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2909 Lemon St. (909) 744 - 7708

Riverside, CA 92501

Objective Secure greater responsibility in information industry specializing in writing, digital

content, analytics, communications, and / or social media.

Professional Skills and Achievements

 Fluid copywriting skills that cater to any circumstance or assignment.
 Highly effective social media management and strategy.
 Served social media consultation for Taco Bell, Kia, Deschutes, and Esri.
 Talent for reaching intended target.
 Copywriting and editing professionally since 2007.
 Directed social media & email marketing for largest US event rental company.
 Created social analytics reporting structure for Kia Motors America and affiliates
 Bountiful creativity and unique interpretations.
 Oversight and development of brand strategy for varied brands and industries.
 Authored countless press releases, executive speeches, and ad spots.
 Rapid desktop publishing via Dreamweaver, Photoshop, CSS, and HTML.
 Daily professional social posting for 7+ years; analytic report generation.
 150% account growth; millions of users reached; thousands of clicks monthly.
 Personal correspondence influential in securing large Costco account.
 Previously Major League affiliated.
 Experienced in drafting daily web content reaching millions.
 Portfolio:

Employment Copyeditor

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics Brea, CA September 2018 – present

 Review and edit technically complex marketing documents specific to the

laboratory diagnostics industry for accuracy, grammatical issues, compliance
with brand policies on style, and consistency with other Beckman Coulter assets.
 Conduct quality assurance assessments on web pages, articles, emails,
employee bios, and other marketing collateral as a fail-safe before publishing.
 Collaborate with project initiators to provide long and short form copywriting
 Perform audits to detect missing or erroneous content across company
domestic and international websites.

Senior Community Manager

Innocean USA / Kia Motors America Orange County, California March 2018 – November 2018

 As an embedded employee of a global advertising agency, serve as a

dedicated asset to the company client, Kia Motors America.
 Monitor Kia social media accounts around the clock, seven days a week.
 Engage users on Kia's behalf across a variety of platforms, strengthening the
bond between customer and brand.
 Identify opportunities to stimulate interest in the brand with proactive real-time
interactions in response to Kia marketing activations.
 Conduct analysis on social media metrics and sentiment.
 Recap and present findings of sponsored events to Kia management.
 Determine, devise, and disseminate social analytics reporting structure for four
organizations affiliated with Kia social media.
 Develop marketing strategies for content, campaigns, and communication
 Provide copywriting support for online advertisements, partnered social media,
and organic evergreen content.
 Distill conversations happening across all social channels to identify key posts
and emerging trends.
 Responsible for building audience within platform, planning and developing
shareable content, participating and building relationships directly with fans and
influencers, keeping the community engaged, making optimization
recommendations, and providing ongoing metrics tracking.


Esri Redlands, California May 2016 – January 2018

 Flexibly undertake any writing or editing assignment in a timely manner

regardless of circumstance, workload, or obstacle.
 Research and write varied content relating to the promotion and use of
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology for world's largest, most
influential GIS company.
 Draft copy for assorted assignments including press releases, web & print
articles, digital, print, and radio advertisements, blogs, eBooks, social media
copy, corporate guidelines, and award submissions.
 Author homepage headlines seen by hundreds of thousands daily.
 Attend industry events, interview company clients, and relay interesting stories.
 Devise creative copy for industry specific advertisements and microsites such
as marine research, logistics, education, manufacturing, or utilities infrastructure.
 Contribute to writing team meetings and special assignments including content
strategy, slogan creation, and company branding.
 Ghost write blogs and articles for Esri industry thought leaders including the
CMO Marianna Kantor.
 Serve as lead editor and contact for all Esri-associated Wikipedia pages.
 Work proactively and assist projects without prompting under tight turnarounds
to develop copy marketed to specific audiences and interests.
 Among 3,800 entrants, authored first place submission on behalf of the
National Audubon Society in the International Business Awards for company of
the year.
 Primary copywriter associated with the following web projects:

 Additionally, drafted the copy for the following government specific webpages:

Elected & Appointed Officials, Elections, Land Administration, National

Mapping & Charting, Official Statistics, Public Health, Public Works, Earth
Sciences, Defense, Intelligence
 Onsite contract copywriter role staffed through Vitamin T / Aquent.

