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The  Calibration  of  the  Instrumentation  Equipment  is  subject  to  the  terms  and  conditions  enumerated  below.  The  scopes  of  
works  stated  herein  are  subject  for  your  perusal  and  approval.  
GENERAL:   All   of   our   standard   reference   equipment   has   been   6. CALIBRATION   INTERVAL:   In   general,   the   laboratory   does   not  
calibrated   against   standards   traceable   to   national   and/or   recommend   any   set   of   recalibration   interval   for   measuring  
international   standards,   which   realize   the   units   of   measurement   instruments,  devices,  or  standards.  Specific  recalibration  interval  
according   to   the   International   System   of   Units   (SI),   or   have   been   is  the  responsibility  of  the  customer  to  determine.  The  customer  
derive   from   accepted   values,   natural   physical   constants,   or   through   should   advise   the   calibration   for   each   unit,   if   none   a   blank  
the   use   of   ratio   method   of   self-­‐calibrating   techniques.   InCalSys   calibration  due  will  appear  on  the  certificate.  For  guidance,  you  
Metrology   and   Laboratory   Service   Inc.   quality   system   conforms   to   may  refer  to  the  latest  issue  of:  
applicable  requirements  of  ISO/IEC  17025:2005.   6.1. Philippine   Accreditation   Office,   Supplementary  
  Requirement  –  LA/SR07  Equipment  Calibration  Intervals    
1. CALIBRATION   SYSTEMS:   Calibration   and/or   Testing   shall   involve   6.2. Guidance   Series   ILAC-­‐G24   Edition   2007:   Guidelines   for   the  
the  following  (whenever  necessary)   determination  of  calibration  intervals  
1.1. Simulation,  Testing,  Calibration  and  Cleaning  of  Equipment   6.3. NCSL   Recommended   Practice   1   (RP1)   –   Establishment   and  
is  to  be  implemented.   Adjustment  of  Calibration  Intervals.  
1.2. Performance  test,  calculation  of  Expanded  Uncertainty  (U),   7. CALIBRATION   DATA   POINTS:   A   minimum   of   Four   (4)   calibration  
Coverage  Factor  (k)  and  Error  or  Correction     points   at   25%,   50%,   75%   and   100%   and   five   (5)   trials   per   point  
1.3. Calibration  works  includes  certificate  with  calibration  data,   will   be   implemented,   if   applicable.   Customer   may   the   advice   the  
tags  and/or  calibration  stickers   laboratory  on  their  required  calibration  points.  
2. CONDITIONS  OF  SERVICE:   8. TERMS  OF  PAYMENT:    Payment  acceptable  to  InCalSys  is  Dated  
2.1. The  customer  shall  supply  sufficient  electric  power  (~220V,   Company   Cheque,   Telegraphic   (Wire)   Transfer,   Bank-­‐to-­‐bank  
60Hz,  Single  Phase)  and  water  for  our  testing  &  domestic   Deposit,   or   CASH   upon   completion   of   works.   Companies   availing  
purposes,  if  done  onsite.   of  payment  terms  must  first  be  approved.  
2.2. Any   delay   in   the   work   due   to   causes   beyond   our   control   9. DELIVERY   &   PICK   UP:     Pick-­‐Up   and   delivery   of   equipment/item   is  
and  not  the  laboratory’s  own  making,  shall  be  excused  and   free  of  charge  but  subject  to  personnel  availability  and  vehicle  
the  laboratory  shall  not  be  held  liable.   availability  schedule.  
