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Infrared Thermographic

Inspection Report



Re: Thermographic Inspection Report

Dear -------------

On –date--, we were onsite to perform an infrared inspection on your critical equipment. Upon
completion of this survey, we were able to detect and identify ------- thermal anomalies. The results of
our survey contained in this report include a description and rating of all areas and equipment inspected.

All anomalies discovered are documented and include detailed thermo grams of the suspected anomalies,
accompanied by a digital photo with temperature measurements. We include in this report
recommendations for corrective actions on items found to be suspect.

Further to Infrared inspections, we also provide other predictive maintenance services including:

 Vibration Analysis of rotating equipment.

 Winding Analysis on motors, generators and other wound equipment.
 Oil Analysis
 Complete motor repair and rewind facilities.
 Onsite laser alignments