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People of color in America have been discriminated against again People are currently are able to shut down polling booths in the
and again throughout history. Although many people in America neighborhoods they choose this should not be legal. Another way
believe that people of color are represented as equally as white to engage voters we would build more places to vote close to Instead of relying on the biased
people in presidential elections, the reality is that people of color are every neighborhood we would create a new booth in every
still being kept from voting and we need ways to fix this issue. Even neighborhood regardless of race, doing so would make it a lot
Electoral College system, we should
though the initial problem these problems include the fact that there easier for people to vote. Denser populations will need multiple choose our president based on
aren’t nearly enough polling booths in minority neighborhoods and booths so the waits are not unreasonably long, and in rural areas
it should be based on distance alone since there are less people.
popular vote and only popular vote.
the votes aren’t counted fairly. Additionally, we could look at other
countries’ methods of voting and get ideas from them. To fix the So the first way we propose to fix voter disenfranchisement is to
A third idea for combating voter disenfranchisement is to
ever-increasing problem of voter disenfranchisement, we need to make it required to have a certain number of polling booths near
observe how other countries undergo the voting process.
build more polling places and eliminate the Electoral College, or at you based on population.
Other countries use different techniques and ideas to vote and
least improve it, and implement ideas from other countries.
Another solution to end voter disenfranchisement is to count the they have systems that are way more honest and efficient than
If we look at California as an example of when black people vote, it votes traditionally. Instead of relying on the biased Electoral ours. For example, TIME magazine journalist, Kate Samuelson
doesn’t look good. In the United States we have many districts in College system, we should choose our president based on popular states, “In Canada, there’s no deadline. Citizens are allowed to
each state. To win a state you need a majority of district, and you vote and only popular vote. If America is not willing to abolish the register when they arrive at the polls on Election Day. That
need a majority of the people within the districts. Black populations Electoral College completely, then we should definitely improve it. helped the country achieve a 68.5% turnout in its 2015 federal
in California are only 5% and all of their votes are wasted. There are no Near the founding of our country, we produced a voting system elections, compared to around 57% in the U.S. in 2012.” She also
districts where black people are the majority of the population and based on the choice of the people, but the truth is that the system says, “In France, citizens are automatically registered to vote
making their votes matter with the current system we use is closed that the founding fathers designed is not based on the vote of the when they turn 18. In Sweden, eligible voters are registered via
to impossible. Because of the fact they are contained within districts pure opinion of the people of America, it is based on the Electoral tax registration rolls.” Not only should we register people to
they are counted even less towards the final decisions. We need to College. In The Electoral College system, the representative of the vote automatically, we should also allow them to register on
change our current system of counting votes in America to stop black state doesn’t even have to vote for the popular vote. They can vote Election day so there’s less confusion and hassle. Another idea
people from being disenfranchised. for whoever they want, regardless of what the people say. we could put into place is shortening the campaign time. “The
Journalist Tyler Lewis from Huffington Post writes, “This is 2016 election will have lasted nearly 600 days by the time polls
The first solution we propose in order to improve the current situation
because under an Electoral College voting process, an individual close on Nov. 8. By comparison, Canada had its longest
with voter disenfranchisement is to build more polling booths. Polling
vote is only as valuable as its ability to influence the majority vote campaign season in recent history last year, and it lasted just 11
booths are the places you go on voting day to cast your ballot
of a state. Why? Because you are not casting a direct vote for weeks. In Japan, elections last just 12 days” (Samuelson). If we
Currently, they are not efficient enough and there are ways to get rid
President; the electors are” (Lewis 2018). The Electoral College may take these ideas from other countries, then we can form a
of the booths in certain neighborhoods. According to Sam Levine of
be important for equal representation of all the states, but, really, better voting system and fight voter disenfranchisement.
Huffington Post, “Election officials in a rural southwest Georgia
when it comes to equality, abolishing the Electoral College would
county are defending a plan to suddenly close seven of the county’s In conclusion voter disenfranchisement is still an issue for black
be the right choice. “Each individual vote in Wyoming counts
nine polling places against allegations of racial discrimination, saying communities in the United States. We came up with several
nearly four times as much in the Electoral College as each
the ones it wants to close are not sufficiently accessible to people ways to fix this issue, more polling booths, abolishing the
individual vote in Texas. This is because Wyoming has three
with disabilities” (Levine 2018). electoral college. We know these are issues because of the way
electoral votes for a population of 532,668 citizens (as of 2008
black people aren’t as well represented in elections and votes
Black populations in California are Census Bureau estimates) and Texas has thirty-two electoral votes
that use the electoral college. This topic is immensely
for a population of almost 25 million. By dividing the population
only 5% and all of their votes are by electoral votes, we can see that Wyoming has one “elector” for important, almost all votes in california from black people do
wasted. There are no districts where every 177,556 people and Texas has one “elector” for about every not matter because of the places they live and the way that
districts are drawn. This means that they are underrepresented
black people are the majority of the 715,499” (Lewis). Even if America is not ready to abolish the
Electoral College, we should definitely improve it so that the votes and are unable to have their opinions heard as easily. Many
population and making their votes the electors put in are based purely off of popular vote. people might believe that people of color are represented as
equally as white people but that is simply not true.
matter with the current system we
use is closed to impossible.