separate Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Assam
or tribal settlements, this one year programmes across three cities. and Kerala. • Volunteers placed in
Anointing Prayer for the 37 par ticipants in placement becomes a crucial The trainings were conducted in locations across the North, South and
Cochin, led by Mar Thomas Chakiath, Auxilliar y period for these volunteers to renew Hindi and English. The training in North-East of India for their one year
Bishop of Ernakulam, Episcopal Advisor of the their commitment to be disciples for
Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Kerala. Hindi was a collaborative ef fort of ministry.
a lifetime. Jesus Youth, the Sant vana
more young people from different Communit y and the Salesians. A “Initially as a
par ts of India are making this “It is a great opportu- remarkable feature of the 2004-2005 volunteer, then as a
‘absurd’ move joy fully. And nity for the youth for training is its nationwide participant priest, and now as a
discovering, ironically, that it is self discover y and member of the
base - a fact that points to the
perhaps the best step they have grow th by of fering fulltimers’ formation
committed efforts of previous Full
ever taken in their lives. themselves to the team, I continue to be
Time Volunteers in different parts of motivated by the
Lord in ser vice to India.
The Project at a Glance others, especially in the missions.” sincerit y and commitment of these
Way back in 1992, 27 young Fr. George Mudukkampuram SVD, Straight from the Heart youngsters.” - Fr. Cherian Nereveetil
students in Kerala committed Former Jesus Youth National Pastor For Roshna from Calicut, the training 5th Batch Full Timer, presently Pastor
themselves to be trained as and Full Time Volunteers’ Animator. was an “opportunity to adapt and of JYNT and Volunteers’ Animator.
disciples. Some of India’s best adjust with people of dif ferent
youth trainers and Jesus Youth Unique Highlights cultures and backgrounds”. For
animators led them through a 40- • Over 700 participants to date. Jibin John from Nagpur, it was a
day training programme for a one • Training sessions in Malayalam, time to identif y his talents and “learn
year ser vice and lifetime English and Hindi. • Placements in to use them for God’s glor y”, while
commitment. Placed in various almost all states in India. • 63 Abhilesh Thomas from Maharashtra
campuses, they shared their faith seminarians have undergone Full Time was inspired by the “unwavering
with fellow students and built Volunteer training. • Nearly 20 Full commitment of the training team”.
Time Volunteers have recognized a For Biju Joseph, Reji Kottukappilly
“I fe el really glad that call to religious life. • One of the and Abhilash Thomas, the
God allowed me to Two new bo oks that present the
volunte ers joined the Taize
initiate this dream project inspiring experiences of Full Time
that has borne much fruit communit y in France af ter his
Volunteers have been released this
and continues to present period of commitment. • A majority
year. ‘Athmavinte Sneha Sparsham’ in
countless possibilities for of the Full Time Volunteers of earlier
the years ahead”. Malayalam and ‘Focused only on Lord’
batches are now successful
Joseph Embrayil,former in English.
professionals who continue to live
Campus Ministry Co-ordinator and initiator of Copies are available at: Emmaus,
the Fulltimers’ Project. He is the CEO of a as disciples in various countries
H.M.T. Colony P. O., Kochi- 683 503.
consulting company in Singapore. across the globe. • Perhaps the first
Sending for th the 20 Hindi Full Time Volunteers, Tel: 91- 484-2555980
successful ef for t of its kind to Delhi.
contd. from page 3 K
times skin rupture). What is your that this is an opportunit y for us to frustrated, for at times, I do. But over
Lovely: Quitting my career was one attitude towards this struggle and carry the cross of Jesus. The children and above that I know Manoj is doing
of the hardest choices I made. We others that your family goes are also very positive about it. his best to live the life of his calling
both prayed over this and decided that through? Lovely: More than praying for professionally, spiritually and in ever y
I would quit working and stay at home Dr. Manoj: It is tough. Ever y night, healing, we teach our children to offer way. And even when he is away, he is
with the children. I realized that being Lovely gets up at least 4 times in the up their illness and pray for other always there for the children and me.
