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lalto saxophone. SITTIN IN: : aD Revz Aon) REN e OT ae Volume II SITTIN’! with the alto saxophone jazz en , ensemble play-along play-along Volume II Play-Along track La Suerte de los Tontos.. On Green Dolphin Street. ‘The Rott Door Secret Love ‘Softly, As ina Morning Sunrise. Trofeo de Boles Performance Note: How to Use This Book Each arrangement hat tno CD tracks 1) Demonstration rack, The st ito saxophone parts in the mi. Listen to how your partis played by professional muscons to copy the phasing, intonation, aticulation fee style, Sectionversemble blend, ana concept 2 Play-Along track. Your part has been taken out of the mix. You ply along withthe big band. 5) See page 32 for Performance Notes 4) There be twormeasure count off lick atthe beginning ofeach play-along track GQelwia JAZZ ON GREEN DOLPHIN STREET or €) ALTO SaxcrHONe YS BY RES WASHINGTON ‘Arranged by DAVE WOLPE Mooeeate SWING