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Reflection 4

In this third week, I taught two lessons on Sunday about the
related division and subtraction, and on Monday my MCT came to
observe me, my lesson about the division. The teacher used deliver
math concept in this lesson. The learning outcome was taught during
the class when I give activity they solved it. I divided three
differentiation levels were four groups were one for the emerging
level, two and three for the developing level, and four mastered the
However, I used a math talk during my lesson, I set with a small
group during the activity, and I asked them how to write division.
During this time, I walk around for each group when the student was
working and help them. I would check for each student if they were
Moreover, I used a positive environment in the classroom such as
rules in the classroom and reward system this I put on the wall, when I
start in the lesson I showed the picture of the students, this was helping
me, and it helps the students. Also, I used color cards. Also, I used a
transition with my students feels comfortable. Some student makes a
little noisy and good smoothly.
On the other hand, I introduce the math center when I was
starting my lesson I write title and learning outcome and use
PowerPoint. During the activity, the teacher was dividing for each
group, and I walk around and monitor of them. My student was feeling
comfortable and enjoy. In the end, of the lesson, I reviewed for them.
Finally, I used math strategy I gave each group flash card, and
they solved division.