with the children while they are young night to attend to one child or the other children who suffer more than them. That is an inspiration for me to put in
and vulnerable is impor tant. I would when they wake up due to the itching We are always there to lift them up, my best, taking care of the children and
never get back this time with them, sensation. This has been our routine to empower them with affirmation and being the home-maker. This is possible
whereas I could take up a career any for more than ten years. At times when love to face the situation, to help them because of the grace we receive
time later on if I wanted to and if it was the pain becomes unbearable for the appreciate what they have and through the Sacrament of Matrimony.
God’s will. Though it was a struggle children and they ask, “Why does the accept themselves as they are, Q: Is there anything you’d like to
and I had to slowly grow into this Lord allow this in my life?” it gets to my glorif ying God with their lives. share with our fellow Jesus Youth?
conviction, I know now that I’m heart and then I lean on Jesus and feel Q: Lovely, how do you manage Dr. Manoj & Lovely:First, we must find
completely at peace, doing what I rested. To their question, “Why me?” such a big family, with a husband
need to do, being where God wants we answer, “Because you can”. We out what drives our lives. Then, as Jesus
who is fully active in the ministry Youth, we need to focus on Jesus as
me to be – with my children. know that God is aware and this is His and his profession?
plan for our lives. In fact if you look in the only purpose and driving force of life.
Q: All of your children suffer from Lovely:I am at peace for I know I’m
Atopic Eczema (an inflamed skin my heart you will not find a big prayer not alone. The Lord is with me. That
condition, causing itching and at for healing. We believe and take joy in doesn’t mean that I don’t get
Santvana- home away from home
Sant vana, a unique missionar y communit y that includes singles, religious and couples was initiated by Fr. Dheeraj Sabu IMS , a pioneering
visionar y with an ardent desire to build mutually suppor tive missionar y commmunities. With a focus on reaching out to the unevangelized, the
communit y is “called to be incarnated in the culture of the people and to build the Kingdom of God through prayer and proclamation of the Word.”
One of the few communities of its kind to profess married couples as lay missionaries, it opened up new dimensions in evangelization for some
zealous families with a fer vent Jesus Youth background.
Santhosh Chittilappily, one of the earliest Alex y Pallan and Shiny Alex y, a lay
members and present ser vant leader of missionar y couple in Sant vana
the Sant vana Communit y, along with his Communit y were both Jesus Youth zonal
wife Sali, was actively involved in Jesus co-ordinators and members of the K YCT.
Alex y, a businessman, and Shiny a
Youth ministries. He was formerly a K YCT
practising advocate, took a significant
member and Jesus Youth Zonal Co-
step when they opted to surrender their
ordinator of Thrissur. Today, as professed
lives as lay missionaries.
lay missionaries of the Catholic Church,
Santhosh, Sali and their little ones share “In the name of the Father...for the
an inspiring stor y of commitment. honour and glor y of God and
moved by an ardent desire to
Both of us cherished a desire to be quench the infinite thirst of Jesus on
full time missionaries even before we the cross for the love of souls, we,
were married. So on af ter our Alex y and Shiny vow for 5 years,
marriage, with the blessings of our conjugal chastit y, pover t y,
parents, elders and friends, we set
obedience and whole hear ted and
off as fulltime missionaries to Nor th
The t wo families, Santhosh-Sali and Alex y-Shiny with Fr. Dheeraj Sabu IMS. free ser vice to the evangelizing
India. When we first arrived, we were
On 1st Februar y, 2004 both these families along with six other members of mission of the Church according to
not concerened about the deeper
Santvana took a life long commmitment. the statutes of the Sant vana
aspects of life in a missionar y
Communit y of Disciples”.
