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LTE eNodeB Transmission Bandwidth Requirement

Backhaul provisioning for eNodeB is always a tradeoff between maximizing radio spectrum
utilization and cost control. The following transmission bandwidth requirement is suggested:

Total transmission bandwidth = S1 backhaul provisioning + X2 backhaul provisioning +

OAM & 1588 Sync Traffic


OAM & 1588 Sync Traffic is usually 1Mbps per eNodeB

S1 backhaul provisioning = eNB backhaul provisioning * (1 + Transmission Overhead

Ratio), the Transmissi on Overhead Ratio is typically 10%; ZTE BTS HLD for Ooredoo Algeria
GUL RAN Project 58 ZTE Confidential & Proprietary X2 backhaul provisioning = S1 backhaul
provisioning * X2-to-S1 Ratio, X2-to-S1 Ratio is typical 5%

eNB backhaul provisioning = max (Σcell average throughput, single cell peak)

Cell average throughput = frequency bandwidth * downlink spectral efficiency

For LTE transmission bandwidth calculation, the simulated LTE downlink spectrum
efficiency (DL SE) 2.0bps/Hz to ZTE experience

Below table shows single cell peak data rate under different conditions. We can see that for
a 10MHz cell, 73.712Mbps peak data rate.

peak data rate conditions:

(1. The peak throughput test should be conducted within best coverage area at selected point
where signal quality is meet:RSRP>-85dBm & SINR>23dB.
2. Static test should be carried on under unlocked network.
3. Othe nodes (EPC Core,Application server,UE) and transmission should be good enough
and will not be a bottleneck of througput test.
4 .Use the internal ftp server for download and upload
5 .No extermnal interference is existing.
6 .The target value is valid for cat 3 UE.)

Table 3-30 1.4MHz 3MHz 5MHz 10MHz 15MHz 20MHz

LTE Peak
Data Rate

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DL(2*2 8.76 22.152 36.696 73.712 110.136 149.776

MIMO) Mbps Mbps Mbps Mbps Mbps Mbps

Thus, Total transmission bandwidth = max (10MHz * 2.0bps/Hz * 3 cell, 73.712Mbps) * (1

+ 10%) * (1 + 5%) + 1Mbps = 86Mbps

So, the required transmission bandwidth (besides 3G) for each LTE site will be 86Mbps.

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