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Serena Longman PS1 practicum lesson plan

Christmas gift to the parents Date DEC 10th, 2018
Subject/Grade Time
Grades 2/3 ART 1hr
Level Duration


General  Through a variety of experiences students will grow as an individual.
Learning  Students will develop perceptional awareness; to learn visual art skills and concepts; to
Outcomes: interpret and communicate.
 To communicate through the process of creating, to value, to reflect upon and
appreciate the cultural aspects of art.
 To have students to appreciate art in everyday life.

Learning The goal is to give students the opportunity to reflect, depict, compose and express through art.
 REFLECTION -responses to visual forms in nature, designed objects and artworks.
- development of imagery based on observations of the visual world.
- lean about the elements of art such as color, shape and symmetry through the
stained glass visual.
-organization of images and their qualities in the creation of unified statements.
- students will be able to openly express and share their works.
- use of art materials as a vehicle or medium for saying something in a meaningful way.
- students will learn techniques ( such as basic cutting, and creating something
aesthetically) their stained glass window creation.


 Students will reflect on the gift of giving during the holiday season.
 This is a lesson on giving thanks to our parents for all that they do for us

ASSESSMENTS (How I will know students have achieved the objective(s))

 Through class discussion and reflection on giving thanks
 The activity will show what they create and how well they follow instructions


Prepped:  Glue sticks
 Music pre assessed for appropriateness-  paint  Cotton balls
 Cards prepped  Construction paper

Introduction Time

 Question and response discussion : what does it mean to be thankful?

- we give thanks to show gratefulness
- our parents do so much for us all, this art project is a Christmas gift to our parents, to say
thank you for all that you do. _20minutes

The teacher will hand out and have the art supplies prepped and ready for the students

Body Time

 The teacher will introduce the art activity (Christmas gift to the parents)
 The class will make flower pots with snow men in them for the parents as a Christmas gift. _30_
 Each student will have a flower pot and minutes

Closure Time

 At this point if time left over, when the 30 minutes are done the teacher will have the
students place their art projects in a safe spot to dry and them proceed to clean their
mess. 10 minutes

The Christmas flower pot gift for the parents

Sponge Activity/Activities
Art - Program of Studies POS~ The goal of this lesson plan is to focus on:

Central Purpose of the Discipline

 Visual focus
 Organization of visual material
 Proficiency in how we see and interpret visual stimuli
 Thinking and being art
 Values of art form
 Ways of expressing feeling in visual form
 Making and conveying qualitative judgement of art

This lesson is focused on:

Individual Experience
Opportunities for the child to experience:
 Pride in achievement
 Valuable group activities
 A sense of worth
 Making decisions

Opportunities for growth:

 Independence
 Individuality
 Self-realization
 Self-awareness
 Creativity

Learning Experience
 Communicate through image-making
 Art vocabulary
 Self-expression
 Medium and materials
 Content
Communication Experience
 Individual expression
 Interpretation
 Express
 Reflect
Creative Experience
 Exposure to various mediums and media
 Practice in creating
 Visual communication and understanding
 Problem solving from Imagination to Image
 Expressing feelings and messages
Cultural experience
 Understanding art as universal expression

Environmental experience
 Preference of visuals in day-to-day life
 Aesthetic in environment

Key important components that students should take from this lesson:
o The students are encouraged to:

 Reflection
 Depiction
 Expression

Suggestions that I would give to people to teach the discipline:

o No fooling around and expectations clear
o Get to know your students first
o Be aware of your students learning needs