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Task: Make an infographic using to communicate the topic information. Use text, graphics, charts, and numbers to
communicate, analyze, and summarize.
4 3 2 1 Your score
Information is enhanced through Sufficiently communicates Uses space, lettering, and Missing visual requirements
use of space, lettering, and Information through space, colour that confuses to communicate information.
Visual/Overall colouring. lettering, and colour. information or does not clearly
(X 1) • 3 + colours or accurately
• main title communicate.
• headings
Information is enhanced through Infographic includes graphic Few graphics. Information is The infographic does not
use of graphics design. design in communication of mainly text. contain graphics OR
All graphics are related to the material. The graphics were not clearly contains graphics that are
(X 1) topic Most of the graphics are related relevant to the topic. unrelated to the topic.
to the topic
Infographic includes consistently Infographic includes generally Infographic includes inaccurate Infographic does not include
accurate data. accurate data. or incomplete data required or includes
(X 1) Accurate data. false data.
Infographic includes accurate Infographic includes accurate Infographic includes inaccurate Infographic does not include
and carefully chosen facts. and carefully or incomplete data required or includes
Content It analyses and summarizes Chosen facts. accurate data. false data.
information that demonstrates It also summarizes information It also includes summarizing Missing text
Information clear understanding of content. that demonstrates information that demonstrates analyzing/summarizing
(X 1) understanding limited information or text
of content. understanding of content. does not demonstrate
Demonstrates effective Demonstrates few errors in Demonstrates a number Demonstrates numerous
Conventions of grammar, mechanics, spelling, grammar, mechanics, spelling, Of mistakes in grammar, mistakes in grammar,
and usage, with no errors. or usage. mechanics, spelling, or usage mechanics, spelling, or
Grammar/Spelling that affect the overall usage that affect the
(X 1) presentation. readability and presentation
of the project.
Authorship is mentioned. Full Authorship is mentioned. Either authorship or citations of No authorship mentioned.
Authorship and bibliographic citations for all Bibliographic citations for all sources are missing. No citations to sources used
citation of sources sources used are included. sources are included. No URL No URL of sources used are are
The URL of sources used are of sources used are included. included. included.
(X 0.5) included.