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Vernieuwingsimpuls/Innovational Research Incentives Scheme

Notes on final report form


A final report is written at the end of the research project. This final report will be
assessed by a relevant body in your domain. The following factors will be relevant to the
assessment of this report:

• Research staff hired

• Investments made
• Changes and developments with respect to the original research plan
• Actual and forthcoming results
• Innovative aspects of the research
• Future prospects
• Career developments
• Output/publications
Knowledge utilisation
Complete the evaluation in English. Do not exceed six pages of A4 and use a 10-point
font size; literature references can be given in 9-point.

General details

1a. Details of project leader

Please provide your name, institutional location, and postal address. Also list your
telephone number(s), e-mail address(es), website (optional) and exact date of your
doctorate. Please also fill out your type of position at the time of application, during and
after this grant: (postdoc/UD(assistant prof.)/UHD(associate prof.)/HGL(full prof.); fixed
term/tenure track/permanent position).

1b. Title of research project

State the title of the research project.

1c. Project number

State the project number of your project.

Grant details

2a. Type of grant and budget

Please state the type of grant (Veni/Vidi/Vici) and the total budget allocated to your

2b. Starting date and actual end date

Indicate the starting date of your project and the actual end date.

2c. Personnel
List all personnel whose salaries are financed by the grant. Specify in each case the
person’s name, title(s), duration and period of the position, fraction of full time
equivalent (fte) spent working on the project, and type of position (PhD, postdoc, support
Please indicate whether the members of staff have met your expectations. Did you
encounter any problems? If yes, please explain.

2d. Equipment & investments

Please specify all equipment and investments. List any apparatus that has been funded
out of your project budget and which now constitutes an integral part of the

Vernieuwingsimpuls/Innovational Research Incentives Scheme
Notes on final report form

infrastructure of your group.

Research and career aspects

3a. Research plan: developments and changes

Please elaborate on the following points:
• Have you made any changes to the original research aims and plan in the course
of the project? If so, indicate the changes you have made and give a brief
• Are the research questions and/or the experimental approach still relevant?
• Have the research questions been answered?
• (Other remarks you may have)

3b. Results
Please describe the results of your project. Have there been any unexpected results?
Does your research have international scientific impact?
Submit publications and other professional output via the Iris system (cf. 4a).

3c. Innovative aspects

Please give a brief overview of the innovative aspects that emerged from the research.

3d. Future prospects

Please describe any results that you expect to emerge over the next few months as a
direct result of this Vernieuwingsimpuls-project. For Vidi and Vici, also describe the
broader future prospects for your line of research and for the research group that you
have set up using this grant.
For Vici, also explain how the line of research has been implemented in the environment
of the host institution.

3e. Impact on and prospects for personal career

What has been the impact of this project on your career so far, and what do you expect
to be its impact in the future? Please highlight any negative and/or positive aspects of
the grant in this respect. For Vidi and Vici, please also describe the impact on the career
of the personnel hired: what kind of contract/job do they have after this project?

Output and knowledge utilisation

4a. Publications
Please submit accepted publications and other professional output related to this project
via the Iris system. Publications and other professional output which are submitted can
be mentioned in this form. Describe also whether the production of publications is
proceeding to expectations so far (i.e. number/quality). Explain your answer.
N.B. See for instructions the document ´How does Iris work?’ on the Iris website
( When listing your publications, don’t forget to list all types of
publications, i.e. also include e.g. patents, invited lectures at (international) conferences,

4b. Knowledge utilisation

It is NWO’s policy to stimulate knowledge utilisation or in other words to optimise the
impact of science for society. NWO asks you to in any case to answer the following
questions. Should you find below questions very difficult to answer or should you
consider below questions not applicable to your fundamental type of research, then
please explain why this is the case.
• Please explain if and how your research results contribute to solving an economic,
societal, cultural, policy-related or technical challenge?
• Do you cooperate or are you in touch with people outside your research field, who

Vernieuwingsimpuls/Innovational Research Incentives Scheme
Notes on final report form

are interested in this research?

o If yes: please explain in what way you cooperate or are in touch and please
explain how they can benefit from this research (cultural, policy-related,
societal, technological or economic utilisation of the results)?
o If no: please explain what you have done to ensure that potential
users/beneficiaries had the opportunity to engage with this research?
• Have you done anything specific to communicate your results to the general public
(websites, exhibitions, etc.)?
• Has your research led to any media attention? If yes, please elaborate.
• Has your research led to intellectual property, such as a patent? If yes, please
• Are there any other things you would like to indicate here concerning knowledge


Please list other comments you may have about experiences you made in carrying out
your project.

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