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Tangent Modulus = 21000 MPA (0.1 young's modulus).

Bonded Contact:

Behavior: Symmetric

Formulation: Pure penalty.

Detection Method: On Gauss Point.

Friction Contact

Coeffient: 0.15 - 0.2

Beahviour Symmetric

Formualtion: Augmented Lagrange

Detection: On Gauss Point

Interface Treatment: Add Offset, Ramped.

Bonded and No Seperation are linear and require only 1 iteration.

Bonded: surfaces are fixed to one another so no gaps can open and no sliding takes place.

No Separation: no gaps can open however small sliding can take place.

Frictionless, Rough and Frictional contacts are nonlinear and require multiple iterations.

Detailed in "ANSYS Mechanical Structural Nonlinearities"