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Interview Script - Urban Indigeneity: Quechuas in Virginia and Kichwas

in New York – Arnold Arnez

1. What race and/or ethnicity do you identify with and are you familiar with your family’s
general racial/ethnic background?

2. I will list of a set of terms and I want you to give your opinion on one or as many of these
terms as you would like: Indigenous, American Indian, Latino/a/x, Hispanic, Latin American,
Native American, Bolivian/Ecuadorian, Bolivian-American/Ecuadorian-American. What do any
of terms mean to your and your family’s background, if any?

3. How is the way you self-identify yourself affect the way other people see you including
friends, family, workmate/classmates, etc.? Do you believe it effects the way they see you at

4. What relationship do you have with the Quechuas/Kichwas of your community? Do you
frequently interact with them? With the ones in Bolivia/Ecuador?

5. What role does the Quechua/Kichwa language have in your family life and student (18 years
or older) and/or work life? Is it spoken around you commonly? Do you speak it?

6. What is it that makes a Quechua/Kichwa in your opinion? In the opinion of the community?

7*. Do you have children and/or grandchildren? *If the response is “yes,” got to question 7a. If
the response is “no,” go to question 7b.

7a. Did you pass down your Quechua/Kichwa identity to your children (if the participants has
grand/children)? Grandchildren? What is it that you passed down to them? Or why did you not
pass it down?
7b. Would you like to pass down your identity (if the person has no children)? What would you
pass down? And if you do not want to pass it down? Why?

8. Is passing down Quechua/Kichwa identity and the Quechua/Kichwa language common in

your community? How do you think your community will look in the near and far future?

9. Do you have any last comments you would like to make about any topic in this interview?