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Australian, Mathematics Competition for the Westpac Awards 1990 SENIOR _ DIVISION COMPETITION PAPER (School Years 11 and 12) TUESDAY, 31 JULY 1990 INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION General 1. Do not open this booklet until told to do so by your teacher. 2. Calculators are not permitted. Scribbling paper, graph paper, ‘uler and compasses are permitted. 3. Diagrams are NOT drawn to scale. They are intended only as aids, 4. Avoid random guessing as one quarter of the marks assigned for that question will be deducted for an incorrect response. 5. Read carefully the instructions on the answer sheet. Itis the student's responsibility that the answer sheet is correctly coded. 6. When your teacher gives the signal, bagin working on the problems, You have 1hours working time. Integrity of the Competition To ensure the integrity of the Competition and to identify the outstanding students the AMC reserves the right to re-examine students before deciding whether to grant offical status to their score. Answers on the Answer Sheet 1. All answers should be recorded on the answer sheet. 2. Use only B or 2B lead pencil. 3. If coding error is mado use only a plastic eraser to ensure that all oad marks and smudges are completely removed. a SENIOR DIVISION Questions 1-10, 3 marks each » (0.01)? equals (A)0.1 (B) 0.01 (C) 0.001 ~~ (D) 0.0001 (E) 0.0002 . The average of the numbers 0.1, 0.11, and 0.111 is (A) 0.041 (B) 0.107 (C) 0.11 = (DY ONL (E) 0.17 . Which of the following numbers is the smallest? wt wm? ©2 oF oF |. In the diagram PQ = PR = QS Q and ZQPR = 20° The size of ZRQS, in degrees, is P R S (A) 20 (B) 40 (©) 60 (D) 80 (E) 100 . If 98-* = 814-7", then & equals (A) 2 (B) z () 2 (D) 2 (e) 3 - p=a (° = ) , then s equals (ay bor Oe () OS (E) = . Two fractions are equally spaced between } and 3. The smaller of the two fractions is wk ot o©F% ws wi 24 18 36 12 3 10. ql. 12. $2 . The difference between the squares of two consecutive positive in- tegers is d. The smaller of these integers can be represented by wer oS © MF wu-w . Given f(2) = |2| — 2, then the coordinates of the midpoint of the line joining the points (f(2), f(-2)) and (f(4), f(-4)) are (A) (0,0) (B) (0.6) (C) B68) D) 4) E) (0,3) In a test all questions were of equal value. If you answered 9 of the first 10 questions correctly, but only 3 of the remaining ques- tions correctly, you would have scored 50% for the whole test. The number of questions in the test was (A) 60 (B) 40 (C) 20 (D) 50 (E) 30 Questions 11-20, 4 marks each What is the minimum number of circular discs of the same size required to completely cover another dise of the same size so that any dise may touch, but not overlap, the centre of the covered disc when viewed from above? (A) 6 (B) 4 (C)3 (D) 2 (E)5 ‘The diagram shows a 5 by 5 table. The top row contains the symbols P, Q, R, Pla|Rr{|s|T Sand T. The fourth row contains the symbols P, Q and R at the centre. The remaining squares can be filled with P’s, Q’s, R’s, S’s and T’s such that no row, column or diagonal contains the same P|Q\R symbol more than once. The symbol that must go into the shaded square is (A) P (B)Q (C)R (D) $ (E)T