community. For us, the community
was just a platform for evangelization. Gradually, the dimension of When we took this vow on the 1st of February, 2004 along with ten other
Christian discipleship in a communit y began to take root in our hearts. lay missionaries, it was the end of a long search and the beginning of a
Today Santvana Community is a closely-knit, mutually supportive family new journey for us. It was during the Jesus Youth ‘97 conference in
of singles, religious and married couples. Kerala, when ever y zone in Kerala was given the responsibilit y to pray
Living in a communit y, with other members from diverse cultural for a par ticular state of India, that the thought of mission began to
backgrounds, has been a great challenge for us to grow in discipleship. disturb our minds.
It enables us to live more transparent lives with greater accountability The promptings became stronger day by day and our meeting with
for our actions. Inspite of differences and diversities, we share our joys Santhosh Chittilappily and Rev. Fr. Dheeraj Sabu only strengthened our
and sorrows, sort out our differences and continue living and growing resolve. Not long af ter, we went in for a ‘come and see’ experience in
together with a common goal in mind. Sant vana Communit y, Agra. The one-month stay in Agra, the world
My (Sali’s) charism is preaching and counselling but now that our first famous cit y of ‘The Taj’, changed our lives. We saw people wounded,
child Joash has started school and the other two need my attention, I af flicted and hungr y for God. The Lord’s plan for us was revealed
am bound to stay back, taking care of the children, while Santhosh through the round-the-clock Eucharistic adoration and intercession at
preaches and ministers. At first, it was a very demanding sacrifice but Santvana.
I am learning to say yes to His will, thus contributing to the kingdom on We rushed back to Kerala and in no time Shiny had handed over her
a different level. Though we started with a one year commitment, we lawsuits to one of her colleagues. And we returned to Agra with our
have now completed seven years. Even though it is tough at times, three children - this time to commit ourselves for a year. We have now
God is faithful and continues to provide for us and leads us on. We are completed t wo years in mission and have extended our commitment to
expecting our fourth child in October, 2004.
five more years. We eagerly await the birth of our fourth child.
Sali and Santhosh Chit tilapilly Shiny and Alex y Pallan

He ran the good race

Wilson Poulose, a zelaous lay missionary of Santvana Community completed his earthly sojourn on 14th July, 2004 at 10:30 am after a
sudden and brief illness. Wilson was the acting Jesus Youth Co-ordinator of Kothamangalam zone and a member of the Jesus Youth
National Team. Before taking ill, he was co-ordinating the Jesus Youth Hindi Full Time Volunteer’s Training. A strong intercessor and a zealous
missionary, he is survived by his wife Jancy whom he married on 29th April, 2004. We miss him physically, but spiritually he is still with us, doing
what he loved doing best - interceding for the salvation of souls.
contd. from page 7 K
of these professional students wer e born to be - Sons and
Professionals to the Mission went on visits to mission stations Daughters of the Most High God”
The Jesus Youth Professionals’ in various parts of India, sharing was the theme and essence of the
Ministry of Kerala organised t wo the love of God with those they conference. For many, it became
training programmes this year for met. the first encounter with a Jesus
engine ering and medical youth lifestyle.
students. Af ter the training some Professionals’ Conference
2004 - Bangalore Nirgaman 2004 - Agra
The Professionals’ Conference In collaboration with the Santvana May, 2004 at St. Peter’s College,
2004 took place from the 16th – Communit y and the Agra Agra. About 300 youth from five
18th of April, 2004 at Dharmaram diocesan youth, the JYNT States of Nor th India attended
College, Bangalore with eight y organised a North Indian Jesus the programme. The Emeritus
working professionals from Youth Convention “Nirgaman Archbishop of Agra, Rt. Rev. Cecil
different streams. “Be what you 2004” (Exodus 2004) from 20th- 24th D’Sa inaugurated the convention.
