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PDE 430 – Student Teacher Evidence Form & Log

Student Teacher: Shannon Bohling

Category I: Planning and Preparation

Student teacher/candidate demonstrates thorough knowledge of content and
pedagogical skills in planning and preparation. Student teacher makes plans
and sets goals based on the content to be taught/learned, knowledge of
assigned students, and the instructional context.

Lesson and/or Unit Plans: Please list how approximately how many plans you
wrote and in what subject area(s). Include small group plans (Rti).
Math: (Approximately 12 lessons)
 Best lesson:
- For both 1st and 2nd grade: What does the shape say. 11/5/18
- For both 1st and 2nd grade: Second lesson on what does the shape say.
Reading and ELA: (Approximately 20)
 Best lesson
- K lesson: I’m a little snow man 12/3/18
- Both 1st and 2nd grade: Vowel dig 10/29/18

Resources: What resources did you use in your planning? Include standard
materials (teacher texts), online sources, documents, primary sources, etc. How did
these demonstrate your knowledge of content, pedagogy/content pedagogy?
 Reading Mastery book, for K
 Reading Mastery book, for 1st
 Reading Mastery book for, 2nd
 (math figure out the programs name)
 Moe
 Zern
 Imagine learning
 Youtube
 Story works
 Reading to learn unit of study reading books, for grades K,1st, 2nd.
 Student reading workbooks
 Student math workbooks

Materials and Manipulatives: What materials and manipulatives did you build
into your plans to maximize student learning? This may include reading materials,
literature, primary sources, math manipulatives, science supplies, etc.) How did
these demonstrate your knowledge of pedagogy/content pedagogy?
 Social story on nose picking
 Social story social cues
PDE 430 – Student Teacher Evidence Form & Log

 Social story on going to the bathroom

 Social story on using the bathroom appropriately
 Social story on going to music for special
 Social story on blurting out
 Vowel dig activity
 Bone sort vowel activity
 Vowel dog bowl activity
 Vowel stick activity
 Running record scoring sheet
 Vowel scoring sheet
 IEP goal sheet summary
 Snowman ornament activity
 What does the shape say booklet example
 What does the shape say student booklets
 What does the shape say anchor chart and wall display and letter cut outs.
 Learning center
 Alphabet cards
 Three letter word practice worksheets
 Word family laminated sheet card activities.
 Rhyming laminated card practice
 I have number game cards
 Short and long vowel activity center
 Subsitute Teacher packet

Technology Use: How did you use technology in your PLANNING?

 Youtube
 Word documents
 Microsoft excel
 Ipad
 Laptop

How did you PLAN for your students to use technology?

 Students used Ipad’s macbooks, and chrome books to go on
- Zern during math, 1st and 2nd
- Moe, for math and reading for K
- Imagine learning during ELA for 1st and 2nd
PDE 430 – Student Teacher Evidence Form & Log

Assessment Materials: What assessment materials did you use? Please include
subject areas, as well as whether it is pre-made (including if your cooperating
teacher made it!) or teacher (you only) made! How does your choice of assessment
materials support you meeting the expectations of Category I?
 Math:
- What does the shape say booklets
- Shapes rubric
- Hw packet shape practice
 Reading
- Running record book
- Running record score sheet
- Vowel practice running record worksheet

Information About Students (Including IEP’s): Please describe (briefly) how you
used knowledge of students to inform your planning/instructional practices. This
may include how you routinely differentiated instruction for diverse learners.

 I have gotten an opportunity in this placement to look over 4 or more of my

students IEP as well as student data from students that are being evaluated

and referred for special education. My first IEP that I was able to get to read

over was from one of my kindergartener’s reevaluation, and I got to help

decide what goals, that we should keep and what goals we should get rid of

for his IEP. It was so exciting and neat to be able to see all of what I have

learned about through my years in school and apply it to a real student re-

eval on a student that I am working with and getting to observe their

behaviors and performance five days a week. Getting to see the other side of

things of all that goes into the before steps of deciding the IEP goals, and that

mastery you want to set for the child to achieve. Mrs. Weston and I have both

decided that the particular student whom we are looking at for reevaluation,
PDE 430 – Student Teacher Evidence Form & Log

has way too many goals written into his current IFSP, and that with what is

currently written as his goals are way too many and will be hard for him to

even reach mastery in. Within this next few weeks, myself and Mrs. Weston

will look and track the student’s performance and behaviors and compare it

to how he has been doing so far to determine what goals to keep, change or

take away.