Social Media Consultant

Martian Watches Irvine, California April 2016 – October 2016

 Independent contract client with telecommute interaction.

 Daily social media management of international smart watch brand attempting
to capture larger United States market share.
 Devised content calendar, account strategies, and weekly performance reports.
 Drafted proposals for ad buys, marketing campaigns, and blogger partnerships.
 Served as point of contact for customer complaints, reputation management,
user interaction, and new business inquiries.
 Implemented ad spends, ensured their facilitation, proactively responded to
variables, and reported on results.
 Cleansed social accounts of all unfavorable content including typos, poorly
sourced imagery, duplicitous posts, and anything else deemed unprofessional.
 Posted unique content every single day, without exception, for 20 consecutive
weeks totaling 1,327 individual, impression-garnering messages.
 Despite managing small accounts, earned 2,823 hyperlink clicks (0.48% CTR).
 Grew Instagram account 17.49% on 136 posts, earning 314,403 impressions
and 13,205 engagements in the process.
 Triggered cumulative 5.98% account growth (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,
Twitter) in addition to 392,006 individual user reaches.

Social Media Manager

Classic Party Rentals Inglewood, California March 2015 – January 2016

 Management of digital content for social media, website, blog, and newsletters.
 Implementation of social media strategy, both nationally and regionally, for
largest event rentals company in the United States.
 Oversight of company-wide social media training, creation, and facilitation.
 Monetization of considerable revenue from social through e-commerce.
 Collaboration with assorted branch general managers nationwide to develop
individual market-tailored approaches.
 Digital asset acquisition, accumulation, and administration.
 Mailing list refinement for newsletter optimization.
 Email marketing facilitation via the Oracle-based Eloqua dynamic platform.
 Responsible for creation and implementation of over 100,000 emails weekly.
 Development of comprehensive "how to" training documents for social media.
 Coordination and management of 20+ branch social media representatives.
 Blog composition and assorted marketing copywriting.
 Daily reputation management and response through review sites like Yelp and
all known social media user commentary.
 Grew Instagram from 6,100 followers to 12,700, monetized $54,500 on
Pinterest, expanded Twitter by 77.56%, and managed 23 Facebook pages.

Copywriter Los Angeles, California October 2012 – March 2015

 Independent contract client, on retainer with telecommute interaction.

 Writing and editing of various copy as deemed by company executives (site
content, blogs, wikipedia articles, etc.).
 Development of brand strategy for new services, products, and lines.
 Branding of content in a manner to appeal to both international and domestic
 Social media oversight and contribution.
 Composition of corporate communications and proposals.

Social Media Management & Web Production

California Apparel News Los Angeles, California July 2011 – October 2014

 Administration of burgeoning company social media presence and strategy

(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, Tumblr); all accounts minimally doubled under
my orchestration.
 Social media web copy and art generation.
 Vigorous social analysis of audience trends. Daily oversight, social listening,
and user interaction.
 Website content management and creation (
 Upload of 1,000s of articles and 10,000+ images.
 HTML manipulation and creation via Dreamweaver.
 Newsletter generation and circulation via Constant Contact's online marketing.
 Sales department coordination; contributing analytic insight and observations in
collaboration with sales staff to increase clients' advertising performance.
 Online advertisement interaction via direct embed and Double Click for
Publishers; corresponding tracking report creation.
 Careful micromanagement of homepage; SEO and headline optimization.
 Various photo album creation catering to template and form specifications.
 Direction of office editorial interns; social media and web content instruction.
 On request custom reports: social media, analytics, Constant Contact, DFP.

