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Kamlesh Thirwani

Lord Shiva Paradise, E-Mail ID :
Holy cross road, D.O.B : 31st May 1987
Kandivali (W), Mumbai: 400 067 Contact No: + 91-84240 48700


Looking forward to a responsible position, which I will utilize and build my skills and experience, in turn enabling me to
contribute to the growth of the organization. Wish to work in a competitive environment where I can put my experience
and personal attributes for the growth of the organization.
 Present Employment :
Company : Digi1 Electronics
Worked : From April, 2016 to till date

Designation : Cluster Manager

Key Responsibilities

 R

Company : DIGI1 Electronics

Worked : From Feb, 2013 to April 2016

Designation : Branch Manager

Key Responsibilities

 Preparing promotion materials and displays
 Maintaining statistical and financial records
 Dealing with customer queries and complaints
 Overseeing pricing and stock control
 Maximizing profitability and setting / meeting sales target, including motivating staffs to do so
 Managing budgets
 Liaising with Head office

 Previous Experience :
Company : DIGI1 Electronics
Worked : From April, 2012 to Feb, 2013

Designation : Asst. Branch Manager

Key Responsibilities

 Managing all the sales related activity of the company.

 Previous Experience :

 Co-ordinate with Customers and Branches.Company : Café Coffee Day Designation : Asst. Store Manager Total Experience : March.No Exam Year of Class Board of Completion Passing Obtained 1 B com 2 HSC 3 SSC Computer Knowledge:  MS Office .  Resolving any queries from sales executive. Excel & Internet surfing Languages Known:  English  Hindi  Marathi  Sindhi Posting:  Cluster Manager .  Identify and implement strategies to improve quality of service and productivity. prioritize and delegate work tasks to ensure proper functioning of the department. I have got an opportunity in excelling my work skill in different role within the same organization.  Preparing weekly & monthly MIS Reports.  Review customer complaints.  Handling complex and escalated customer service issues.  Analyze relevant data to determine customer service outputs. Branch Manager to Branch Manager and there after again promoted to Cluster Manager after my 1 year review. branch managers and company person’s.  Handling Defective queries and forwarding the message to company service center and resolving customer issue as soon as possible. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Education Qualification: Sr.  Co-ordinate and manage customer service projects and initiatives.  Achievements : My biggest achievement in DIGI1 – In due course of 7 years I have being promoted from Asst.  Plan.  Preparing Logistics Report.  Ensure the necessary resources and tools are available for quality customer service delivery. 2011 Job Responsibility:  Handling Mobiles and IT Dept Defective Products. 2010 to April.  Track customer complaint resolution.Word.  Monitor accuracy of reporting the data base information.

2018 Place: Mumbai (Kamlesh Thirwani) .Extracurricular Activity:  Listening Music  Reading Books Date: 6th April.