Instructional Strategies: What instructional strategies did you employ that

demonstrate your commitment to using developmentally appropriate/best
instructional practices/principles of learning in your planning? These may include
educational psychological principles and theories.
- The Directed Reading- Thinking
- Question- answer oral response
- Anticipation guides
- Classification Chart
- Visualizing
- Think-Aloud
- Graphic organizers
- Using context clues to determine a word meaning.
- Sounding out words and then blending them together
- Word sort
- Social stories
- Daily visual schedule

Category II: Classroom Environment

Student teacher/candidate establishes and maintains a purposeful and
equitable environment for learning, in which students feel safe, valued, and
respected, by instituting routines and setting clear expectations for student

Lesson and/or Unit Plans: How did you PLAN for your classroom environment?
This may include planning for transitions, use of visuals, etc.
- I planned for my classroom environment by making sure to include many
visuals and examples in my lesson plans because I have a group of
PDE 430 – Student Teacher Evidence Form & Log

students that have various learning needs, IEPs and different ways of
- For my unit plan/ other lesson plans I made sure to plan all my activites
to be fun and engaging for students because many of my kids have
attention difficulties when it comes to learning and seem to struggle with
completing activities unless they are very fun and engaging and include
lots of breaks, and transitions from one activity to the next the flow

Resources/Technology/Space: What adaptive/adapted resources, technology did

you use to demonstrate your commitment to providing equitable learning
opportunities? How did you use the space in your classroom in your lessons to
maximize the learning environment? Did you change the set up from what it is
- An example of one of the many adaptive resources that I used during my
unit was utilizing the Visio board for my student who has vision problems.

- I also made sure that all of my resources were explicit and explained to
student step by step along with multiple examples of what I wanted them
to complete.

- I used the space in the classroom to maximize the learning environment

with my lessons, by making sure that while teaching my lessons I was not
just sitting or standing in front of the students talking at them, I made
sure I was involving and interacting with all of them.

Classroom Management Techniques: What management techniques did you use

for transitions, student participation, discipline, etc.? What routines did you
establish and use (continue)?

Learning Styles and Early Childhood/Middle Level Philosophy: What visual

technology did you use to help students who are visual learners? What verbal or
audio technology/techniques did you use? How did you help kinesthetic learners?
How did you use your knowledge of best practices for early childhood
instruction/ML Philosophy to inform your classroom environment?

- certain books for vocabulary. (helps my audio, and visual learners.)

- Brainpop videos to introduce new concepts to students.
- Giving the students lots of examples as written as well as picture
examples to help my visual learns.
- Zern- Online math games and learning website
- Epic- Online reading website where students can have books read to them
with illustrations or watch a video of someone reading the book.
PDE 430 – Student Teacher Evidence Form & Log

- Kids A-Z another online reading website that is great for students who
have trouble with comprehension. This website allows the teacher to pick
out specific books in the child reading level that we think would be a good
fit for them. Then after the child had read a book, it will prompt them
directly after with a comprehension quiz that the must passes on the
reading, in order for them to move forward onto another book.

Student Relationships: What did you do to develop student relationships? How did
you develop rapport with them? What were your interactions with students like?
- I also helped better develop relationships with my students, by making
sure to have each and every students name memorized by the third day in
my placement.
- Talking to each student at different times during the day. Interacting
with students in line
- Giving students encouraging notes on their desks before tests.
- Reading with students during rise and read.
- Giving each student fun bookmarks to use while reading.
- Talking with students about their weekend each Monday morning

- Setting Clear Behavioral Expectations/Standards of Conduct and

Effective Management of Student Behavior: What were your
expectations of student behavior? How did you establish these? How did
you redirect students who did not meet your expectations? My
expectation of student’s behavior was a little different at first. I had in my
mind that they would already know all these things and be so well
behaved like my last placement with My co-op. However, I had to keep
reminding myself that my last placement was during the spring after
students had already learned a fair amount and had established rules,
expectations. Which is different from the fall when in the very beginning
of school, the students do not know much of anything or classroom rules,
or grade rules, and what is expected of them as Kindergarteners, first
graders and second graders.
- I had to establish all of these behaviors and expectations of my students
and manage student’s behavior with the help of my co-op and the use of a
classroom money and reward system.

