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Comparatives and superlatives 2 Complete the sentences with the comparative form Write the comparative lative forms of those ne panin ened eaperionive Tyne as of the adjectives in brackets. adjectives. old alder the aldest My trainers are_newer than my boots. (new) 1 heavy, =a 1 The bus station is than the train 2 rich a aac station. (busy) 3 busy 2 Pigs are — than dogs. (intelligent) 400 ne 3 Ostriches are than humans. (fast) é foie 4 Colais for you than water. (bad) 7 difficult 5 A basketbal _—than a football. (big) 8 good iin 6 Books are than DVDs. (heavy) 9 bad z 10 far = Write sentences with the superlative form of the adjective. A Complete the sentences with the Everest /high / mountain /in the world comparative form of the adjectives in B is the bi : brackets. 1 Jon /tall / boy / in my class 1. Ken is two years (old) 2 we / good / students in our school 2. (exciting) 3 the elephant / large / land animal a 3. New York is (an 4 Bugatti / expensive / car / in the world = from Rome than London is. 4. The adventure film was 5 my aunt/ bad /singer /in our family (interesting) than the love story. = 5. Kevin ran (fast) than 6 Kate / intelligent / person /1 know. his father. Aa —_— B_ Complete the sentences with the C Choose the correct words. superlative form of the adjectives. seth h 1. Parachute jumping is more dangerous / 1. Summer is the (hot) ‘most dangerous than volleyball. season. 2 Thawte ceo) Taste ne na restaurant in town. Se imporsans person v 3. The test was the . Swimming in a pool is safer / safest than (difficult) test this swimming in a river. week. |. Who is the more popular / most popular 4, Bungee jumping is the student in the class? (scary) sport. (interesting) book in the library. . You are even crazier / craziest than | am! _—_—>