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Types of Hygrometers

For measuring of air relative humidity several types of hygrometers are widely available. They are
 Capacitive and Resistive RH Transmitters
 Psychrometers
 Aspiration Psychrometers
Capacitive and Resistive Humidity Transmitters have got the prevalence lately. These sensors are
supplied with built-in converters into 0 ... 10 V, 4 ... 20 mA, RS485 standard unified signals. It allows
integrating them easily into any measurement system. Another condition for a stable operation of these
sensors is a dust filter. The sensors with RS485 output, as a rule, have a built-in temperature sensor.
Capacitive and resistive transmitters are often used in the office ventilation, where the relative humidity
ranges from 30 to 70%, with impossible dew-fall point. Organizations which are involved in designing and
mounting of such office climate systems, usually copy the same technical solutions for humidity
measurement in agro technologies. However, their usage in closed warehouses, greenhouses,
mushroom growing and other farms is not recommended. The point is in high humidity conditions these
sensors have an indication error up to 6% and fail when they are influenced by condensate. Best of all,
these types of sensors are used for measuring relative humidity and temperature of the outside air by
placing the sensor in the shade under a canopy.
In conditions of high air humidity it is recommended to measure with the help
of Psychrometers consisting of two matched platinum resistance thermometers called wet and dry bulbs.
The wet bulb is connected to a bottle with distilled water through a fabric wick.