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Date 22-10-2018 Student teacher Moza Mohamed

Time 8:40 School Alwadi

MST Number of Students

Lesson Plan

Personal Target
1. Choose and describe an aspect from a teaching competency that you need to work on (Goal)
 I want to improve my time management
2. Describe what you will do to help achieve your goal (Strategies Used)
 I will put a timer for each part or I will see the clock. Also, I will try to do a check list with the part name
and time and put tick when I finish the part.
3. Describe how you can tell if you’re achieving your goal (Evidence)
 If I do everything on time and If there is no extra time and I done all the parts of the lesson that’s mean
that I achieve my goal.

Subject: Learning Outcome (ADEC):

Grade: 2
By the end of this lesson the students will know the
Math meaning of repetition addition. Also, they will be
able to solve repetition addition.

Resources (what materials/equipment will you and the Preparation (what do you need to make or check
students use? Be specific) before class?)

 Introduction materials:  Preparing the activity materials.

 Write the title and LO on the board



-party hats

-white board

- Signals for management ( such as quite, raise your

hand, time up and line up)

 Activity 1:
- A3 papers with pictures of ( baskets + fish bowl + )

-small shapes of cork such as fishes, apples and circles

-markers - baskets
Date 22-10-2018 Student teacher Moza Mohamed
Time 8:40 School Alwadi
MST Number of Students

 Activity 2:
-Worksheets (three levels)

- pencils

- check lest with students names

Closing time:

Language & Add

Key vocabulary
Questions using Remembering level:
Bloom’s Taxonomy
levels I will put 3 groups of cubes each group have 2 cubes ( The students will count the cubes
and write the answer)

Understanding level:

What is the answer for ( 5+5+5=)

Applying level:


Analyzing level:

(5+5+? +?+?= ) Remember the group should be equal

Evaluating level:

If you have 6 vases and each vasa has 5 flower, what is the total of the flowe?

Creating level:

Create 8 groups each group should have 10 items. Then give me the sentence and
the answer (The answer is 10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10=80)
Date 22-10-2018 Student teacher Moza Mohamed
Time 8:40 School Alwadi
MST Number of Students

Introduction (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

First of all, I will tell them the title and the LO.
Then I will review with them skip counting ( only I will ask them to count by 2,5 and 10)
Then I will ask 3 students to come in front of the class and I will give each student 3 balloons and I
will put between them add sign and I will ask them the question as a story (three boys go to party
each boy have 3 balloons. What is the total of the balloons?) Then I will ask one of the students to
Time: 10 min

come and writ the answer on the board.

After that, I will show them another examples on the PowerPoint.

First active (group working)

I will give each group A3 paper and basket with small shapes of cork

Each group will have different question depend on their level:

High level (A): I will put for them the 4 pictures of chocolate jar and I will put a question (If your mam put
10 circles on each jar, what is the total of the circles). The students have to put 10 circles on each jar and
writ (10) under each jar, then writ the answer.

Middle level (B): I will put 3 pictures of basket one of the basket I will put 5 cork apple on it and I will write
5 under the first basket.

I will ask the students to complete the baskets and put apples and writ the missing number then write the

Low level (C): I will give the 3 pictures of fish bowl and I will writ number 2 under each bowl. I will ask
them to read the number and put fish on each bowl then writ the answer.

Second active (Independent activity)

I have three different worksheets (high (A), middle (B) and low(C) levels).

Each student will solve only two question.

I will walk around with the check list and observe the students and check if they understand the

If the student solve the questions that mean he understand so I will put tick next to his name. If he
don’t solve the questions this mean that he need more explain so I will put note next to his name.
Date 22-10-2018 Student teacher Moza Mohamed
Time 8:40 School Alwadi
MST Number of Students

Quick questions about the lesson such as

5 min

Who can tell me about our lesson?


Who can give me example?



Observe the students during the activities