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1, INSPECTION AND TEST PROCEDURES a2 Transformers, Liquid-Filed 1. Val and Mec nspestion 1. npc ppc and echnical coon, 2. Inspeet anchorage lignes on grounding. 3. Verify the presence of PCB labeling. ifaplicable 44. Prior to cleaning the unit perform as-found iets, if required 5. Clean bushings and cool cabinets 46. Vesiy operation of alarm, control, and tp circuits from temperature aleve inieatos presse ree device, and fault pressure clay if applicable. 71. Verify that cooling fans andlor pumps operate correc. 8. Inspect bolted eestrcal connections for igh resistance using one of more ofthe fllowing | methods: 1. Useof low-resistnce obmmeter in accordance with Section, 2. Verily tghtess of accessible bolted electrical connections by eaibated trque-wrench method in accordance with manufacturer's published data oe Table 100.12. 3, Performa thermographic survey in aesordance with Section 9 9, Verity coet liq level in tanks and bushings 10. Verity that postive pressure is maintained on gas-blanketed transformers 11, Pear inspections and mechanical esas recommended by the manfitue. 12, Test load tapchange in aecordance wit Seton 7.12, if applicable 1 Verify he presene of transformer surge atest. 14. Perform asf tests, 15. Verify de-enegiedtp-changer poston set as specified 2 creat Tes 1. exo sistance messiments tho ted connctons wih a lo-esance obmmeet apizal nsccouce wir Secon 722) * Options! Pape 7. INSPECTION AND TEST PROCEDURES 7.222 ‘Transformers, Liqud-Flled (continued) 2 Perit, wining inane indo. oly Refi accordance wn wanuacierspuoisned daa nie tmcn Uf salar> published data se Table 1005, Calis plariznton index 3. Peform tums ests the designated tp poston. 4 anal overt disipatontaoriess onl wings in assoniane ih {Stoupmem manufactures published data, 5. Perform powers or sition factor ston ech bashing, 6 Refer nr i tet etnias pooled at 7. Measure the resistanee ofeach winding tthe designated tap positon +8, tf the core ground strap i accesible, remove and measure the cor jnsulation resistance at $00 volts de. +9, Measure the percentage of oxygen inthe eas Hanke, i applicable 10, Remove sample of insulating iguidin accordance with ASTM D 923. The sample shal be tested forthe flowing |. break dawn Voge: ASTM D 877 andlor ASTMD 1816 2. Aeinewtaizaton number: ANSUASTM D 974 #3, Specie gravity: ANSUASTM D 1298, 4 nrc ension: ANSVASTM D 971 or ANSUASTM D 2285 5. (Cole ANSVASTM D 1500 6. Vii Conon: ASTM 1524 +7, Water in insulating liquids: ASTM D 1533. (Requied on 25 kV oc higher voltages and con al siliconesfilled units) 8. Measure owe factor or dissipation Fctor in aecontance with ASTM D 924 1. Remove. sample of nslaing ign seondanee wie ASTM D 3613 and pen secordance with ANSUILEE C57, 104 o¢ ASTM D3612. 12. Test the instrument transforms in accordance wih Setion 7.10. + optional E Pag 35 1 INSPECTION AND TEST PROCEDURES 42.2 ‘Transformers, Liquid-Filled (continued) 13, Test the surge aresters in accordance with Sesion 7.19 14, Test the transformer neutal grounding impelance devices, i applicable 3. Test Values Sa Test Values ~ Visual and Mechanica 1. Alacm, control and trip circuits from temperature and level indeators aswell as pressure ree ‘device and fait pressure relay should operate within manufacturer's recommendations for thet specified seings. (7221.6) 2 Coolng fans andor pumps should operate. (7.22.1. 53. Compare bolted connection resistance values to values of similar connections. Investigate Calue uhich deviate Irom those of similar bolted connections By more than 80 percent of the Jowest value. (722.1811) 4 Bolttorgue levels should be in accordance with manufetuer’s published data. Inthe absence ff manufacturer's published data, use Table 100.12.( ‘5. Results ofthe thermographic survey shall be in accordance with Seston 9. ( 6. Liquid levels in the transformer tanks and bushings should be within indicted tolerances, 72219) +. Positive pressure shoul be indicated on pressure gaue for gas-lanketed transformers. 7221.10) 32. Test Values—Eletreal |. Compare bolted conection resistance vales to values of similar connections. Investigate ‘alice hich deviate fom those of sine bolted connections by more than SO percent ofthe lowest vale, 2. Minimum isulton-esistance vas of tensorme insulation shouldbe in accordance with ranuactrer's published dat, la the sbsence of manufacturer's published data, use Table TOUS, Values of insulaton resistance less than this able or manufactures recommendations ‘hold be investigated. The polarization index shal ke compared to previously obtained results fd should pot be es than 1.0. 5, Tus-ratio test rests should not deviate by more than one-al percent fom ether the adjacent oils othe caleulated rato * Options