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FAR FROM THE HOME I LOVE from Fiddler On The Roof tyrics by sueLDoN HaRNick Andantino - in 4 Music by JERRY BOCK tte a Al ibe 2 a > =— Ind HODEL: How can hope to make you un - der - 2 Why must travel to a dis - tant land, Far fromthe home I love. Once Twas hap-pi- ly con- tent Copyright© 1064 by red by ado ay Me ne lotentiona Copyright Secured Maden USA Rpts Reserved ‘Used ty Pein Close 0 the poo-ple who are close tome, Here in the home 1 love. Piu mosso Who could see that 2 man would come Whowouldchange the shape ofmy dreams? a_i es Meno mosso-In 4 1 stand with him, Watch - ing old - er dreams grow dim, ‘poco rit In2 Ob, what @ tiehan-chol-y choice this is, Want-ing home, Clos- ing my heart to ev-"ry hope but his ing the home I love, ‘There where my heart has set-tled long a - go. In4 could im- ag - ine Td be wand - " Far from the home there with my love I'm home. a i