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Key Terms

Ides of March, 44 BCE

C. Octavius ➔ C. lulius Caesar Octavianus (Octavian)
triumviral period (44-31)
to deify (deification)
M. Vipsanius Agrippa
Triumvirate ➔The Board of Three Men for Restoring the Republic

Victo Hao Derik Hendriksen Willmore Holbrow

Zachary Kolbusz Devin Kosikowski Caitlin LaBo
Ashish Mahuli Anthony Lewis Thomas Mazzola
Molly McGaan Hannah Pearl Haley Perrin
Andrew Shea Molly Shea Wesley Shen
Edward Shim Mario Shkembi Elizabeth Stanley
Jacob Starman Saarang Suryavanshi Jacob Tanner
Steven Teguhlaksana Trent Thompson Trevor Tingley
How should we view the assassins of Caesar?

Mu rders of a legally appointed dictator?


True liberators of the Republic?

Brutus Cassius (from HBO's Rome)

Antonius Brutus Cassius

The Triumvirate

The Board of Three Men for Restoring the Republic

Antonius Octavian Lepidus from HBO's Rome

Deify = to make someone or something into a god {f rom Latin deus)

Apotheosis = ascent into heaven, the action of being ranked

among the gods

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Coin of Octavian, 43 BCE Coin showing Star of Caesar

Five players on the field in early 42

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Sextus Pom pey

from HBO's Rome
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M . Vipsan ius Agrippa

Oct avian's right-hand man

From undistinguished family

With Octavian in M acedonia

when they receive word of
Caesar's death
Perugia ,,.
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. .. ' .·
. -
"Loose Octavius, sit on
"Scaeva, primipilarius this." (Note the fine
of the 12 t h Legion" 1 ~ __. I

"I mperator Caesar"

"Legion 12 'Victrix"' 7

"Com mander Ruf us"

" I am looking for Fulvia's

Iady parts."
9 f
"Lufinasi" - we have no
idea what that means
" You are starving and . ~

10 . :·_..
you hide it from me." 4 HI
Anot her prim ipilarius
, _ . . ....

II ..-::.:;,! , . . :
"Legion 11 - Divine 5 Needs no translation.
::--. ,