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Closed Air Hole

When the air hole is closed the natural gas can only mix with air at the mouth of
the chimney. There is therefore not enough oxygen for complete combustion
and incomplete combustion occurs.
methane + oxygen → carbon monoxide + carbon + water
A bright luminous yellow flame occurs. This flame is cooler than the roaring blue
one and is easily visible. It is sometimes therefore called the safety flame. The
yellow flame is produced transfers less heat energy than the blue flame. It is
brighter than the blue flame because the specks of carbon soot glow when heated.
ut the presence of the soot in the flame means that if you use the yellow flame to
heat a beaker of water, you will obtain a very sooty bleaker, tripod and gauze!
Never heat anything using the luminous flame.
Always light the bunsen with this flame. Ensure the colar is closed before you
attempt to light it. Collect your flame (on a spill). Turn on the gas, then bring the
lighted spill to a position about 2 cm (1 inch) above the chimney.