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October 2018 edition

• Candidates should compile and perform a programme displaying a range of moods, styles
and tempi.
• Programmes must consist of a minimum of two works.
• Any saxophone or combination of saxophones may be used.

• The music performed can:

– be drawn entirely from the appropriate repertoire list below
– combine pieces from the appropriate repertoire list with own-choice pieces*
– contain only own-choice pieces*
• * Any programme which includes own-choice repertoire must be pre-approved.
• Own-choice pieces must demonstrate a level of technical and musical demand comparable to the
pieces listed in the relevant repertoire list.
• Timings are as follows:
Diploma Performance Exam
level duration duration
ATCL 32-38 minutes 40 minutes
LTCL 37-43 minutes 45 minutes
FTCL 42-48 minutes 50 minutes

• A written programme must be handed to the examiner at the start of the exam.
• Candidates must provide copies of all pieces to be performed as a reference for the examiner.
These may be photocopies.
• For full details, including the process for submitting own-choice repertoire, please see the
current syllabus, available at

Alto and/or baritone

J S Bach,
1. Sonata in G minor, BWV 1020 (alto) (complete) Universal
arr. Harle
J S Bach,
2. Sonata no. 4, BWV 1033 (alto) (complete) Leduc
arr. Mule
3. Benson Aeolian Song (From Concertino for Alto Saxophone) MCA
4. Binge Concerto for Alto Saxophone (complete) Weinberger/Faber
5. Bonneau Suite for Alto Saxophone (complete) Leduc
6. Bourgeois Caprice for Alto Saxophone, op. 119 (alto) Brass Wind
7. Coates Saxo Rhapsody (alto) Studio
8. Cockroft Black and Blue or Foreign for solo saxophone Reed
Rapsodie for Alto Saxophone and Piano,
9. Creston Shawnee
op. 108b (alto)
10. Davis Rhapsody for Alto Saxophone and Audio
Croquembouches - 6 Pieces for Alto Saxophone
11. Delvincourt Leduc
and Piano
12. Demersseman Fantaisie sur un thème original (alto) Fuzeau
13. Elms Cygncopations Camden
14. Françaix Cinq danses exotiques (complete) Schott
15. Gál Suite, op. 102b (complete) Simrock
16. Greenbaum The Lake and the Hinterland Reed
17. 1re Sonate (complete) Leduc
arr. Mule
18. Harvey Contest Solo no. 2 (alto) Studio
19. Harvey Contest Solo no. 5 (baritone) Studio
20. Ibert Histoires, three or more contrasting movts (alto) Lemoine
Miscellanies, no. 3 (Moto perpetuo), no. 5 (Gavotte)
21. Jacob Emerson
and no. 7 (Quick March) (alto)
22. Jolivet Fantasie - Impromptu Leduc
15 Études pour saxophone alto et piano,
23. Koechlin Billaudot
nos. 1, 2 and 3
24. Lunde Sonata (complete) Southern
25. Maurice Tableaux de Provence Suite (complete) Lemoine
26. McGlynn From Nowhere to Nowhere (unaccompanied)
27. Milhaud Scaramouche (complete) Salabert
28. Piazzolla Tango Études, any movt(s) Lemoine
29. Quate Light of Sothis (alto) (complete) Leduc
30. Rae Tyne Sonata (complete) Universal
31. Richardson 3 Pieces, op. 22 (complete) Emerson
32. Ridout Concertino for Alto Saxophone (complete) Emerson
Satie, Prelude (I) and Finale (X) (from Satie Saxophone
33. Universal
arr. Rae Album) (alto or baritone)
Telemann, Sonata in C minor (orig. for oboe, TWV 41:a3)
34. Leduc
arr. Londeix (complete)
35. Tomasi Ballade Leduc
36. Tull Sarabande and Gigue (with altissimo) Boosey
37. Whitney Introduction and Samba Bourne
You Are the Chalice (baritone or alto saxophone
38. Wilson Saxtet
and piano)
39. Woods Sonata for Alto Saxophone, 1st and 2nd movts Advance

