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ie HOW TO DRAW MODERN nC tit) a le) at AVA Featuring Fred Perry Rod Espinosa Joseph Wight INTRODUCTION Welcome to the world of modern warfare. Even though it's full of high technology and sophisticated machines, it still requires a special kind of human to get the job done. In these pages, we'll show you how to draw some of today's weapons of war and the soldiers that EMR UCM MRM Reo e-em eRe RON CnN ROL jets, tanks, and ships, plus small arms and equipment, and different kinds of specialized troops to draw. While this collection of examples is by no means comprehensive, it gives the artist a great place to start learning professional tricks and techniques. We'll break down some complicated subjects into simplified shapes to help you see them clearly, then we'll bring in the details that'll give your drawings that extra bit of power and accuracy. Although this book is focused on military machines and men, it's a great guide for anyone who loves to draw. The methods we'll explore can easily be translated to any subject, and every artist will find valuable information on how to bring their talent to the next level!