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AFill the gaps using the verb in brackets in the past continuous tense. 11 letters all day yesterday. (write) 2 You .--» very slow about it. (be) 3 You... ..-«. on the phone for hours and hours. (talk) 4 They ... much business before lunch. (do NEGATIVE) 5 Sie ..... to me all week. Silly cow. (speak NEGATIVE) Ic csenseeeneennees fOF Long. (rain NEGATIVE) 7 ee YOU essere sreeseeeee WHEN I phoned yesterday? (do) 8 oe YOU vee snteeensneneenee TV When it happened? (watch) 9 ee YOU seer reese at the party? (wear) horrible to everyone, the nasty pig! (be) 11 ccsssustneneesne GOMpUtEr Games all Morning. (play) 12 We sees ..« all afternoon in the library. (revise) 1. Complete the sentences with the PAST SIMPLE form of the verbs in brackets. 11 to read because | was tired. (not want) 2 Mysister. dinner for all the family last night. It was very good! (make) 3 Mattand Jamie the bus at the right stop so they were late for the play. (not get off) Our French teacher us about some famous places in Paris. (tell) 5 We our hotel because the people were really friendly. (love) B Fill the gaps using the verb in brackets in the past continuous and past simple. FD Dceeeenneennnenee (Wath) TV When a BIId ocon into the window. (ly) 2 The Prime Minister se (Flax) on the COURtHY .nrnssmneinnnne iM Cris. (bE) 3. Coll eeeenneneennene (NAVE) a Shower WHEN ANGELINA ...-connenseneens 09 the door. (knock) AWE oer senees (NEVE) 8 COfCE WHEN WE oe neennmneennnes the news on the radio. (hear) The fH0t on eneenneseens (Start) when the President... ... the country. (visit) 6 (pick) his nose when the accident (happen) 7 seccnene (BEGIN) WHEN WE on chess. (play) 4. Complete the conversation with the verbs in the PAST SIMPLE. ‘A; Denise was a hero at the weekend. (1) (youknow)? B: No, didn’t. What (2) (she do)? ‘A: She pulled a little boy out of the river. B: Really? Where (3) (she see) him? ‘A; Under the bridge. She jumped into the river. She (4) (not think) about the danger. She pulled him to the side of the river and then she shouted for help. She 6) (not have) her phone with her so she couldn't phone the hospital. B: Waste little boy OK? ‘A: Yes. He couldn't speak, so Denise (6) (not know) his name, but he was OK. & (7) (he go) to hospita? A: Yes, but he (8) (not stay) there for long. B (9) (Denise tell) you about it? A: No.1(10) (not see) her at the weekend. read about it in the newspaper. She's famous! 5. Complete the conversation with the correct PAST CONTINUOUS form of the verbs. ‘A: Where were you in the storm yesterday? BI wasat the park.I(1) (play) tennis with Emma. We saw Carla and Amy there. ‘A: Really? What (2) (they /doyr B Well, they (3) (not play) tennis. They (4) (sit) near the cat, & 6) (Amy | wear) her new jacket? B: No. She didn't have a jacket. A Andwhat (6) (Carta | wear)? BI don’tknow! I(7) (not look) at their clothes! | (8) (try) to play tennis. ‘A: Did you win? B No.Well,1(9) (not win) when we stopped. | had two games and Emma had five. Were you out in the storm too? (come) home from the shops. It was exciting! 6. Complete the sentences with the verbs in th PAST CONTINUOUS or PAST SIMPLE. 1 Who: (you/ meet) while you (travel) in Thailand? 2 When! (see) Hannah she (not play) volleyball. She was in the gym. 3 (youlhave) dinner when 1 (phone) you? 4 Tom (find) a good website about Hamlet while he (look) {for information about William Shakespeare. 5 When you (leave) school, (train)? 8. Complete the texts with the PAST SIMPLE or PAST CONTINUOUS forms of the verbs in brackets. “1Q) ‘morning. But then | (3) (not rain) when the train (5) (take) my umbrella to school because (2) (rain) this (leave) it on the train, because it (4) (stop) at my station.” Past simple and past continuous 4 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the past simple or the past continuous. While | was standing at the bus stop, |__saw. my grandma. (see) was carrying the shopping when | the eggs. (drop) 2 While she ,Imade her a cake. (sleep) 3 We arrived home, we ____ dinner and. then we went to bed. (have) 4 My friends their homework when | phoned them. (do) 5 When! you for the first time, you were wearing a pink dress, (meet) © Correct the errors. Was Oliver swim in the afternoon? X Was Oliver swimming in the afterndin? 1. Liam was study in his bedroom. x. 2 We didn’t feeling tired. x 3 What were you do yesterday at 3pm? x Circle the correct words. Iwas dancing while / the music stopped. They heard a strange noise while / when they were watching TV. While / When | was cleaning my hamster’s cage, it escaped. While / When my brother arrived home, my parents were sleeping. was listening to music while / when the teacher arrived. My mum found some old photos while / when she was cleaning her desk. 4 Did you reading a book when | phoned you? x 5 You weren't dance in the disco at 2am. x 6 While he ate the biscuit he was watching the film. x Sg