2.3. The   calibrating   officer   or   technician   shall   report   10. UNCLAIMED   ITEMS:   Unclaimed   equipment/item   delivered   to  
immediately,   to   the   customer,   the   condition   of   the   INCALSYS  by  the  customer  within  ninety  (90)  calendar  days  from  
equipment,   unit,   probes,   sensors,   etc.   and   its   related   date   of   receipt   will   be   subjected   to   a   penalty   of   Php5.00   (Five  
peripherals   if   errors   and/or   problems   are   noticed   or   Pesos)  plus  12%  RVAT  per  day  in  excess  of  Ninety  (90)  Calendar  
encountered,  before  and  during  work.     Days  onwards.  Equipments  and/or  items  not  claimed  after  One  
2.4. The   calibrating   laboratory   shall   not   be   held  liable   for   prior   (1)   year   from   date   of   receipt   will   be   considered   “abandoned”  
or  present  damages  internal  or  external  on  the  unit  under   and  will  be  sold  to  compensate  for  stocking.  
calibration   (UUC).   However,   calibration   process   shall   be   11. CERTIFICATE:   A   Certificate   of   Calibration   or   Test   Certificate   will  
done   with   extreme   care   and   caution   to   protect   the   be   issued   to   the   customer   per   equipment   only   once.   The  
property  of  the  customer.   certificate   will   satisfy   the   ISO   17025:2005   Requirements   for  
3. LIMITED   CALIBRATION   WARRANTY:     Thirty   (30)   Calendar   Days   Reporting   of   Results   (Clause   5.10.2).   At   a   minimum,   the  
from   date   of   calibration   specified   on   the   certificate/tag/sticker   certificate   will   include   the   specifications   of   Unit   Under  
or   as   stated   on   the   delivery   receipt   date.   Warranty   is   for   Calibration   (UUC),   Calibration   Data,   computation   of   error   and  
calibration   service   only   and   not   for   the   defects   found   on   the   uncertainty,  environmental  conditions,  methods  used,  standard  
unit.  Calibration  Warranty  will  apply  if  tags/stickers/seals  is  not   reference  equipment  used.  Additional  copies  or  replacement  of  
be   voided,   removed   or   broken.   If   voided,   the   customer   lost  certificate  is  subject  to  additional  charge  of  Php50.00  (Fifty  
automatically   waives   the   calibration   warranty.   We   warrant   our   Philippine  Pesos)  as  reproduction  cost  per  certificate.  
calibration   service   and   will   re-­‐calibrate   the   unit   free-­‐of-­‐charge   12. ACCEPTANCE  OF  ORDER:  In  order  to  gain  proper  documentation,  
should  there  be  non-­‐conformance  of  works.  INCALSYS  shall  not   we   require   a   Purchase   Order   from   the   customer   specifying   the  
be  held  liable  for  consequential  damages.   required   service.   Should   the   customer   cannot   produce   the  
4. LOCATION:   Calibration   works   shall   be   done   at   InCalSys   required   formal   order,   for   whatever   reason,   affixing   of   his/her  
Metrology   and   Laboratory   Service,   Inc.’s   laboratory   premises,   signature   in   our   proposal   is   acceptable   &   will   serve   as  
unless   otherwise,   the   Customer   prefers   an   On-­‐site   Calibration   confirmation.  
and  had  agreed  to  pay  the  added  cost,  to  be  charged  separately.   13. COMPLAINTS:   Complaints   on   sub-­‐standard   service,   service  
5. ON-­‐SITE   CALIBRATION:   The   Customer   agrees   to   pay   additional   performance,   personnel   attitude   &   behavior,   or   any   valid  
charge   for   the   calibration   service   to   be   performed   on   their   complaints   concerning   over-­‐all   service   can   be   directly  
premises.     communicated   to   the   General   Manager   for   quick   action   and  
5.1. InCalSys   shall   be   provided   with   a   controlled   environment   response.   The   General   Manager   may   be   communicated   thru  
inclusive  of  working  table  and  chairs.  or  Tel.  No.  (632)  650-­‐5638;  696-­‐3107  
5.2. The   customer   shall   provide   security   and   assist   the   Ext.   101   or   0917-­‐7931947   and   look   for   Mr.   Alfred   F.   Ferrer.   All  
technician/s  to  perform  calibration  work.     complaints  are  to  be  dealt  professionally  and  prompt  corrective  
5.3. A   convenient   date,   to   both   parties,   will   be   scheduled   and   action.  
List  of  Personnel  will  be  forwarded,  if  needed.  
Terms  &  Conditions  of  Calibration  Service  
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