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XP -8 Series Model: XP - 309 - 312 The Commercial series emphasizes compactness and effectiveness. This space-saving and economical series is suitable for shops, offices, and homes. For door height up to 2.5m. Model: XP - 609 - 612 The Industrial series is designed to cater to heavy workload. Suitable for factories, shops, kitchen, and warehouses. For door height up to 3.5m. Model: XP - 809 - 812 The heavy duty industrial series suitable for workshops, cold storages and warehouses. For door height up to 6.0m. “ snimiaae XP -3 and 6 Series More efficient use of energy helps lower your electric bill, Extremely effective heat Insulation, Keeps out pollutants hence reduces contamination. Keeps out Insects without the use of toxic chemicals, Maintains uniform temperature throughout big room, No obstacle In doorway, goods tranfer is fast and convenient Aa alates as XP-3 Series & XP-6 Series 220-240 XP-612 ar 2,606 14. « 60 125 269) pat Tl XP-809 3Ft 3400 380 XP-812 art 3400 3720 3/4 95% [ 410 2 95% airflow velocity uniformity (CAC)** J 67 dBA noise level 2 2.4 KW/or3.6 KW electric heaters (optional) 2 Vole: 350-3 50H2 Enea 56.5% CER s0% ‘Anait conditioned shop with a total Toor space of 65 sam. LU csi, Inside temperature was 28 deg ouside empeatue was Spaeniel ries es set free on one side. A 40W ‘mercury lamp was placed on Without Air Curtain in use the other side Only 20% of he insects can passthrough the za 17610 24,920 Keal/ Air Curtain tothe other side Mae cs 9 rca ESET] 80% 5; 7 diege aed “ coded des 44.cum cold storage Energy Loss: a from other door causes Without Air-Curtain With Air-Curtain ~ 1710 Kealhrof eneray | 3520KcaVin of energy was ‘was last through the door This was the major cause of energy loss. Total energy loss was at 24920 Kale lost through the door. There sas a reduction of 14,090, Kealfhr of energy loss = Total energy loss was reduced to 109830 Keal/ar. Without Air-Curtain = Inside temperature inczescee from Sto minutes + Inside temperature reaches 10 minutes, o UTS CARRIER L.! Bored facility with inside ‘temperature of 5 dea, ambient temperature ‘was at 20 deg.c. With Air-Curtain + Inside temperature increases from S104 ‘dean 10 minutes ~ Inside temperature reaches 2096. in Sminute au pmAnt punat ALAIN RASALKHAIMAH — FISETRATL POROX 3977 POROX. 6735 POROX 1669 POROK 164s POROX: 2246 TELUS 024246 RL Ub Shoaos BL Os NSN Km a7 58824 L209 2772550 PAKCZ 0725461 FANO43964064 —_-FANLOD7SS4876 FAX D7 2000464 FAX 09 2200760,