Social Media and Content Specialist

Pacific American Fish Company Vernon, California November 2012 – December 2013

 Creation, direction, and curation of social media and blogs for company's
primary business-to-consumer brand Pete's Seafood.
 Involvement in launch of revolutionary B2C online product for company rooted
in large scale B2B import / export.
 Pitching value-added, manufactured consumer perishables presented and
delivered by innovative methods to customers leery of change.
 Tasked with originating strategy and innovative approach to overcome minimal
brand recognition without any preexisting web presence or social momentum.
 Authoring SEO targeted and branded web copy for online presence.
 Devising and editing copy / correspondence for marketing efforts.
 Refined sales analysis, projection, and reporting of company's $220M annual
revenue and sales personnel.
 Analysis of quarterly and annual customer trends by variable splits.
 Collaboration with sales persons on personalized overall and account
performance reports; deficiency and difference determination.
 Development of SEO, web pages, and copy in addition to site maintenance.
 Product promotion and new product development contribution.
 Creative assistance, slogan generation, and advertising research.

Staff Writer / Editor Los Angeles, California April 2010 – September 2010

 Craft and edit various humorous articles.
 Update site’s blog until September dissolution.
 Independently stimulate and grow readership.

Kansas City Royals Minor League Video Technician

Royals / Wilmington Blue Rocks Wilmington, Delaware April 2009 – September 2009

 Oversee all recording for video coaching purposes taking place in Wilmington.
 Facilitation of simultaneous center field and in-stadium feeds.
 Digitize all footage for uploading, burning, and distributing purposes.
 Edit and update personal highlight reels for player development.


San Bernardino County Sun Newspaper San Bernardino, CA July 2007 – November 2009

 Write sports related articles and recaps after attending live events.
 Emergency Inland Empire 66ers correspondent.
 Prep football correspondent.
 Rim of the World High School correspondent.

Intern to the Media Department

Inland Empire 66ers San Bernardino, CA April 2007 – September 2008

 Composition of comprehensive post game summaries for internet publication

Responsible for production, arrangement, organization, and fulfillment of
selected materials for game-day programs.
 Retrieval and circulation of game-day sensitive information (starting lineups,
roster changes, updated statistics).
 Scoring, recording, and reporting of play-by-play happenings of home games.
 Supervision of Los Angeles Dodgers’ on site “batter vs. pitcher” video footage.

Staff Writer

University of California Riverside Highlander Newspaper Riverside, CA September 2007–April 2008

 Observe and report variety of sports.

 Prepare weekly sports related articles in periods of low athletic volume.
 Primary sport covered: women’s soccer.

Summary of Additional Skills

Qualifications  Enterprise-level experienced social media and web content professional.
 Deadline oriented, tendency to innovate, and driven to get things right initially.
 Tech savvy with strong communication skills; runs multi-camcorder set ups.
 Fast learner who adapts well; apt in problem solving and logic.
 Ten-plus years experience in customer service related fields.
References Alison Nieder Executive Editor at Apparel News
(213) 407-7197

Jim Patel Controller at Apparel News

(714) 865-2567

Eve-Marie Lanza Senior Marketing Content Strategist at Beckman Coulter

(714) 961-6621

Alex Frankel Creative Director, Kia account, at Innocean USA

(314) 482-7700

Eugene Santos Senior Manager, Multicultural Advertising & Marketing, at Kia

(949) 533-2974

Jeff Brazil Head of Content at Esri

(909) 793-2853 ext. 2683

Kelley McKasy Creative Operations Team Lead at Esri

(909) 793-2853 ext. 3962

David DiBiase Director of Education, Global Business Development at Esri

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Barbara Shields Senior Editor at Esri

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Matt DeMeritt Marketing Copywriter at Esri

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Brian Sapp Corporate Adoption Lead at Esri

(909) 793-2853 ext. 1064

Aaron Guzman Director of Digital Strategy at Martian Watches

(818) 568-9201

Brent Mumford CEO at Classic Party Rentals

(310) 966-4906

Evert van Niekirk founder

(213) 327-4951

Education Bachelors of Arts Degree

University of California Riverside Riverside, California Graduated March 2008
 Major: History