Soprano and/or tenor

J S Bach,
40. Sonata in G minor, BWV 1020 (soprano) (complete) Universal
arr. Harle
41. J S Bach Sonata in E♭, BWV 1031 (orig. for flute) (complete) Presser
42. Clerisse Prélude et divertissement (tenor) Billaudot
43. Fiocco Concerto for tenor saxophone (complete) Schott Frères
44. Greenbaum Noyz in th' 'hood Reed
45. Harding Chapters Reed
Editiones Musicales
46. Harvey Concertino for Soprano Saxophone (complete)
47. Heath Rumania (soprano or tenor) Chester
48. Marcello Concerto in C minor (soprano) (complete) Molenaar
Sonatina for Soprano Saxophone and Piano
49. Rae Reedimensions
50. Siara Sonatine à la Jazz (from Impressionen) Deutscher
51. Solomon Sonatine (complete) Dorn
52. Telemann Sonata in D minor (TWV 41:a3) (complete) Leduc
53. Turnage Two Memorials for Solo Soprano Saxophone Schott
54. Tuthill Sonata for Tenor Saxophone, op. 56 (complete) Southern
55. Vivaldi Suite in C minor (tenor) (complete) Emerson
56. Walton Late Arrival into Cairns AWMP
Iconic Sonata for Tenor Saxophone and Piano
57. Wilson Saxtet
(complete, with altissimo)
58. Wood Under the Veil (soprano) Saxtet

Alto and/or baritone

1. Absil Sonata, op. 115 (alto) Lemoine

J S Bach,
2. Sonata no. 6 (orig. for flute) (complete) Leduc
arr. Mule
3. Benson Concertino for Alto Saxophone (alto) (complete) MCA
4. Bonneau Pièce concertante dans l'esprit 'jazz' Leduc
5. Bozza Fantasie Italienne Leduc
6. Carpenter Sonata (alto) Camden
7. Corbett Something Serious for Solo Baritone Saxophone Emerson
8. Creston Sonata (alto) Shawnee
9. Debussy Rapsodie for Orchestra and Saxophone Durand
10. Denisov Deux Pièces (alto) Leduc
11. Dubois Divertissement (alto) Leduc
12. 6 Pieces Musicales d'Etude (complete) Leduc
13. Glazunov Concerto in E♭ (alto) Leduc
14. Handel Sonata no. 13 (alto) (complete) Elkan-Vogel
Editiones Musicales
15. Harvey Baritone Concertino (baritone)
16. Heath On Fire (alto) Chester
17. Heiden Sonata for Alto Saxophone (1937) (complete) Schott
18. Hindemith Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (complete) Schott
19. Muczynski Sonata (alto) (complete) Schirmer
20. Payne Concerto for Alto Saxophone (complete) Saxtet
21. Piazzolla 6 Tango Etudes (complete) Lemoine
22. Planel Prelude et Saltarelle Leduc
Sonatina for Baritone Saxophone and Piano
23. Rae Reedimensions
24. Schulhoff Hot-Sonata (complete) Schott
25. Stanhope Phospheric Variations (complete) Reed
26. ter Veldhuis Billie
27. Thornton Sonata, 4th movt (alto) Southern
Soprano and/or tenor

28. Anderson Sonata (complete) Southern

29. Bedard Fantasie Billaudot
30. R R Bennett Sonata (soprano) (complete) Novello
31. Bryars Allegrasco (soprano) Schott
32. Di Pasquale Sonata, 2nd and 3rd movts (tenor) Southern
33. Fitkin Gate (soprano)
34. Goehr Composition of A’s and G’s (soprano) Schott
The Celtic for Soprano Saxophone and Piano
35. Heath Camden
36. Nyman Miserere Paraphrase for Soprano Saxophone Chester
37. Rogers Lessons of the Sky Dorn Publications
38. Scelsi Tre Pezzi Salabert
39. Scott Nemesis Astute
40. Singelée Adagio et rondo, op. 63 Roncorp
41. Singelée Fantaisie for Soprano Saxophone, op. 89 Roncorp
42. Stein Sonata (tenor) Southern
43. Strimer Sérénade (tenor) Leduc
44. Turnage Sarabande for Soprano Saxophone and Piano Schott
45. Villa-Lobos Fantasia (complete) Peermusic Classical
46. Vivaldi Sonata in G (tenor) (complete) McGinnis
Salome's Dance for Soprano Saxophone and
47. Wilson Saxtet
Percussion (complete)

