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HOW TO MAKE SOAP By: Nerea Ayala Herrero, Sira Bagés Jornet and Cristina Martin Bagés MATERIAL INGREDIENTS -Spoon iy . -430g of oil - Glass recipient -60g of hydroxide sodium ci) oh GU oc ele Ko mW pet Ue Sebo Regt) fori Hydroxid Water Essence esodium THEORICAL FOUNDATION Sel Bit-srer) ene MIn bam & Pal iiemelacrele| (csp petololonal aS on emola| (et fer Le oes aS SC)» [ONE] ec @relO} NC CH--OH (els yee lol onet a (onvaere) | STEPS TO. MAKE SOAP TO ace ey a Pea eR UNA a ela el eelesce) cen) 3 Slowly, add the oil and keep mixing while you're adding the oil, i \’ 4- Left to dry for two or three days Cer ee cane uke aa eer Sn Bea ct ruaetsct Soap by PIKTOCHART SAFELY WORKING WITH LYE e You should wear gloves and glasses e Better workina sink to avoid spills Sas) e You should use glass recipients e Work always ina laboratory or in the bathroom ° Don't inhale the toxic gases and work ina ventilated space Richard Llop Ivan Querol powered by PIKTOCHART Name: All about Africa Borbolla Ruth Marti Clara Serra Hydrophile English 3ESOb GeMma Molins powered by Go PIKTOCHART