Katya García/Soledad Quintana/José A. Rivero/Chiew Pang

ruling pen holder

It attaches stylographs or felt pens to compasses

compass adaptor

It´s a pen that has a piece of felt as its writing point

felt-tip pen

(Mechanical) propelling pencil

a pencil made of plastic or metal containing a thin stick of lead that you push out as you need it

highlighte r

a brightly coloured pen, used for marking important words on a document


paint which is mixed with egg yolk or other glutinous material

an object that you use for writing or drawing with ink


a tool used for pencil sharpene making pencils sharp

It´s an object that you use for writing and drawing. It´s made of wood with a piece of graphite in the middle


an object used for measuring or drawing straight lines

(graduated) ruler

a tool for cutting paper


a flat tool with three the 45º set sides and one straight square: an righttriangle used for angle, isosceles drawing lines and measuring angles the 60º set
square: a scalene triangle

It´s a brush that you use for putting paintbrush paint on a

It´s a sticky substanc e used to fix things to each other

glue stick

a stick used for writing or drawing, especially on a blackboar


a piece of equipment used for drawing circles


a small stick of coloured wax used or for drawing

oil pastel wax oil crayon

the thin flat substanc e that you use for writing

sheets of paper

It´s used for removing pencil marks from paper


coloured pencils

A small strong bag for carrying school books

school bag

a black or coloured liquid used for writing, drawing, or printing


a small container used for carrying school material such as pencils, sharpener, pens, etc.

pencil case

a frame used for supporting the paper or board that you are painting or drawing on


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