Other: Please list anything else you feel is relevant to show how you created a
classroom environment conducive to learning.
PDE 430 – Student Teacher Evidence Form & Log

Category III: Instructional Delivery

Student teacher/candidate, through knowledge of content, pedagogy and skill in
delivering instruction, engages students in learning by using a variety of
instructional strategies.

Knowledge of Content/Pedagogical Theory through Instructional Delivery:

How did you use educational psychological principles/theories and knowledge of
content pedagogy/child development through your instructional delivery? (Please
note – this is different than PLANNING! Here – describe how you used these
principles DURING instruction!) Example – “When I realized my students’ attention
span was waning, I gave them movement/brain brakes where I sang a song and
allowed them to dance to it.”

- When I realized that my students were having a hard time staying

focused or staying on task and not paying attention or talking to much I
made sure to have the whole group stop whatever they were doing put
their pencils down and take a small stretch break/ brain break to get
out some energy get them to refocus.
- Knowing that some of my students get frustrated easily and can get
quickly overwhelmed, I made sure to include
Instructional Goals Reflecting PA Standards: Did you set goals for your students
that reflect PA standards? How well did you communicate these goals to your
students? (Ex: setting clear objectives at the beginning of all lessons and making
sure the closure of each lesson referred back to the goals.)
- I did make sure that for each of my lesson my instructional goals reflected
the pa standards as well as the district standards.
- Each objective at the beginning of each lesson were very clear and related
directly to what I wanted the students to get out of the lesson and know/
understand at the end. Each of my lessons referred back to the main goal
of the lesson.

Communication of Procedures and Explanations of Content: Reflect on your

ability to explain procedures and content. How did you ensure that directions were
followed? How well do you explain new content in a way your learners can

- I think that I did a very good job at communicating to students the

procedures and content explanations of each lesson I made sure to ensure
that directions were explained properly without students have questions,
by makings sure to ask students, to give me a thumbs up after directions
if they were good to go and understood what I wanted them to do, a
thumbs in the middle if they sort of understood, but need more
clarification, or a thumbs down if they needed me to completely re-
explain directions.
PDE 430 – Student Teacher Evidence Form & Log

- I also ensure that directions were followed by having an assessment piece

to each lesson to check to see if students were able to grasp and follow
what I taught them and what I wanted them to do.

Use of Questioning/Discussion Strategies that Encourage Participation: How

did you work to ensure that all students (not just the ones who raise their hands)
participate? How do you work to ask questions at high levels of cognition?
- After asking a question, saying out loud to the class so only one person
knows the answer, then more hands go up okay so three people know, 4
people ect?
- After asking a question saying why I am seeing the same people raise
their hands come on guys let me hear from someone who has yet to
- Having lots of chances for students to turn and talk to the person next to
them to share if they did not feel comfortable participating or sharing to
the whole class.

Engagement and Pacing: How did engage your learners during your lessons? How
did you ensure that your pacing was on target?
- I engaged learners during my lessons by making sure all my activites that
I planned and used with the students were creative and were not boring
and just worksheet based.
- I also made sure that my lessons were able to adapted with pacing based
on how much reinforcement and reteaching I would need to do for
certain students.

Informal/Formative and Formal/Summative Assessments: How did you use

informal/formative assessment during your lessons to inform your instruction? How
did you use summative assessment and the data from it to inform your assessment?
What tools/instruments did you use/create? What tools/instruments did you
use/create? Be as specific as you can!
- I have used checklist
- Rubrics
- Tests
- Homework

Authentic Assessment: How did you use authentic assessment to create real-world
situations for your students? What tools/instruments did you use/create?

Student Feedback: How did you give students feedback on their learning? This
may include during lessons, as well as student work.
PDE 430 – Student Teacher Evidence Form & Log

Teaching Style/Teacher Presence: How would you describe your teacher

presence and style? How did you gain information on your own instructional
delivery and teaching style? This may include conversations with your cooperating
teacher, supervisor, students, and video.