Newswatch “Christ- centered Family” was the
theme of the gathering. Dr. Edward
Edezhath from India and Jerr y
George from USA were the
USA commissioned for the North East/
New England, Midwest, South, resource persons.
and Mid-Atlantic regions. The first Ser vice Team of Jesus
A one-day encounter programme Youth Canada was constituted on the Spiritual Director, celebrated
“Family Conference 2004”. The
was held in Waltham, MA for the the same day with Dr. Edward and Holy Mass.
annual conference of Jesus Youth
Syro-Malabar youth of the Boston Jerr y animating the discernment
in Chicago was held at the Bishop
area on April 17th. process. The new team has eight Jesus Youth Teens Group
Lane Retreat Centre at Rock
English speaking youths of Indian
The Bi-Monthly Jesus Youth Ford, from 19 th - 22 nd August,
origin came together for praise
gathering of the Nor th East 2004 and attended by nearly
and worship. They were attracted
region took place on May 22nd in 175 par ticipants. This year,
by the vibrant music and inspired
northern New Jersey. the programme was held
by the JY lifest yle. Parents of
simultaneously in three streams –
JYA National Formation these youth gladly encouraged
one in Malayalam for the adults, a members, with Fr. Joy Ureth CMI
Programme – July 11 th- 16 th them to participate. This is the 2nd
second in English for the youth as the Pastor, and Don Bosco as
On Sunday 11th July, 2004, history phase of the JY mission to reach
and a third for teenagers. All three the Co-ordinator.
was in the making at the Emmaus out to the local youth in Singapore.
House in Per th Amboy, New
Jersey. Approximately 60 U.S.
Singapore Kuwait
born/raised youth leaders from
around the country gathered for Jesus Youth Singapore at the On 16th April Jesus Youth in Kuwait
a week-long Formation Training Service of the Local Church began Easter celebrations with
Programme for the Jesus Youth of Jesus Youth in Singapore met with prayer, followed by a message
America. This group of individuals, leaders of 4 local youth groups and group sharing based on the
streams had unique themes and and had a wonderful time of various experiences of the Lenten
dif ferent resource people to prayer, praise and worship. A season. It was enriched with
conduct the sessions. presentation was made by each action songs and games.

A contest was held to decide the Another programme was held on

theme song and logo for the Jesus 23rd July and featured praise and
Youth Conference to be held at worship, an ice breaking session
Proclaiming the union of the body of Christ. New Jersey in December, 2004. and a skit based on the subject
Priests from three dif ferent rites at tired Michelle Joseph from South youth reaching out to youth.A
in their respective vestments.
Jersey and Roby. K Chacko from workshop was also conducted to
known as the “firstliners”, had Philadelphia won the prizes for the help the participants to evaluate
been preparing themselves with best lyrics and logo respectively. youth group. During the course of their personal lives. His
prayer, fasting and study materials the meeting, the need to have a Grace Daniel Acharuparambil,
through their local Discipleship
Training Programmes since
UK common thread among the Youth
Ministries to spread the Catholic
Archbishop of Verapoly, India

Januar y, 2004. Charismatic Spiritualit y, and the

JY UK organised t wo retreats for impor tance of sharing of
The week-long event began with couples, one in UK and the other resources was raised. Youth
much anticipation and excitement, in Germany in June, 2004. The groups in Singapore are looking
and the exceptional resource retreats were led by Fr. Sebastian up to Jesus Youth for programmes
team included two key founders Pottanani from India, and enabled such as Discipleship Training. Kuwait JY Leaders with Archbishop Daniel
Acharuparambil, A rchdiocese of Verapoly, India.
of JY, Dr. Edward Edezhath and
Professor C.C. Alicekutty, and the Singapore Archdiocesan spent time with JY leaders in Kuwait
JY International Co-ordinator Catholic Charismatic Renewal during the course of his visit there.
