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War Ethics in Islam

(M. Irfan Fauzi/ Student of KPI 3 C UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung)

Assalamualaikum wr.wb.

Your excellencess the lecturer of English Language

Your excellencess all the audiences

First of all, let’s thanks and pray to our god, Allah SWT. Who has given us mercy and
blessing, so we can come and gather in this place in good condition.
Second of all, may salutation and peace always be given for our prophet,
Muhammad SAW. The last messenger of god, who has guided us from the darkness, from
the stupidity, and from jahilliyah to islamiyah.
Third of all, I won’t forget to say thanks to the master of ceremony, who has given
me a chance to give a speech.

Ladies and gentleman...

In this opportunity, I’d like to present a speech about “War Ethics in Islam”

Ladies and gentleman

There is a question that always be asked by others, Muslims or Non-Muslims. “Why

did Muhammad go to war?”
The Prophet, did not initiate war against anyone who offered to make peace with
him. War is a last resort in Islam for the physical defense of the community and it is not a
means to force people to enter Islam. Peaceful coexistence among different religions is
highly preferred over conflict. For example, the war between Muslim and Quraish in
Muhammad’s era.
Since the start of hostilities or the state of war, every individual of Qureish or the
Meccans was a public enemy of the Muslims and liable to be treated as such in his person
and property, except those who were unable to take part in the hostilities, or, as a matter of
fact, abstained from engaging in them. It was different with Quraish treatment to enemies
(Muslims). Muslims were tortured at the hands of the ungodly and fierce Quraish. And the
Muslims who became prisoners, are not given the properly fed and other services.
History stands testimony to the bitter fact that the victorious nations let loose a
reign of terror against the helpless prisoners of war. Islam strictly forbids such inhuman
actions. During their captivity, the prisoners must be treated kindly. They have to be
properly fed, clothed and looked after.
We can take the lesson from the victory of Muslim in war, was not of man's glory but
humility, not of power but of service, not an appeal to vanity but a realization of Allah's
Ladies and gentleman…
Now, we have known that war in Islam is different with another wars in this world.
And I think, today, war isn’t a choice. Because, the war isn’t for defend but just for the
personal interests of a country, enriching themselves, or expanding the territory of the
country. One message from me, Stop the war and violence, spread love and peace, let’s
make this world as a better place.
Thank you for your best attention.