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ARCA ‘Casscal and Medieval Texts, Papers and Monographs ay General Editors: Francis Caims and Robin Seager Publication of his volume was anise by a enero subenton from the Dean ofthe Faculty af Ans, Carleton Unrty,Ottaa THE HISTORY OF MENANDER THE GUARDSMAN Introductory Essay, Text, Translation, and Historiographical Notes R.C. BLOCKLEY abated by Francis Cairns (Publications) Lid First published 1985 Copyright © R.C. Blockley, 1985 eps etn ni rsh tary Caalrig Pabst ‘Te Bo of Meine ie Gurimarnacry Is0N aonsnsas CONTENTS Preface Introduction $$ Conpecs ofthe Fragments e Maps: ‘Re Align No SS rie ek Sea Text and Translation Notes Biblosaphy Correlation of Fragments SS Conlon of Pasages from the Sado Index of Names and Places {Index of Quotations and Citations 3 3 38 2st 29 295 237 299 305 TO KATHRYN Preface ‘This volume, devoted tothe History’ of the late snthcentury writer Menander the Guardsman, completes the presentation of those classiising historians of the late Empire whose work survives in substamial fragments It stands, therefore, 38 a continuation of my two earlier volumes on the fifth-century historians (The Fragmentary (Glassicsing Hitortans ofthe Later Roman Empire), andits method logy is idetial with that set out in the introductions to those volumes. In addition tothe indexes supplied in the earlier volumes, | have included in this volume a correlation ofthe articles in the Suda drawn from Menander, which re many ad usualy brie. [have so Jncorporated inthe apparatus references toa MS ofthe Exc. de Le, om. not used by de Boor, the readings of which ae reported by Krashenianikov (the readiagsindicatlitle modification ofthe text) have used Krashoninnikov's designation of the MSas C. Otherwise, the MS designations are those used by de Boot forthe Exe. de Lee And Adler forthe Suda, ‘The task of preparing the present volume was far less onerous than that of preparing theealir ones, not only becauseits subject is fone writer and one work with fewer and longer fragments and & comparatively uncomplicated tet, but also because ofthe existence of to excellent studies of aspects especially the chronology) ofthe petiod covered, those by Stein (1919) and Whitby “Thanks af, 2s with the earlier volumes, once again du tothe Dean of Arts of Carleton University fora subvention towards the publishing costs. RC. Blockley Carleton University 1984

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