Manoj Sunny. The inauguration (SACCRE)
was ceremoniously conducted by Jesus Youth was represented in A monthly chain Rosar y
His Grace, Bishop Lawrence the SACCRE me eting and a intercession for 36 hrs has been
Mukkuzhy of the Diocese of the participants to understand the initiated and on World Labour Day,
importance of the Sacrament of suggestion to include JY in the
a special one hour adoration
Matrimony. constitution along with the other
service was conducted for youth.
youth groups has been accepted.
Fr. George SVD, one of the
pastors of Jesus Youth visited UK Welcome Programme for
during the last week of April. A Campus Newcomers
one-day programme was Jesus Youth Campus Ministr y During the last three months JY
organised in Birmingham in UAE has be en bustling with
conducted a welcome
Belthangady (India). Likewise, connection with his visit. activities which included music
programme on 24th July for the
JYA was visited by His Grace outreaches, one-day seminars,
new comers in various campuses night vigils and a commitment
Bishop Jacob Angadiath of in Singapore. More than 100
Chicago Diocese, who is a well- team meeting.
Twent y-five couples and youth new students attended the
wisher of Jesus Youth. programme. In typical Jesus Youth “The Touch”, a one day seminar,
gathered on 31 st July, 2004 to was organized by the Jesus Youth
Towards the end of the week, 4 attend the Jesus Youth Family st yle, the programme featured
vibrant music, skits and panel in Sharjah on 13th August, 2004 at
new Regional Ser vice Teams Gathering at Holy Cross Catholic
sharing. Fr. Thomas Mannarkath, the Parish hall of St Michael’s
of 4-7 people each were Scho ol in Toronto, Canada.
Church, Sharjah. 1000 Jesus Youth
India New Beginnings

attended this programme.
“Virunnu” (Feast), a one day Baharain and Australia now feature in the ever expanding Jesus
A new National Team of 17
programme was conducted on Youth family as zealous JY missionaries have set foot there.
members was formed for India with
Fr. Cherian Nereveetil as Pastor,
Adv. Raiju Varghese as Co-
ordinator. As the Asst. Co-ordinators, On July 18th 2004, Jesus Youth Australia had its
first of ficial gathering in Melbourne. On 7th
Shinto Jose, Soji Joseph and Justin
August, Most Rev. Gregor y Karotemprel,
Thay yil will co-ordinate the
Bishop of Rajkot diocese, made an informal
activities of the North East, South
visit to Melbourne and his presence was highly motivating, he
India and North India.
encouraged Jesus Youth to continue with their initiative and
20th August, 2004 at St. Mar y’s A new awakening in North East enthusiasm in the service of the Church. A nurses’ prayer group
Parish Hall, Dubai by the Dubai Two teams comprising of Fr. has been initiated in Melbourne. The Couples Ministry and
Jesus Youth, on the theme of the Sebastian Arikat, Fr. Sojan, Sr. Jaya Campus Ministry will soon be launched.
Holy Eucharist. About 1000 Jesus and many JY leaders conducted 3
DTPs, 6 retreats and some short
programmes in Assam, Nagaland Baharain
and Meghalaya from 2nd July to In Baharain, Jesus Youth homes come alive in
14th Aug, for around 2000 youth turn ever y Thursday with JY’s gathering for
including school students, college intercession and prayer. Programmes are being
youth and seminarians. conducted from time to time in a small way.
The encouragement from the local Church authorities is an
JOY Conference-2004 added impetus to the grow th of the Movement in Baharain.
Youth par ticipated in the The Jesus Youth Teens’ Ministr y
programme. initiated the 4th JOY Conference, a
gathering of 10+1 students held at sessions of their choice. The
“The Way”, a one day seminar, the Divine Retreat Centre from 12th programme was conducted to
was held on 20th August, 2004 at to 16th of April, 2004. The theme of equip campus leaders with a clear
St. Joseph’s Church Abu Dhabi. the programme was ‘To be a vision of Jesus Youth and its
There were more than 400 evangelistic lifestyle.
