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My goals
I, Sumit Raj Shah, am applying for the Masters program in Networking at Melbourne Institute
of Technology, Sydney Campus. After considering my aptitude and the type of work that I
enjoy most, I am convinced that I want to take up a career in Networking in Computer
Science. A Masters is just one step towards realizing this goal.

My preparation for the same

My formal introduction to Information Technology particularly in Networking began at NIT-
Kurukshetra. Under its excellent faculty, I got exposed to the spectrum of IT although my
major was in Electronics and Communication. In an environment that is intensely
competitive, and where research goes hand-in-hand with learning, I also got a lot of drill in
both electronics as well as in computer related subjects and implementation, thus laying a
sound foundation for post-graduate study. Subjects like Computer Engineering in 1st
semester, Computer Architecture and Organization, Information Theory and coding and
Computer Communication Networks.

My academic and co-curricular record has been consistently good throughout school as well
as now. What I would like to stress most however is the fact that I have been good at
academic as well extracurricular activities

My primary interests
I have always loved problems which involve plenty of visualization. At NIT, this resulted in an
inclination towards Information Theory and Coding and Computer Communication Networks,
and also Algorithms.

I have good knowledge of Network Topology and Layers of Network that work hand to hand
in data communication.

Why Melbourne Institute of Technology, Sydney Campus?

It would be a cliché to say that all fields in Information Technology are highly interlinked. I
have experienced this myself, since frequently, while working on a problem in one field, I
have (through abstraction/ reduction/ analogy) landed up looking at another problem, that
one would normally put under a different field altogether.

Hence, two criteria that I considered while selecting a university for my PMasters were the
university must be very strong in skills incorporating state of the art developments in
networking, and the assessment, planning and evaluation of technologies and networking
Melbourne Institute of Technology more than satisfies these criteria. An added attraction
which develops foundation skills in IT and System Analysis to give graduates the capabilities
of systems professionals.

What I plan to do at MIT, Sydney Campus

I plan to carry on advanced study of Information Technology, as well as related fields (e.g.
System Analysis); not only through coursework but also by participating in one of the several
ongoing projects. This will also give me the opportunity to contribute my bit to the
understanding of the fields which interest me so much.

I am keen that the output of my Masters, be well worth the time and effort spent on it. I am
sure that MIT institute will provide me the right environment.

In conclusion...
I am aware that expects very high standards from its students. On my part, I can assure you
of hard work. I believe that my enthusiasm will enable me to meet those expectations. My
consistency in all previous academic and co-curricular activities is what gives me confidence
when I say this.

Eagerly looking forward to a long and mutually profitable association with the School of IT
and Engineering of MIT, Sydney Campus.