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Bartók Béla

Gyermekeknek; Für Kinder; Pour les enfants; For Children; Pro děti; Pre deti
83 pieces in 2 volumes, Sz.42

Year/Date of Composition 1908-09

First Publication 1909-11

Volumes 1 (after Hungarian folksongs)

1. Children at play. Allegro (C major)

2. Children's Song. Andante (C major)
3. Quasi adagio (A minor)
4. Pillow dance. Allegro (C major)
5. Play. Allegretto (C major)
6. Study for the left hand. Allegro (D dorian)
7. Play song. Andante grazioso (C major)
8. Children's game. Allegretto (D dorian)
9. Song. Adagio (D major)
10. Children's dance. Allegro molto (A dorian)
11. Lento (D major)
12. Allegro (C major)
13. Ballad. Andante (D minor)
14. Allegretto (D minor)
15. Allegro moderato (D major)
16. Old Hungarian tune. Andante rubato (G minor)
17. Round dance. Lento (E minor)
18. Sailors' song. Andante non molto (D mixolydian)
19. Allegretto (D mixolydian)
20. Drinking song. Poco allegro (G Minor)
21. Allegro rubusto (A minor)
22. Allegretto (F major)
23. Dance song. Allegro grazioso (C major)
24. Andante sostenuto (A minor)
25. Parlando (E dorian)
26. Moderato (G minor)
27. Jest. Allegramente (D major)
28. Choral. Andante (D dorian)
29. Pentatonic tune. Allegro scherzando (E phrygian)
30. Jeering song. Allegro ironico (C major)
31. Andante tranquillo (F minor)
32. Andante (F minor)
33. Allegro non troppo (F lydian)
34. Allegro (B♭ major)
35. Con moto (G minor)
36. Drunkard's song. Vivace (G minor)
37. Swine-herd's song. Allegro (G minor)
38. Winter solstice song. Molto vivace (F major)
39. Allegro moderato (A minor)
40. Swine-herd's dance. Allegro vivace (D dorian)

Volumes 2 (after Slovakian folksongs)

1. All the grils will marry. Allegro (F major)

2. I love him from afar. Andante (F major)
3. A rose for my beloved. Allegretto (F major)
4. Wedding song. Andante (F major)
5. Bird of flight. Molto andante (G major)
6. Rondo: The old Witch's son. Allegro (C major)
7. Song of the Rogue. Andante (A minor)
8. Dance song: The lovers Bill and Coo. Allegro (E minor)
9. Children's song: The blossom unfolds. Andante (B♭ major)
10. The fallen soldier. Largo (A minor)
11. Sweetheart, wait for me. Lento (D dorian)
12. Oh, Mother-in-law! Poco andante (G minor)
13. A swim in the river. Allegro (G minor)
14. Ploughing a field. Moderato (D major)
15. Slow dance. Molto tranquillo (G major)
16. Lamentoso. Lento (E minor)
17. The maid chooses a mate. Andante (E minor)
18. Former flame. Sostenuto - Allegro vivace (E major)
19. Distant lover. Assai lento (A minor)
20. Stay home, Hanulienka. Prestissimo (F lydian)
21. A funny story. Allegro moderato (C major)
22. Country festival. Molto allegro (A minor)
23. The old shepherd. Molto rubato, non troppo lento (D dorian)
24. The pine forest. Poco andante (D minor)
25. Bird in space. Andante (A minor)
26. Little scherzo. Allegretto (C major)
27. High spirits. Allegro (C major)
28. The Shepherd's pipe. Andnate molto rubato (E modal)
29. A jest. Allegro (A lydian)
30. Sad tale. Andante, molto rubato (G minor)
31. Canon. Poco vivace (E minor)
32. Young love. Vivace (G major)
33. Deep in the forest. Poco andante (D minor)
34. The hidden horse. Poco allegretto (F major)
35. Johnny is a bully. Allegro (F major)
36. Roses for my sweetheart. Largo (C major)
37. On the banks of the Danube. Molto tranquillo (C minor)
38. At parting. Adagio (A minor)
39. The highwayman. Poco largo (D minor)
40. Sweet summer breeze. Parlando, molto rubato (D mixolydian)
41. The strong farmer. Allegro moderato (G minor)
42. Arioso Lamentoso. Lento (C minor)
43. Remembrance. Lento (D major)