Jesus Youth Retreat
A commitment team gathering
Bettiah, Bihar Fr. Tom Polackal SDB conducting a session at
was held on 6th of August with over Kerygma 2004 in Bangalore
120 participants. A study material The Bettiah Jesus Youth organised
was released, to be used for the a three-day charismatic retreat for become living lights for those
follow-up of a Life in the Spirit the people of Bettiah diocese from around them.
Seminar. A team was also formed Twinkling Star of Jesus’. Over 650 30th April to 2nd May, 2004.
Conducted by Br. James of the Nurses’ Meet- Bangalore
for the Jesus Youth UAE National students, 150 leaders and
Khritanjali team, the programme was Karnataka Jesus Youth Nurses’
Gathering in December, 2004. volunteers from different parts of Ministry conducted a nurses’ meet
Kerala participated. inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Victor Henry
Oman Jesus Youth Conference in
Thakur, Bishop of Bettiah Diocese.
in Bangalore from 30th April to 2nd
May, 2004 at DVK Hall, Christ
Delhi Discipleship training in College, Bangalore. The theme of
Leaders’ Training Programme: Delhi Jesus Youth organized a Delhi, Gujarat, Mumbai, the meet was “Heal the Sick and
The promptings of the Holy Spirit youth conference from 20th to 23rd Rajasthan, Bangalore and
sparked off many new initiatives May, 2004 attended by about 200 Kerala
in Oman over the past few months. Malayalee Youth from various
Night vigils, a great source of parts of Delhi. Senior Jesus Youth A seven-day programme for
spiritual strength, were conducted from Kerala led the conference. On youngsters aged 15 to 18. The
at Ruwi -Effata and Ghala. The one the second last day of the number varied from 40 to 50 in each
week visit by Dr. Edward Edezhath region. The sessions covered self- Proclaim His Kingdom”. There
conference (22 nd May), an
gave a new impetus to the JY esteem, Christian l e a d e r s h i p , were around 650 participants from
intercession for India was
activities. He animated leaders at over 60 nursing institutions in
conducted, as that day coincided
the one day gatherings in Sohar, Karnataka.
with the swearing in ceremony of
Ruwi and Ghala. A leaders’
the new Indian government. An intercession drive - Jeeva
Jyothi was launched as a
Campus Pool 2004 precursor to the conference.
A three day residential programme Candles blessed by His Grace,
conducted by the campus ministry Ignatius Pinto, the Archbishop of
of Kerala for campus leaders from Bangalore, were dispatched to
colleges all over Kerala. Over 150 discipleship, inter-personal
various nursing colleges around
par ticipants to ok par t in this relationships, communication,
Karnataka. Every day the Jeeva
programme that was held from sexuality, pro-life, Histor y of the Jyothi candle would be taken to a
training programme was also Church, evangelization, etc. The
conducted on the 12th and 13th of 25 th to 28 th August, 2004 at different hostelier’s ro om, where
St. Paul’s College, Kalamasserr y. Bangalore programme was titled a 20-minute intercession prayer
August which was attended by 75
The theme of the programme was Kerygma 2004. The objective of would be held. Praying with the
Jesus Youth members. Different
ministries like Intercession, Music, “You are the Light of the World”. all these training programmes was Jeeva Jyothi candle has become
Outreach, Librar y and Christeen Par ticipants were given the to bring Jesus into the lives of a regular feature in many nursing
were initiated. freedom to attend classro om teenagers so that they would institutions across Karnataka.
contd. on page 5 K
North American Continental Gathering UK National Convention- Arise 2004
Around 60 senior Jesus The National Convention of Jesus
Youth leaders of U.S. and Youth UK took place at Newmann
Canada came together from College, Birmingham from 27th - 29th
July 16th-18th for the first August, 2004. There were more than
Continental Gathering in 200 participants from various parts of
Perth Amboy, New Jersey. UK. In his inaugural address Rt. Rev.