Any saxophone

48. Bozza Étude 12 (from Douze études et caprices) Leduc

49. Bozza Improvisation et caprice Leduc
Six Metamorphoses after Ovid (oboe edition),
50. Britten Boosey
three or more
51. Carmichael Latin American Dances (complete) Emerson
52. Dubois Suite Française for Solo Saxophone (complete) Leduc
53. Heath Coltrane Camden
54. Morland Recitatives for Solo Saxophone Broadbent & Dunn
Improvisation I or Improvisation II or
55. Noda Leduc
Improvisation III for Solo Alto Saxophone

Alto and/or baritone

1. Absil Fantaisie caprice, op. 152 Lemoine

2. Albright Sonata (complete) Peters
3. R R Bennett Concerto for Alto Saxophone (alto) (complete) Novello
4. Berio Sequenza IXb (alto) Universal
5. M Berkeley Keening (alto) OUP
6. Borne Fantaisie brillante (alto) Kunzelmann
7. Boutry Divertimento Leduc
8. Creston Concerto for Alto Saxophone, op. 26 (complete) Schirmer
9. Dahl Concerto (alto) (complete) Schott
10. Denisov Sonata (alto) (complete) Leduc
11. Desenclos Prélude, cadence et finale (alto) Leduc
12. Dubois Concerto (alto) (complete) Leduc
13. Gaubert Intermède champêtre Leduc
14. Gotovsky Brilliance Billaudot
15. Husa Elegie et rondeau Leduc
16. Ibert Concertino da camera (alto) (complete) Leduc
17. Iturralde Pequeña Czarda (complete, with altissimo) Real Musical
18. Lauba Neuf Etudes Billaudot
19. Pascal Sonatine for Alto Saxophone (complete) Durand
20. Robert Cadenza EFM
21. Rorem Picnic on the Marne Boosey
22. Rueff Sonata for Solo Alto Saxophone (complete) Leduc
23. Schmitt Legende, op. 66 Durand
24. Swerts Klonos for Alto Saxophone and Piano Zodiac
25. ter Veldhuis Buku
26. Tomasi Concerto for Alto Saxophone (complete) Leduc
27. Wilson ‘Testament’ Saxophone Concerto (complete) Saxtet Publications
28. Yoshimatsu Fuzzy Bird Sonata (alto) (complete) Billadout

Soprano and/or tenor

29. R R Bennett Concerto for Stan Getz (tenor) (complete) Novello

30. Bryars The Green Ray (soprano) Schott
31. Cockroft Ku Ku for solo soprano saxophone Reed
32. Fitkin Frame (soprano and marimba)
33. Fitkin Hard Fairy (soprano)
Editiones Musicales
34. Harvey Concertino (tenor)
35. Karlins Music for Tenor Saxophone Southern
36. Nyman Shaping the Curve (soprano saxophone edition) Chester
37. Stockhausen In Freundschaft Universal
38. ter Veldhuis Grab it! (tenor)
39. Turnage Two Elegies Framing a Shout Schott
Fünf Choresstudien (from Impressionen Spielbuch)
40. Velebny Deutscher Verlag
41. Wood Cries of the Stentor Saxtet

Any saxophone

42. Bonneau Caprice en forme de valse for solo saxophone Leduc

43. Larsen Holy Roller OUP
44. LeFanu Ervallagh for Solo Saxophone Novello
45. Noda Mai for Solo Saxophone Leduc
46. Rosse Lobuk Constrictor Billaudot