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Anastomosis Clip Anastomosis Clip is made with Elgiloy alloy for superior durability and spring elasticity. They are highly reliable like their predecessor the SUGITA Aneurysm Clip. This Clip includes both high and low pressure options with a wide variety in sizes and styles to accommodate various surgical approaches. Low Pressure Clip Closing force is measured at the point 1.0mm from the distal tip of the blade length when the blade is opened to a width of 1.0mm by computerized elec- tronic gauge measuring equipment. *Anastomosis Clip can be sterilized in its case. High Pressure Clip straignt At Uw Pred. No. Produet Desarption Sizeb | Size U [Closing fore| @7-096-11| —fnavlonosis Cp Stagn 2mmiP | 2mm | 6mm 07-096-72| Anas ip Stagnt anmLP | —anm_| Tam 07-096-13| Anas Cp stagnt dnm LP | —amm_—| on oycnse-t4/—masonoss Op suagnt- smn? —|—smm—[— ann) 2-403 (07 =086-18) Anastomosis Cl Bent smn LP 3mm | 7mm @7-086-16| —Anastonsis Clp_Bent_énm LP a (07-086-17| Anastomosis Clp-Sideware sent tP| 3mm | 78mm @7-086-21 | Anas Cip-Stagnt 2mm iP | 2mm onm apts 07-096-22) Anas cp stagnt anim kP | —amm | 7m «i 07-096-23 | —AnastomesisCip Staght 4mm HP [Ammann A |i (O7-096-24) Anastomosis Cip Straight Smm HP Smm—[ $m] yes nepn sidevard ont “4 07-086-75) Anastomosis lp Bent sim HP Snm_[ 7m ® | 07-096 26 | —Anasiomsis Cp Bent énm HP ‘inn | an Od O7<086-97| —Analsomosi Cp Sdoward Bent HP nm — [7mm Mizuno Dual Needle Holder 2 Functions in One Instrument P This needle holder is also equipped with the function of micro forceps. You don’t need to switch between a needle holder and forceps. c Surgical procedures will be more smoother! 4 Straight lego” Prod. No. [Product Description Teng] Oy-s8t-08 Dos eel ole Stag Teen , oreer0s Dual Weds Felaer cued ite Curved Anastomosis Clip Applier 2 Types of Appliers J , Standard Applier with 17.5em length and Straight / Jn - - = Short Applier are available G > F A ayonet a é Prod. Ne. Preduet Desaription Tena] 4 ge SORrSoT Mane en eapramet—[ ZA Straight/Short Mizuho Medical Co., Ltd. +#No CE Marking Hongo Ishiwata Building 7F, 3-38-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, JAPAN Phone +81-2-2815-7101 Fa x +81-3-3815-1705 tnd the pre-and postoperative inspections URL www.mizuhomedical.cojp Caution) sor details about aftershe-sale service be sure to inquire E-mail jp fa out Sales Branches or the desler fom whom you fave purchased this proguct Beas waa wee prodnrl you juve cally SO Sorel udetod lee comers AY | beaut to cany oat without fl the periodic inspections Manufacturer MIZUHO IKAKOGYO CO., LTD. Tokyo, JAPAN Mizuho America Inc. 30057 Ahern Avenue Union City, CA 94587 Phone No.S10 326 4500 * Under our policy, ongoing improvements and published specifi ccetions may be subject to change without prior notice * All published CG photos and illustrations heve been from images. | ‘or 25.NM Buna Design Rev?