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How Microsoft’s Bing

Assists In Searching for

Child Pornography

About Us
AntiToxin Technologies is
developing a new breed of
solutions that protect from
'Online Toxicity' — particularly
children from harassment,
bullying, predatory behavior &
sexually explicit activity.

Previous Reports

AntiToxin Technologies exposed AntiToxin Technologies exposed

large-scale dissemination of child ad SDK’s of Google, Facebook &
pornography on public WhatsApp StartApp monetized pedophelia-
groups. sharing Android Apps.
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This Report
Following an anonymous tip provided to TechCrunch, and on their request
for assistance in this matter due to our domain of expertise, AntiToxin
Technologies details in this report how Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, not
only makes child pornography available in search results, but also assists
with suggested keyword phrases and associated images.

The research detailed in this report was conducted between December 30,
2018 and January 7, 2019.

All images of sexual and/or illegal nature have been redacted with red boxes.
We have also elected to blur children's faces even in non-sexual imagery.

Please Note
The research AntiToxin Technologies conducts in relation to Online
Toxicity at large, and child exploitation in particular, is closely
supervised by legal counsel and in conjunction with Israeli authorities.

Individuals may be liable for searching and/or viewing imagery described

in this report on Bing or any other search engine. Individuals should not
research the subject matter without cooperating with law enforcement,
and after taking appropriate legal advice, and should immediately report
any illegal content they come across.

> Please credit this report to: AntiToxin Technologies (
> Press inquiries:
> First reported by: Josh Constine, TechCrunch is a free online chat site that allows users to
communicate with strangers. When the keywords "omegle
kids" are entered into Bing’s search bar, associated search
suggestions are provided.
When the 'Images' tab is then selected for this search phrase
— and SafeSearch is 'Off' — results include images which any
professional or novice can determine to be of underage boys
and girls posing in partial/full nudity, as well as partaking in
various sexual acts alone, or with others, including other minors,
and/or adults.
When an image is selected, Bing then provides associated image
recommendations, inline with the previous description.
When selecting "kids on omegle showing" from Bing’s 'Related
searches' suggestions, image results are inline with the previous
While Bing excludes results for "omegle child porn", it does
provide results for "omegle CP" (CP being the acronym for 'child
Image results for the search phrase: "porn cp"
Image results for the search phrase: "porn kids"
Image results for the search phrase: "nude family"
Image results for the search phrase: "nude family kids"

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