- I would say that my teaching presence and style has definitely become a
whole lot strong from when I first started teaching. I am most definitely
more confident in my teaching ability and when it comes to teaching
different lessons, or subjects that I might not necessary know a whole lot
about or be comfortable with

- I have also gotten a lot strong with my teacher voice.

- I gain information on my own instructional delivery after each lesson

from my mentor teacher, as well as when writing my own reflections for
each lesson and really reflecting long and hard about my teaching, and
finding things that I can improve upon or do different for next time.

- I have also gotten so much better at adapting my lessons to meet the

different needs and IEP goals of each and everyone of my students.

Integration of Disciplines: How did you work to ensure that students are making
interdisciplinary connections during your lessons?

Grouping Practices: How did you flexibly group students during your lessons to
ensure equity?
- For student grouping I made such each time to take into consideration
different students learning levels. Students who get along good together
and ones that do not. As well as students who are easily distracted by
other student. Or students that are too chatty when sat next to each

Other: Please list anything else you feel is relevant as evidence of your instructional
PDE 430 – Student Teacher Evidence Form & Log

Category IV: Professionalism

Student teacher/candidate, through knowledge of content, pedagogy and skill in
delivering instruction, engages students in learning by using a variety of
instructional strategies.

Personal Attendance and Punctuality: What evidence can you use to support
your own punctuality and attendance?
- My Cooperating teacher evaluations

School District Documents: What school district documents did you familiarize
yourself with to inform yourself of district policies, expectations, etc.? These may
include district/school faculty and policy manuals and handbooks, emergency
information guides, district curricula, etc.
- School district polices
- School faculty dress code
- School Manuals
- School handbook
- School Emergency plan, what to do for fire drill, lockdown drill.
- School Districts curriculum
- Student IEP revisions/ and full IEP

Meetings and Professional Development Opportunities: What professional

development workshops, faculty meetings, workshops, conferences, etc., did you
attend during this placement that demonstrate your commitment to lifelong
learning? Please list dates whenever possible!

School District Events: Besides mandatory faculty meetings, what school

wide/district events did you attend during your placement? These may include
- Teacher In services
- Team

Record Keeping/Attendance: How did you keep records during your placement?
This may include records for grades and attendance.
- Excel spread sheets

Communication with Families: How did you communicate with families during
this placement? This may include letters of introduction, newsletters, parent
conferences, emails etc.
- Letter of introduction sent home to parents.
- Parent conferences

Overall Communication Skills: Besides family communication, what evidence do

you have for being an effective communicator in written and oral form with all
PDE 430 – Student Teacher Evidence Form & Log

stakeholders in the educational process (para professionals, colleagues,

administrators/supervisors, etc.)?
- I have had great communication skills overall with other educators at
the school. Such as the para professionals and other educational
services specialist such as OT, PT and speech. that are in our classroom
as well as all the other teacher my students have Communicating with
other colleagues of the same grade as well as different grades. Talking
with teachers K, 1st, and 2nd grade teachers, about my students that I
currently have, and things that I should watch out for with certain
students, or things that worked or didn’t work for students that they
have tried or been doing so far.

Professional Relationships: What evidence do you have for developing

professional relationships at your school? How did you collaborate with other adults
in your school?
- I collaborated with other adults in my school, by attending and working
and collaborating with the other 1st grade teachers at our weekly
Tuesday meeting.
- I covered for a few teachers in their classroom if they were in a pickle and
needed to run to the bathroom quick, or needed to make a quick copy and
could not find anyone to cover their room.
- I Have also gotten to develop a close relationship with the janitorial staff,
the specialist teachers, and the ladies that work in the front office.

Integrity, Ethical Behavior and Professional Conduct: What evidence do you

have to support your own integrity, ethical behavior, and professional conduct?
- My professor evaluations as well as co-op evaluations,
- My Professional dress attire and, always being on time or making sure to
email my co-op and advisor right away when I knew I was not going to
make it into school because of being sick or something medical that came

Continuing Education Requirements: In what ways have you informed yourself

of PA’s licensure requirements, as well as the continuing professional development
requirements for teachers? How have you striven to meet some of these
requirements already?
- I have already completed my praxis exams and passed for my teaching
certification in the state of pa,
- I have started looking at what is required for the state of New Jersey
where I am from.

Other: Please list anything else you feel is relevant to support your professionalism.
PDE 430 – Student Teacher Evidence Form & Log