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MCA Fresher Resume

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Friday, 02 November 2007
Last Updated Friday, 30 July 2010

Menaka Shahi
B-312,Vallabh Vihar,
Phone: 9847241138

Seeking a position of Programmer/Developer in the field of IT where fresh talent will add value to operations and utilize
my skills and abilities. Technical Summary

Areas of expertise: Oracle 9i, SQL Server,.NET(ASP.NET, C#)

Sound Knowledge of: C, C++, Java
- Undertaken project dealing with data processing & Application development. Developed a project for Punjab National
Bank IIT, as part of M.C.A Course on Oracle IDS using Oracle 9i.
- Worked on developing a web-site for Marc Solution, using with C# language and SQL Server.
Academic QualificationS.NoDegree School/College/University Year of Passing Percentage/Division 1 M.C.A U.P.Technical
University, Lucknow 2007 71% 2 B.C.A B.R.Ambedkar University, Agra 2004 77% 3 12th Girls’ High School,
Allahabad 2001 60% 4 10th Girls’ High School, Allahabad 1999 68% Skills Profile

1 Programming Languages: .NET (ASP.NET, C#), C, C++, Java

2 Web Development: HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, and ASP.
3 Operating Systems: Windows (98, 2000, NT, XP), UNIX.
4 Graphic Packages: Macromedia Dreamweaver.
5 Databases: Oracle - 7.3, 8i& 9i, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, MS Access.
6 Backup & Restore Application: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Express.Projects:

The details of the various projects in chronological order:

1. Project Title : Online job search

Organization : Marc Solution
Duration : 6 months
Tools used : ASP.NET with C#, SQL Server2000 and Dreamweaver for designing.

Project Description:

This project involved building up a Job Portal for Marc Solutions which catered to both applicants and recruiters. Involved
in developing a Web based Application which would enable Job seekers get automated mail information about available
Job openings with Recruiters based on their skill set.
Responsibility: I worked on designing of database using SQL server and also involved in GUI development.

2. Project Title : Out-Station Claim Management

Organization : Punjab National Bank Institute of Information Technology
Duration : 6 months
Tools used : Oracle 9i, Oracle IDS

Project Description:

An application developed with Punjab National Bank IIT for receiving the claim details of employee and gives their total
claim. Generate monthly reports for the management.
Responsibility: I was involved in Database and dataflow designing and Application Development.

3. Project Title : Mobile Phones Services tracking System

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Career Drive India

Duration : 2 months
Tools used : Visual Basic 6.0, MSAcces

Project Description:

An application developed for multitech services.

Responsibility: I was involved in Structural Analysis and also worked as GUI Developer, Application Developer and
Database Designer.

4. Project Title : Inventory Management of Prepaid Mobile

Duration : 4 months
Tools used : Visual Basic 6.0, MSAcces

Project Description:

A scalable employment portal with ease of use and many flexible operations.
The Team consisted of 6 members and the project was developed as part of MCA curriculum.
Responsibility: My responsibilities included working as Designing, GUI Developer and Application Developer.

5. Project Title : B.C.A Project - HR Requisition Management

Organization : Reliance Infocomm, Lucknow
Duration : 6 months
Tools used : Visual Basic 6.0 , MSAcces

Project Description:

A data processing application to receive the request of employee and to manage them.
VB 6.0 was used as a front-end and Microsoft Access as database.
Responsibility: My responsibilities included working as GUI Developer and Application Developer.Extra Curricular
- Seminars delivered on DNA Computing, Data Warehousing in IT Scenario and Communication skills.
- Participated in several State level Basketball matches.
- Held the position of Vice Captain in my school/college.
- Participated in college and school level debate and essay competition and received applauds.
- Captain of school basketball team.
- Event organizer in all school and college annual day functions and other technical events.
Personal Summary:

Date of Birth: 26/04/1983 Languages Known: Hindi, and EnglishReferences:

1. Mr. Praneeth Meduko, Associate Technology L1, Sapient Bangalore. (Employee No
2. Mr. Abhinav Shahini, ERP-SAP Consultant, Phase V,TCS Gurgaon
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