This gathering, the first of its Mgr. Canon J. Moran of Birmingham
kind in the history of Jesus Youth of North America, was a time for Archdiocese said that Jesus Youth is
sharing, reflection and strategic planning. Decisions were made to bring a blessing to UK and urged them to bring Jesus to the people, especially
about a more collaborated effort towards Jesus Youth initiatives in U.S. the youth. Fritz Mascarenhas, Director of ICPE Mission-India, was the
and Canada. A common platform main speaker.
for both countries to co-ordinate
During a panel session JY from various walks of life shared how Jesus
World Youth Day mobilization
worked in their ever yday lives. Holy Mass was celebrated by
among Jesus Youth was also
Fr. Sebastian Arikat and Fr. George Mudukkampuram. There was a
initiated. Fr. Thomas Tharayil
Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and candles representing the 5 zones in the
(Pastor, America), Sunil Natarajan
UK and Ireland were offered during
(Co-ordinator, Nor th America),
Holy Mass and taken to the
Dr. Edward Edezhath, Prof.
respective zones. A planning
Alicekutty and Manoj Sunny co-ordinated the various sessions.
session was conducted after the
concluding Mass. Jesus Youth
Camping Out to Build the Ark - NJ, USA from various zones of UK gathered
A thre e day camp was in order to form prayer groups in
organised by the Jesus their respective places. Fr. Sebastian Arikat Fritz Mascarenhas

Youth young couples’

ministr y of New Jersey from Servant Leaders in the Making-Singapore
23 rd -25 th July at Ricketts A series of study classes spread over
Glenn National Park, a year for 130 first liners is being
Pennsylvania. 55 adults and organised by JY Singapore to further
46 youngsters participated. their spiritual growth. They have been
“Building the Ark - Building a Catholic family among the challenges of divided into 15 groups and a leader
the modern world” was the theme of the camp. assigned to each. On 8thAugust,
Tents were pitched for each family. Meals were prepared at the site and 2004, a half-day repentance and
shared. Hiking expeditions, games and ex tra curricular activities were infilling prayer session was
under taken during the day. In the conducted for them. The trainings marked a pathbreaking event in the
evening the familes would sit around leadership building efforts of Singapore Jesus Youth.
campfires and share the “ark building
experience”, reflecting on scripture Voice of Jesus Youth in Rome
passages from Genesis, about Noah “This was a special grace God
building the ark. Holy Mass was bestowed on me. It broadened my
celebrated in an outdo or vision for the Kingdom, especially
amphitheatre by Fr. Christi a parish
the evanglization of youth”, says Tity
priest in Philadelphia . Worshipping
Antony, a Postgraduate in
and praising God along with nature
Microbiology, an active Jesus Youth
was a memorable experience.
in Bangalore, who represented
Jesus Youth at the 8th International
Youth Forum in Rome organized by
the Pontifical Council for the Laity
from 30th March to 4th April, 2004.
She presented a paper on Campus
Ministry from the point of view of inter-religious dialogue with particular
reference to the Asian context. 200 delegates representing 90 countries
and 30 Catholic Organisations/ Movements were present.

Your bir th, O Blessed Virgin Mar y,

The Answer - UAE heralded joy to all the world.
Reverberating music, lively choreography, power-packed audio- visual For it was the Father’s will
presentations, inspiring life testimonies. That was “The Answer”- a two that his word should take to himself
hour musical extravaganza by the Covenant Singers Band - a new ini- our human nature in your womb.
tiative of Jesus Youth UAE. Three programmes took place at St. Mary’s Pray for us, that we may be shaped
Church Hall, Dubai and St. Francis of Assisi Church Hall, Jebal Ali - two in the likeness of the divine nature
in English and one in Malayalam. “The Answer” is a milestone for the
Movement in spreading the message of God’s love through music. of your son, our Redeemer.

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