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Tarea 3


Carlos Alberto Marte Grullon M, A.




Exercises for task 3

I. Complete the sentences. Use shop, shops.

1. They __Shop__________for CD players at a department store.

2. We ____Shop________for books at the bookstore.
3. I ___Shop_________for shirts at clothing store.
4. Marcos and Rence __Shop__________for food at Sam’s Supermarket.
5. Eva__Shops__________for a drees at Cool Breeze Clothing Store.
6. Van and her husband __Shop__________for shoes at a department store.
Armand __Shops__________for flowers at the flower shop.
7. Gabriela, Ana and Paula __Shop__________for clothes every month.
8. You ___Shop_________for toys at a toy store.
9. Lidia ans I __Shop__________at Ruben’s Food ans Plenty.

II. Read the chart and then complete the sentences below.
Name Department Convenlence Supermarket Bookstore Shoe Clothing
Store Store Store Store
Richard Shoes, pants Milk, water Groceries Dictionarie Shirts
Alexis Toys Groceries Shoes Shirts

Example:Richard__________shops for shoes and pants_________at the

department store.

1. Alexis ____Shop for toys_____________________________________at the

department store.
2. Richard and Alexis ___Shoes for
groceries_____________________________________at the supermarket.
3. Alexis _____Shops for shirts_________________________________at the clothing
4. Richard __Shops for ditionaries ______________________________________at the
5. Richard_____Shops for milk___________________________________at the
convenience store.
6. Richard and Alexis ___Shops for
shirts_____________________________________at the clothing store.

III. Complete the sentences with are or is.

1. How much ___is____ the 5. How much __are_____the hats?
cheese? 6. How much ___is____the book?
2. How much __are_____the 7. How much __are_____the
oranges? pencils?
3. How much __is_____the shirt? 8. How much __are_____the
4. How much ___area____the pens?

IV. Write questions for the information below. Use how much is...? How
much are…?
1. (radio) ____How much is the
redio.__________________________________________________ ?
2. (t-shirts) ___How much are t-
chirts__________________________________________________ ?
3. (dictionary) ___How much is
dictionary.__________________________________________________ ?
4. (socks) ___How much are
socks.____________________________________________________ ?
5. (shoes) __How much are
shoes______________________________________________________ ?
6. (dress) ____How much is
adrees.____________________________________________________ ?
7. (bread) ___How much is
bread.____________________________________________________ ?
8. (CD player) ____How much is
CDplayer.____________________________________________________ ?

V. Read the descriptions under the pictures.

seleccion de columna
Ana (White blouse)

Manuel (Blue slacks)

Pedro (Brown Shoes)

Anthony (Black Belt)

Ted (Red shirt)

Jennifer (Brown Shorts)

Katherine (Brown Sandals)

Robert (Blue Cap) 1- seleccion de columna

VI. Complete the sentences with information from Exercise V.
1. Anahas 5. Ted has a____Red.__________shirt.
a___White._____________blouse. 6. Jennifer’s shorts are
2. Manuel ____Brown._________.
has___blue._____________slacks. 7. Katherine has
3. Pedro’s shoes are __Brown.__________sandals.
__Brown.______________. 8. Robert has
4. Anthony has a___Blue___________cap.

VII. Write the correct possessive adjective. My, your, his, her, our, their.
1. They have blue shirts. ___Their______ shirts are blue.
2. I have red shorts. _____My___shorts are red.
3. W have black shoes. ___OUR______shoes are black.
4. You have a white blouse. ___Your______blouse are white.
5. She has a green coat. __Her_______coat are green.
6. Anton and I have brown sandals. __OUR_______sandals are brown.
7. Elizabeth and Mario have black pants. _Their________pants are black.
8. I have a brown belt and a black belt. ___My______belts are brown and
VIII. Write sentences about Oscar, Tom and Catalina.
Oscar John Blue blouse
Red shirt Blue shirt Gray pants
Blue pants Blue pants Black shoes
Black shoes Black shoes Black belt
Black belt Brown belt

Example: Oscar/shirt ____ his tennis is red

1. John/belt __His belt is brown.______________________________________________.

2. Carla/pants __Her pants are
3. Oscar, Tom and Catalina/shoes ___They shoes are
4. Oscar, Tom/pant ___They pant are
5. Carla/blouse _He blouse is blue.

IX. Complete the sentences. Use want, wants.

1. I __Want_____________ a new car
2. The teacher ___Wants____________a small radio.
3. The students __Want_____________a large TV in the classroom.
4. We __Wants_____________an old car.
5. You __Wants_____________a small apartment.
6. They _Want______________an old book from the library.
7. I __want_____________a little dog.
8. He _wants______________a large t-shirt.
X. Write the plurals for the following words.
1. Shoe __Shoes_________________ 6. Tie __Ties.____________________
2. Suit ___Suits________________ 7. Sock___Socks.__________________
3. Radio ___Radios________________ 8. House
4. Dress ____Houses._______________
__Dresses._________________ 9. Car ___Cars.___________________
5. Watch 10. Book __Books_________________

XI. Complete the paragraph. Use the noun in singular or plural.

My name is Maria. I am from Haiti. I live in West Palm Beach, Florida. I need
more clothes. I need two new __coats__________ (coat). I
need___Sandals_________(sandal) and __Pant__________(pants). I need four
new__shirts__________(shirt). I need two ___Dresses_________dress) and one
__Skirts__________(skirt). I also need a __Suits__________ (suit).