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Este sistema es ca eee ee TeMm cic 10 2 15°C la temperatura ambiente. & in charge of characterising and activating the fil s asociadas a una Bree et Vallecas se alcanzan temperaturas en vi cn ee mn un 40% de humedad) temporary prostheses which act as substitutes for Se trata de elementos aut6no Peat MRE RIEE evercia térmica y ole biociimaticaly regulating the place themselves in [eMSCEa Etta the future, and when that time comes, the spaces aUaea MENS ee Seems clectricas, obtener eee oe tc" Pee reese herd mo si estuviésemos bajo un gran arbol, & ee ontramos en una sit ermedia entre Concentration. instead of dividing the ¢ interior, protegidos y con condiciones eM Leme 2 ie vez al aire libre. La transicion del exterior a concentrate most ofthis in certain places which are (Rae aS un edificio, ee etoe ey Estamos en contacto con el exterior continuame eee RCM IOR TC ESINEE estos “Arboles” funcionan hacia el exterios of this place will be defined to a large extent by its social sustainability. Our project will create activity ee eg We opted for the circle, the optimal geometry from a biocimatic point of view, for the ae Ca 2 se vendera a compafia fe emplearan en su SC ead ee ae Cee spaces that operate, starting the first minute, at the Rea a ee Constructed with a very light structural base. We eee ened Ce eC uc Ae RC cua ee Ege eee Pee en ta ene er allow us to obtain hot water and energy which are used to air-condition the space. SCs sacar) SA ana a effective with high temperatures associated with Ce Ae Cue Pease een EO ae) De en) which the necessary thermal and electrical energy ee eee eed and photovoltaic ones). In addition, any electrical energy that is not necessary will be sold to electric companies. The profits will be used for the Se eg Se en eon De Wa ee ad Dee ed Ne ee Tt en an ek interior is natural; it is not a building; itis a closed Se ecm ny Sa eT) Cee ee ee eho Se ee Ce ekg they are refolded and part of the enclosure is taken Cae ee Cee ee Tae eee aR Cerne uae’ Se ne as oramiento, aumentan el control eee ay 2 Ca ecg Ce ee ccd which are not oriented to a single use. A party + a recorded rock concert, a waterpark, football on a Se Rea eee oy botanical gardens, a fair, an aviary, an exhibition hall, a third age hall, children's games, a street market, uso del agua. En invierno se repliegan, bajan parte estos luc Las estrate los no orie un Unico uso: Fiesta + concierto de rock en diferidc futbolera de domingo, cine dad, juegos infantiles, teatro, mercadi Pea ae z out of spaces, and not only a decoration in the 4} public space. By night light will characterize the [aaa sdlo como un adomo en el a cee ree cio piblico, Por la noche la uz caracterzaré los distin 3 itself according to night-ime activity, and not in a (a a ce anaes vided recta, y node mane unfrme. Possible private financing, by means of Ser Re Lun eet