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English for Professional Communication (UTB1122) APA Referencing System, ‘Use the APA format and prepare a reference list for the following sources 1. Joumal article Author ; Mark Bemstein Date of Publication : 16 August 2002 Title of article: 10 tips on writing the living Web. Title of Online Periodical: A List Apart: For People Who Make Websites ‘Volume number : 149 Page numbers : $00-812 Retrieved from : http:/‘writeliving a Geonstein, m (2062)-104ips_on writing the bving Web: A List Apart ; For ved trom feople Who Moke Websites 149, Zo0- Hip: www. abistaparct. com Jari Bel ; jewspaper Article Author: Ted Parker Pope Date : 6 May 2008 Title of article: Psychiatry handbook linked to drug industry. Title of Newspaper.:The New York Times. Retrieved from : http:/ -P.AR062, Moy 6). Poyehialry hav the New York “Wes. Relricved (row fo 3. Electronic Books Author : E. W. De Huff Date : not available Title : Taytay’s tales: Traditional Pueblo Indian tales Retrieved from : http://digital library.'tavtay/taytay.html WI tales: Traditional Pueblo Indsan tales dulusowen [dechult7 loylay/ al i brary: uPer De Hull, Ew. (n.d) Tay! Reinieved From hip. //de Jaytay. html 4. Books Author : RC. Calfee and RR. Valencia ‘Year of publication : 1991 Title : APA guide wo preparing manuscripts for journal publication Location : Washington DC Publisher : American Psychological Association Calle Rates Valencia. P-Rull99"), APA Guide to Frefrcing wanuseri pls fo dourrial Wbbication - was! nglon, De: Amevicon Ryehologi¢al Asweiofion. a Re Reeen IN Last updated May 2011 This guide is primarily for students doing assignments at Curtin University, not for those publishing using the APA 6th style. ~ Ifyou! are publishing in the APA 6th style, please consult the APA publication manual ‘American Psychological Association, (2008). Publication manual af the ‘American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: Author. 1. Its important that you check the assignment guide of your Department or School as some details may vary from the guidelines on this sheet. You may be penalised for not using the referencing sive thats required by your Schoo/Department. 2. The APA manual states that “you are encouraged to provide a page or paragraph number" (soe p. 1 ‘when paraphrasing. You must provide a page number when quoting. Again, refer to your SchoalDepartment's guidelines, or consult your lecturer or supervisor. What is Referencing? Referencing is a standardised method of acknowledging sources of information and ideas that yau have used in your assignment in a way that uniquely identifies their source, Direct quotations, facts and figures, ‘as well as ideas and theories, from both published and unpublished works, must be referenced. ‘There are many acceptable forms of referencing. This information sheet provides a briaf guide to the APA, referencing style for in-text citations and for creating the Reference List (examples are below). Within the text of the assignment the author's name is given fist, followed by the publication date, Include page numbers for direct quotations and also where itis useful to provide # page number. A reference ‘end of the assignment contains the full detals of all the in-text citations, the Why Reference? Referencing is necessary to avoid plagiarism, to verify quotations, and to enable readers to follow-up and "ead more fully the cited author's arguments. Steps Involved in Referencing 41. Note down the full bibliographic details ofthe source from which the information is taken. Include the relevant page number(s) In the case of a book, ‘bibliographical deta’ refers to: authorleditor, year of publication, tte, eadtion, valume number, place of publication and publisher as found on the front and back ofthe ttle page. (Not al of these details wil necessarily be applicable). Inthe case of a journal article the details required include: author of the article, year of publication, {ide of the article, ttle of the journal, volume and issue number of the journal, and page numbers. For all electronic information, in addition o the abave you should note the DO! (Digital Object Iden- tier) if one exists, and if one does not exist, the web address (URL) of the database you found the aricle in, 2, Insert the citation at the appropriate place within the text of the document (see examples ow). 3. Provide @ reference list at the end of the document (see examples below), In-Text Citations Use the name of the author, followed by the year of publi tion when citing references within the text of