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7 Starter 2 Elementary Question Question 6 | Tell me about something you can do well. (Can 1 | What do you do? Do you work or are you a you swim? Can you cook?) 2 Student? 7 | How often do you usually see your friends? 2 [Tell me about your family. (What do you do together?) 3 | What do you do in your free time? (Do you play 8 | Where do you live? Tell me about your home. football or any sports?) | Wiiat ars you goind) 10 05 atthe weskena? 4] What do you do every day? What time do you 7o'| Fisea you trash tavan Engen spadlong get up / start work? country? Tell me about your visit. (OR Tell me. 5 [Toll me about the town where you live. about an interesting place you have been to.) 3 Pre-intermediate 4 Intermediate Question ‘Question 76 | What sort of television programmes do you 71 | Tell me about something that you did with your ima? % 2 friends/tamily recently. Why did you enjoy it? Fit deen a Soe 12 | Tell me about the weather in your country. and family (by phone/emal)? How do you Which is your favourite season and why do think communication might change in the you like it? future? 18 | Toll me about the last fim you saw at the 73 | Imagine that | am a visitor to your country. ol me a L WWtiay thie wens Woulowve tes? cinema or he leat Book you reac). Wouls you 14 | Gan you tell me about an object that is special |_|T 75 Think about an interesting person you have for you? Why is it special? met. What is he/she like? 165 | Where do you live - in a house or an 20 | Have you ever been on ajoumey where apartment? What's it like? something went wrong? 5 Upper Intermediate 6 Advanced Question Question 21 | Tell me about something you are good at. 26 | How has the way you learn English changed 22 | Can you tell me about a famous. over the years? landmark/person in your country? What do 27 | Do you think life for children today is easier or you know about it/them? harder than it was for your parents / for you? 23 | What do you use the internet for? Do you think | [2 | Describe an advert you have seen. How it will ever replace books and newspapers? effective do you think it is? Why / why not? = 29 | What image do other people have of your 24 | If an English person wanted to learn your country, its food and its people? Do you think language, how should they do this and why? itis accurate? 25 | Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? 30 ‘Are you concerned about climate change? What evidence of it is there in your country?